Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thankful New Year's Post that's Pretty Sappy.

I'm going to apologize in advance if this post is super duper lame and sentimental but I can't help myself sometimes, you know? I've never been a huge fan of New Years, it's an overrated holiday where people get obliterated and can't remember their nights, but I'm having a hard time not having feelings towards this past year. 2013 was without a doubt the best year I've ever had. I got writing gig after writing gig, I met the greatest people of life, and made some of the best friends of anyone in all of the land. I'm scared for this new year because I can't imagine a better year, but maybe, just maybe it's possible that things can get even better. I am so thankful for my family, my friends, and all the people who read my ridiculous shit and appreciate it. I am thankful for being opened up even more to a music / writing community here in NYC, and although I've spent most of my life here, this is the first year I've really, genuinely felt at home in this insane city. And that's extremely hard for me because I've lived really cool places and I move around a lot because I'm never content. But I am now. I love what I do, I love my amazing friends, I love this crazy city, and I am so eternally grateful for all the opportunity I've been given this past year. Not to mention 2013 is in a VERY TIGHT run with the best year for music, IMO. God Bless my life, God Bless my family, God Bless my friends, God Bless my heart, and most importantly, God Bless Music.

And here is an amazing song that I forgot to put in my Top 10 of 2k13

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jenny Mayhem - TV Waltz

I'm not typically down for press releases if I don't already know the artist, but in this case, yes yes yes and more yes! Plucky guitar sounds and sweet vocals, very similar to the likes to Agnes Obel, and the remixes are so on point, I couldn't help but put this up to share with everyone.

The original track for “TV Waltz” was recorded with guitarist Tom Juhas at The Orange Lounge, Toronto. The stripped-down, atmospheric folk song is reminiscent of Jenny’s previous “Alice in Wonderland” from her 2011 EP.

“’TV Waltz” started with the idea of watching stories on a screen for so long that they start to creep into real life. Like with a good book, the people on TV start to feel like friends who comfort you, distract you, shape what you want. But it’s also about the power of the people who write those stories”

Jenny enlisted the support of Swiss artist Draaiwinti and Canadian producer O S L O to create two indie electronic remixes for this release. The remixes are a surprising departure from the original folk track. Jenny’s latest release is “TV Waltz” – a folk acoustic single including remixes by Draaiwinti and O S L O. She continues to write, record and collaborate with artists in Toronto and in the online community."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yolanda Be Cool - All That She Wants (feat. SYF & Fritz Helder)

First and foremost, anything and everything having to do with Ace of Base is an automatic excellent in my book. Second and also foremost, any cover of an Ace of Base done by Yolanda Be Cool and the boys from Azari & III is a going to be a guaranteed banger. This track is unreal, the weirdness of SYF and the vibes of YBC is enough to get anyone out of a poor mood and remember why music is the single handed coolest thing in the entire world. This song was begging to be remixed and remastered into a dark and rather illicit setting, and this is JUST THAT. Go take a break from work, put this track on your ipod and quickly rob a bank or something.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blackedout - Champagne

There are some songs that have that special kind of airy synth that makes you want to stay in bed forever dreaming of the most beautiful scenarios and thinking of every happy thought imaginable. This is one of those songs. "Champagne" by Blackedout is a trip down positive vibe lane, a downtempo masterpiece with enlightened synths and spacey vocals. Download available.
 Keep your eyes and ears out, my friends, Blackedout will release an EP in early 2014. Yay!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Top 10 of 2013

I'm probably missing like 140 songs, but as I would doing this list this morning, these are the ten that came into my head right away. I'll probably do another list or seven before the end of the year because I don't want to leave out any good songs because I know my opinion is soooo important to everyone. Anyway, these are my top ten tracks in a little organized playlist. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Deep || Nico Jaar // Zimmer // Guy Gerber // Owl Eyes // Motez // Maya Jane Coles // Eli & Fur // James Blake

(Pilar Zeta)

He played twice this week in Brooklyn and I missed both. One because he's a secret little mother who released info on the show 15 mins prior and the other because it sold out in 5 minutes and capacity at Glasslands is like nine people. Anyway, I've been fan-girling over everything Nico has produced this year, from his incredibly intense Darkside album to this bit, honestly it's like our souls are his play toys. Brilliant.

