Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DJ Mix March 2013 Best Underground House / Newest Tech House / Techno (Dixon, Joy Orbison)

My boy Black Dominoes is over killin' it in London, channeling the magic from the land of the misty, and made a sick March mix for the pleasantries of our ears, and you're welcome for bestowing it upon your mind and soul. NOT ONLY does he open up with one of my favorites by Damarzo x Kolumbo, but he ends it with one of his own and it just soothes you to the core. Mmmm mmm. 

Let's get this out of the way first:

Most DJ mixes that make their way onto YouTube are cheesy.
New Jersey fist-pumping, cheap-cologne wearing, fake-tan levels of fromage.

One of our buddies is here to change that.

Atlanta-bred Kellen Crosby, aka Black Dominoes:

He has one foot in ethereal, abstract music and the other in driving,
minimal, Chicago-style club tracks. If DJs like Heroes and Villains
are Atlanta's Flosstradamus (trap rap with big-room dubstep) and
Distal is the Southern USA's version of DJ Rashad (footwork, juke,
techno) then Black Dominoes is the Four Tet, the Dixon, the Ame of the American South. 

Think clean and classy house and techno.

"When I had the idea for the London Workshop mix series, it was just to make something small, something easily digestible but still amazing", said Crosby. "Normally I go from slower and deeper tracks to faster and more percussive stuff over the course of hours, not minutes!" The speed at which the mix changes tempos is quick, but the tracks are quality. "All the tunes are new, that's the other thing. I want the mix series to be only newer songs, and hopefully at least one original track a month."  

If you've outgrown EDM brostep or ''dirty electro'' (or maybe you're just of legal drinking age) but still like electronic tracks with a decent helping of bass, give this mix a listen.

It'll be easy to find on YouTube... it's one of the only mixes without a picture of an airbrushed, surgically enhanced girl in a bikini on the cover

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Goosebump Enhancers // Alt-J // Bahamas // Kishi Bashi // Toro Y Moi // AMTRAC

I know I always go on and on and on about Alt-J, but I can't help it. A really good friend of mine sent me their An Awesome Wave vinyl as a housewarming gift, and I have to tell you, the purity of their sound on a vinyl is nothing short of spiritual. This song in particularly, at around 3:29...I get chills, and I tear up. It's an overwhelming sensation that I never want to let go.
Also, if anyone in the greater NYC area has an extra ticket to Alt-J, I will write for you, pray for you, and give my first born up for a ticket.

My new boss/co-worker/musical confidant/long lost kindred spirit showed me this song, and the SOUL that pours forth is so natural, so groovy and so honest. A rarity in music now a days.

" " " " - He showed me this guy too, Kishi Bashi, and I think I may have whimpered out of utter bewilderment by how INCREDIBLE his sound was. You see and hear some musicians souls when they play music, and this guy is definitely one of them.

A little Disclosure-ish, a little Joe G-ish, a little awesome and fun and dancey and amazing and groovy and jammy.

Toro Y Moi - Never Matter

I think this is my favorite from Toro y Moi's album. Actually maybe it comes in second to "Say That" but everyone knows that one and I had to be different somehow! Kidding. Also, don't you think "Rose Quartz" could potentially have the dopest remix of all time!? PAGING JOE GODDARD.

Disclosure - White Noise

Sorry I'm a little late, I've been preoccupied. BUT YAY.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alison Valentine - Warm Winters Day

Her voice is so sweet, and her music makes me want to be in the heat of the Miami sun. This one in particular, "Warm Winters Day" is the perfect song to warm you up a bit on these bitterly cold days.

Check out the article I wrote on her on SNS Post HERE. 

Kirk Spencer // James Blake

"Where do you go when you lose your mind?" You go right here.

A beautiful dark masterpiece by Kirk Spencer and stunningly haunting vocals by Safia May.

And James Blake you sexy boy, you. 

This is just gorgeous in all senses of the word. 

Prince Club - Let Me Go (Just - Listen)

Well this is fun. With respect to our fabulous mentor the Miss Britney Spears.

Along the lines of our friends Le Youth & Cyril Hahn, this track takes words from an old school gem and remakes it into something flossy.

LIZ - Underdogs feat. RIFF RAFF

"You're not my homie, you just a ho. Bright shining pony? Well guess what, bitch I'm a unicorn."


You know the saying "guilty pleasure"? This is the end all be all of guilty pleasures. I can't help it! RIFF RAFF YOU SUCK SO BAD AT RAPPING PLEASE STOP (but really, keep going!) And this LIZ chick, your lyrics are hysterical and I'm probably going to make some shirts out of them, but your voice is that of an angel. And the beat! I can't stop listening. Help me.


She will always be known as the weirdest French babe on the planet.

Ah, her newest gem. I am severely digging this direction she's currently in.
Especially this song, ugh, she's such a romantic!

I know this ones old but it's new in my head and I cannot stop playing it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MS MR - Fantasy

She's been my favorite female vocalist since I saw their first show in June. And this video, finally you get to see them. Love the colours, love her jacket, love his face. (hate his tude.)