Everyone fitted over this when it came out so I laid back and didn't get into it because I didn't want to be a part of the hype. But then the other week I let my Soundcloud roll and when this came on, I became the happiest person in all of the land. I think I even smiled to myself even though I was alone. This track is so gorgeous, puts me in the best of moods and really just takes me away from reality. OH ZIMMER.

Uhhhh my friend showed me this this morning, knowing very well what my reaction to it would be, and I have not been able to stop tearing, let alone turn the damn track off all morning. I want to live in a land that Pilar Zeta has created with her incredibly talented graphic design and have this on repeat for the rest of time, maybe also with "Knowing we'll be Here" by Daniel Avery. God this is beautiful. If you're around in the city on Wednesday, Guy Gerber is playing a show that night and I suggest you go, but be sure to grab some tissues and dance your little heart out all night long.

It's just one of those songs that brings out your gut in full. Deep vibes like this with stunning female vocals like homegirl has? Game over.

MJC at it again always and forever, beast of all trades. Omg this remix is so intense, my heart actually starts to palpitate in really weird ways when this is on. AND SHE'S PLAYING NYE. So first we have Brodi, Gesaff and Para One, then when that's over, making my little way over to MJC to finish out the morning. Might be one of the greatest nights of all life.

OK so what I was doing when I first heard this track is so perfectly in sync that it's only meant to be that I become one with Eli & Fur. This is for sure one of the sexiest tracks of all time, and knowing that it's from two powerful femmes makes it sound 100% better. Speaking of female djs, everyone open up a new tab and check out the company my friend started called "Women in Dance Music." Be part of the movement! Share share share!

And some J Blake just for good measure. ;)


It's so cool to look at people you knew from years ago and see the awesome and incredibly amazing things some people are doing. It's even cooler to see that some people are doing things FOR others. My friend Jamie started the coolest thing ever, he started a clothing company where all the proceeds go to buying supplies for schools in need. Taking a personal stance on education in America is something we all should do, and I suggest you check out his company and help as much as you can.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Royksopp - Running to the Sea (VILLA Remix)

I still like to save songs that make me feel differently than normal for their own special post. Royksopp has always been a favorite of mine, they hit me the way Sigur Ros and Coco Rosie hit me, and this remix is just a ball of brilliance. The girls vocals are absolutely stunning, the whole song is gorgeous. It makes me feel very emotional, very happy, and very thankful that I can hear.


Mercury has been in retrograde the past couple weeks, and it has not screwed my shit up so much than ever before. My mood is off, I'm forgetting things, I don't want to be around people, and worst of all, I've wanted nothing to do with music, or the industry or anyone involved. I stayed home this weekend, didn't attend Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, and didn't open my computer once this weekend. I've scoffed at musicians (except when I met James Blake last week) and honestly had no wherewithal to deal with anyone. But this morning, as I dragged myself to work and opened my Soundcloud, I listened through my stream and just cried and cried because music is so INCREDIBLY powerful and I forgot I don't do what I do for the people, or the ass hole dj's, or the stuck up fake celebrities, I do everything because I genuinely am in love with music, and I want everyone to feel the same way about it. Anyway, let's get to it:

[SAMPLE] THIS is good, honest dance music. Gorgon City always kills it with the beats, and MNEK will forever win first place for my favorite vocalist. The lyrics are perfect and the entirety of the song just sends warmth through your entire body. I can't wait for this to release, I swear I will be playing it every night before I go out. Fantastic. Pre-order it now!

Obviously the album in itself is perfection, and a couple of the remixes that have come out have really been incredible works of art. Shadow Child's remix of "Strong" in particular really stood out to me, but this remix, I don't know what it is, it has that powerful go hunting and running up a mountain kind of feel to it. I've never even heard of Kids of the Apocalypse either, but, I will certainly keep an ear out for them now.

I'm in love with this track, and I typically hate the sound of tropical steel drums in tracks, but for this, it works more than ever. I love the build up, I love the vocals, I love the whole feel of it. And then slam, it smacks you in the face with I don't even know what, but a noise that is very pleasing to my senses. So this song kind of covers all bases of emotions for me, bravo.

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM. I want to quit my job, rent an old convertible, kidnap my best friend and just drive. Drive and drive and drive and only play this song because this is one of the most beautiful remixes I've heard in months. And it's hella tough to remix "Insane" as it is, because of the strength of the original but L D R U, you DOG. Fantastic.

James Blake is on that hip hop up and up I'm telling you. I don't listen to Drake, I don't listen to Chance the Rapper, but I do listen to James Blake and will listen to anything he involves himself in. Am I allowed to obsess even though I met him on Thursday night at Output and he had no idea I was such a fan of his??

The homie from Autograf sent me this track and I genuinely really like this remix. Amtrac is another on I am hesitant about listening to remixes to, but this is really mellow and fabulous. Great job Autograf.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Agnes Obel - Fuel to Fire (Xinobi Rework)

The planets have aligned, my people. My favorite Autumnal dark lady of Europe's best track of her fantastic new album, remixed by one of my absolute favorite producers. Bless this track, and all those involved in the making of it. Couldn't be more excited to share this with all of you.

Panteros666 - Baby F-16



I fell in love with Solomun after seeing him play with David August in some super stealthy warehouse in Brooklyn somewhere at like 4 am, and this song is actually one of the best things in my life right now. So many remixes stemmed from the OG Tiga track, but this one is by far my favorite.

I've been researching the hell out of Gesaffelstein prior to the release of Aleph, and one of my friends had told me about The Hacker being a major influence in Gesaf's life. Then upon reading Funster's interview with the don himself on Mixmag, he talked about the same thing. And then I heard this remix yesterday and I was like ohhhhh I get it. Thee end.

Yeah right when this EP drops in full my brain is going to explode out of my head. You always hold such high expectations for an EP or album from those you love, and then I get mad at myself because what if WHAT IF it just falls a little short, you get so disappointed. But heavens me, I should have known, Erol Alkan will never disappoint. THOSE DRUMS I can't.

Disclosure! You're making me blush this is so dark and sexy mm mmmm. That :43 second mark may or may not have made my heart go into some serious palpitations. Ugh, so real. This might be one of my faves.

Wow, well whatsup Ejeca. This is my kinda house music, deep, gets you thinking some weird thoughts, makes you wanna screw shit up at like 3 AM in the city...man that skipping part is fresh as fffff.

I mean I think we all can agree that Future Classic kills it over and over, time and time again. This is my favorite off the "Imperfection" EP. Groovy as all hell.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I've casually commented on public forums about it, I've had short conversations about it with people in the industry over drinks and laughed it off, I've subtweeted the shit out of it on twitter, but now I am at a point where laughing out of disgust doesn't suffice. I am pissed. I'm not too sure what set me off (that's a lie, I know exactly what it was: it was looking at some California based DJ's twitter bio and his mixtape covers of woman's VAGINA's and BARE breasts covered in gold with his name written across) and I just can't take it anymore. WHY IN THE HELL is the dance music industry still suffering from such incredible amounts of anti-feminism? Actually, screw that, it's not even anti-feminism, it's just lack of class and decency. Are we honestly still that antiquated of a culture where we have to have women's organs on our mixtape/album/track covers? Are you seriously lacking creativity THAT MUCH that you have to resort to naked women for imagery? Your music honestly must not be that good if you have to have pictures of naked women distracting us. You don't see female dj's putting dicks and what not on their album covers. SO WHY is it SO acceptable to have it be done by you? We all want equality so badly, and will fight to the death about every right being acknowledged, how about the right for women to be protected? How about a realization that your disgusting, heinous, completely repulsive pictures and lyrics are just a slap in the face to people who actually appreciate music. Yeah, I will go so far as to say it shows a lack of talent. When you have to resort to painting a woman's vagina gold and calling your mixtape a really vulgar word, it is YOU making a JOKE out of something that some of us are busting our asses and hustling through life for. I have dedicated my LIFE, along with a million other people, to show the TRUE, amazing, transcendent beauty of music. To bring this gift of phenomenal sound to others, and to share in an appreciation of something that quite frankly, is other worldly. Why are you making it about you? Why are you feeding into your own disgusting, animalistic tendencies when all we want to do is listen to beautiful sound? I don't want to look at body parts that were put on there specifically so you can objectify them. Women's bodies
, minds and souls are precious, and YOU PIGS are making a joke of it.
The music industry was not, and I repeat, WAS NOT created specifically for the male species. AND I KNOW from being in the industry long enough, and making some of the COOLEST female (and male) friends I've ever made, that we, women, feel like we have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously by some. I AM SO OVER even THINKING that this is still an issue.

Grow up, ass hole musicians. Let the music speak for itself.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Boiler Room - Canblaster

Because my love for Canblaster, let alone Marble Records will never cease, I'm forcing any and all who view this page to listen to his boiler room set. Without a doubt my fave BR set this year.

James Blake - Life Round Here feat. Chance the Rapper

If you haven't seen it, now is the time to. What an absolutely mesmerizing video. Incredible. I'm seeing Chance next Wednesday, and James Blake next week sometime, too. What are the chances either of them come out on stage for the others show..?

So behind, so, so behind. AMTRAC // SHLOHMO // CHROMEO // MR OIZO // FLUME // SHADOW CHILD

I did not think I could take any more of this song. I am SO over it, that it actually pains me, but Amtrac YOU DOG. You've gone and turned this played out tune into an absolute banger that now I won't stop playing until something just as good catches my ear.

I have one goal in life. That's a lie. But ONE of the goals is to marry Shlohmo. Or at least go on a date with him. Something that involves this music surrounding me at all times of the day, and I can only assume he's as smooth as his own music, so I presume the date would go swimmingly. That 2:19 mark, man, takes my breath away every single time I hear it.

Chromeo and Mr. Oizo, what a team. And what a bizarre remix! I love it. Not to mention these lyrics are some of the best I've heard in a really long time, try to tell me you didn't laugh out loud when you first listened to this track.
"Turn that frown into a crown."

A super short demo of this was released a bit ago, and it was just the piano part. This is a little serious, a little bit more so than we're used to, but man is this a freaking tune. The chords hit in just the right section, and the rap (I've been super into rap and r&b lately I don't know what's happening) but the rap fits more than perfectly. Reminds me of an Immortal Technique track or something similar. Fantastic.

Duh AlunaGeorge, duh Shadow Child. Duh their tandem efforts would be some of the most pleasing to our ears. It's like ok ok Aluna you sound really good but then HEY wanna get really deep and sexy for a minute? OK. Amazing remix.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Surkin - Oedo 606 (Official Video)

(My superhero song of choice) and a fantastic video to go along with it.


K first of all I was super bummed I missed Amtrac's after show after he played Barclay's with Kaskade BUT you guys, it was at Pacha. Like I am not a brat and I never care about venues ever but....I just couldn't get myself to do it. I regret it a little bit because of this song. This new Amtrac remix was the perfect track to come out in the middle of the week. After a super late Tuesday night and feeling like complete shit the next day, I swear to you as soon as I heard this I automatically felt better. Jam and a half.

LOL right!? Not only is the original one of my favorite songs already but holy hell this remix just takes it to a level I didn't think was possible. I'm getting down with these old r&b songs getting danced up lately, nostalgia overload.

I'm not going to lie to you. This track surprised the shit out of me. And I really love Maribou State, and I played their Fatboy Slim remix like 610x over and over when it came out but THIS ONE is on another level. Oh man is this a deep, super sensual beauty. That 2:21 mark holyyyyyy is that insanity or what.

I mean Future Classic killing it like absolutely always. The Mira EP is out October 28th, so that last week of October is looking like my computer, ears and soul might explode with all the new music that's dropping that weekend. And the anticipation is making my hands sweat when I think about it.

Oh so good. Oh so, so, so good. It kiiiiiind of reminds me of this Sneaky Soundsystem remix I liked back in like '09 but it's like a little more mature and cool cause it's Robert Delong. Oooof this hits so well.

Club Cheval, man. When I go to space for the first time, this will be the track playing on repeat in the space craft. That it all.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Canblaster - "I Think About U"

I like this. I like this a whole lot.


I get very dark this season. As I'm sure everyone says when Fall rolls around and girls talk about their pumpkin spice latte's and sweaters and boots and all that other superficial Autumn nonsense. This morning was the first morning I felt completely saturated with the weather. The trees are red. The sun is dark in the morning. There's an eerie low wind that moves the dead leaves around your feet, and there's a solemn peace that enters your heart that twists your stomach into a knot so comfortable you wonder if something might be wrong with you. And I surround myself with my seasonal friends, Radical Face, Agnes Obel, Massive Attack, James Blake and others, and we sit and think about the sadness of our minds that we don't have time to address as much as we used to. It's a friendship in sound that is so content in my heart, I feel as though I don't need any other living beings.
Welcome, Autumn.

I listened to Agnes Obel's new album 7 times in a row last night. And I could've kept going but I fell asleep so soundly to her voice.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hosted by the cool guys at All Things Go, The Most Definitely, BlahblahblahScience & The Do NYC, I suggest you rally every single one of your buddies and head over to this show.

And now for a story. The first show I ever snuck into at the ripe age of 18 when I first moved to Georgia was The Sounds concert at The Loft in Atlanta. It was the first time I really developed a little girl crush on Maja, watching her own shit on that stage in her leather pants and messy blonde hair. She was killing it and she was so punk and angry and I forever emulated her in my head and dreamt of being almost as bad ass as she is. 
It was also the first time I had a PBR. 
God Bless you all, Amen.

BANKS - "This is What it Feels Like"

She's the hottest thing I've seen in a really long time. And this deep, dark sound just does all the right things to my heart.
I hope you got a chance to purchase her EP. If not, pause the video and make your way over to iTunes.

Getting Deep || Four Tet // George Maple // SOHN // James Blake // Chance the Rapper // Movement // Chrome Sparks

I mean, this is one of the best definitions of the beauty of minimal. I've always leaned more towards minimalist ambient sounds, and this just goes to show why. The sound runs through your veins and into your heart, not to be dramatic or anything, but it just does something to the mind and body. Mmmm, Four Tet.

I mean. Did I call it or did I call it with her. She's killing it. I'm really trying to find a more articulate way of saying "this is the sexiest song I've heard in a minute" but ooops, there it goes. It is, no denying. Her voice, the lyrics, the rhythm. It's perfect.

He kills me. He will always kill me with these synths. This heart palpitating rhythm and build up actually makes my heart beat faster when I hear it then BAM, I'm dead because I become paralyzed. Good luck to all of you who listen.

We all saw the Instagram picture James Blake put up a month or so ago of him and Chance the Rapper, and like me, you thought "oh that's super cool that they know each other, wonder where that will lead..." and voila, here we have a collaboration of my husband James and everyones fave new acid rapper Chance the Rapper.

My friend sent this to me and I'm all like "yea yea I'll listen later.." but then I did and I was like :O This is some seriously deep tuneage. You ever wanna put me in the mood? Throw this on some speakers.

Put out by Future Classic, another minimal beauty of the sound realm. I want to listen to this when the world starts to end and pieces of the sky start falling all around and I just stand there in the midst of it all watching it happen in slow motion. Or something.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anna Lunoe - Breathe

Oh my gosh. What a freaking banger. Anna Lunoe, can I just be you?


IT'S OUT IT'S OUT IT'S FINALLY OUT! If you haven't bought the EP yet, then stop reading, enter your iTunes and get cracking. I'm completely stunned by this track. I was walking along the beach gearing up for my run when I heard, and I broke out in chills, tears filled my eyes (because it was so overwhelmingly perfect) and I fell in love. Such an incredible track. The vocalist, Ariela Jacobs completely slammed it. Fantastic tune all around in every single area.

OK I know this is just a teaser, but even the teaser is freaking cool. But it makes sense because I didn't realize Canblaster did music for video games prior to being with Marble, so that makes sense why I love his music so much. But even the entry into the tracks "track 1, 2, 3.." sounds like I'm in Mortal Combat or something, and it excites me. And that track he does with Para One is going to be absolute fire, I can't wait. September 16th!

The producers this chick has got on her tracks are absolutely killing it. SOHN, and now Jamie Woon? Not only are they two of my faves, but these tracks are so SO good for the oncoming of Fall. And her voice, girl has got a range. Together this is like, the epitome of the kind of sound that sends chills down my spine, and my entire personality to turn.

This came up super randomly when I was streaming through my Soundcloud but as soon as it got going I was like WHOA. Really, just like that. I sent it to my friend and he said that he had one of Kaytranada's tracks out ready to show me, which is insanity cause I had never heard of him before. But, Kaytranada, you now have a new obsessor.

James Blake - Retrograde

It's kind of cold out. Which mean, guess what? I'm listening to James Blake once a day, and starting to embrace my depression. Happens every fall, so stay with me these next couple months cause I get weird. I yearn for these days, and now that they're here I couldn't be more comfortable.

Friday, September 6, 2013


YAY. Was awaiting this release since I heard the sample, which I played over and over and over and over again for forever. SO unbelievably happy with this track, it's so dark and deep and creepy and eerie and all things Brodinski. I saw him and Gesaffelstein play at Le Bain the other night and when this was played, I think I stopped talking to whoever I was conversing with and was like "sorry have to wait a couple mins" and just soaked in it's glory. UGH it sounds so good.

OK. This song is insanely sexy. But more than sexy, it's stunning. It's like sensual, and warm, and perfect. And that part "I'm feeling my fever start to riiiise" oh, it just sends chills through my body every time.

I'm falling more in love with London Grammar every day, and this Shadow Child remix is just a deliciously juicy cherry on top. Her vocals are so like...deep and precious, it takes a really special remix to be able to cater to them, if that makes sense. And this remix handles her sounds just beautifully.

OK so when I found out a while ago that Thom from Alt-J was doing remixes and djing, I obviously was all over that like white on rice. Then I listened, and I wasn't down, and I was kinda super bummed because I expect anything and everything Alt J to be perfection. However, this remix stole my heart. Possibly because of the fact it's a Moby song, but he did a great job enhancing that haunting piano. Beautiful track for walking through lowly lit streets with dead leaves falling all around you.

Remember when I posted this OG? Such a good track, I got nervous at the thought of remixes but THIS GUY right here. Holy great job. That 1:30 mark is just genius. It's absolutely breathtakingly dancey, and I just want to put this on at every club/venue/bar/hair salon I go to from here on out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BANKS (prod. by SOHN) - Waiting Game


Two Hearts that Beat as ONE || Anna Lunoe // Eric Sharp // Lars Moston // Purple Disco // LIPS // Joel Compass // Bondax

This is just fantastic. Ahhh after her solo'd vocals it's just so deep and perfect and beautiful and hits ya RIGHT in the stomach. And it's sing-a-long-able! If I ever had to do vocals for a track, I would totally want it to be for a track like this one.

Heard this at one of my friends friends house the other day and totally and completely fell in love with it. I don't really know how to explain it, but it's got some 80's vibes in it and I think that's what I love so much about it. It's been in my head every day since and now it's going to be in your head every day too muwahaha.

Off Mad Decent, eh. BUT whatever, because I actually can't stop listening to this. It's a bit harder, a little dubbier than I normally roll, but hell, this is straight fire. The 1:25 mark is chill inducing, it gets your heart racing and when it breaks into madness I can't sit still. Feels like I'm gearing up for battle or something. ...on the dancefloor. Then they add some violins in and it's just a stunning piece of music.

We know we know we know, new Bondax! It's so fire yadda yadda...HOWEVER, this remix is the one that got me going. The French Kiwi Juice one is super good, too, but for some reason this one took precedent in my ears.

I think I put up a Joel Compass song a couple months ago, but now as I write this I'm remembering I didn't because the title is rude and the lyrics aren't suitable if the babe sister hops on and shows her friends my music. Gotta have boundaries somewhere, ya know? Anyway, there were a bunch of remixes that came out for Astronaut, but this one takes the cake in my kitchen. So dancey.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Flume feat. Moon Holiday - Insane

Get More: 

YAY my favorite track off of his album finally has a video. And it's an absolute stunner.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


My obsession has done nothing but grow from when they were a hidden trio with no press at all and released a little bitty track that I couldn't even find the name to. Then they were featured on Settle and then they made more and more and then THIS. My eyes still produce tears every single time I listen to this masterpiece of a cover. Her vocals are absolutely unreal. So powerful, so strong, so natural, and so stunning. I cannot wait for their debut album.

Oh for the love of perfect covers. 1: To have the balls to cover an Elliot Smith song is a feat of security I wish all musicians had and 2: to succeed in this wins you trust points for the rest of time to come. Especially to electrodisco it out and make it so you can do nothing but smile when it plays, man, you DEFINITELY have to know whats good with production.

Oh my gosh HOW HAVE I NOT BLOGGED THIS YET. I am so far behind on life right now, I've been out of town and now I'm off work so I've been rallying like crazy in Manhattan and WHEW if you cared, I'd keep going BUT anyway, this track....is absolute fire. Now this might be one hell of a statement, but I think this might be one of my favorite tracks to release this summer. That bass after her little pretty vocals is just JAW DROPPING, heart melting and skin bumping. I feel like when I listen, my heart beat syncs up to this and we live life in some dark tandem coexistence for a hot minute. Good-NESS.

GOODNESS it's like Henry Krinkle just sweats out good music, and this Pham remix is the absolute favorite so far. Highlighting the piano, slowing it down and extending the synths, making it really something so powerful. Great job, team.

This was sent to me a couple of weeks ago, and typically when I'm sent over tracks from people I don't know it takes me a while to get to, I'm so bad with my email as it is, but for SOME reason, I don't know if it was his kind words or what but I listened to his track as soon as I opened the email. (Worst run-on sentence ever, sorry.) But holy moly, I have such a soft spot for really beautiful atmospheric sounds, and when that is interlaced with soothing male vocals, I melt. And this track is a beautiful example. I can't wait to hear more from Love...(and keep your eyes and ears out for his EP that may or may not drop super soon !)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Goldroom - Pacific

You can get much heartfelt then this track right here. What a perfect soundtrack to end the summer with. It's like listening to the deepest, most genuine "goodbye, and thank you for everything you did this season" in a song. And the stunning visuals to coincide with, it's honestly and truly a work of art.

A Night with James Blake

I promised myself I wouldn't listen to any more James Blake until Autumn, but because I have no self-control and I have about four articles due by the end of the week,  what do I do? I listen and now I can't get any work done until I write about it.
The other night I was making playlists for some of my clients, and as I was going through all of my music, I stumbled upon "Life Round Here" by James Blake and I don't know if it was the time of night, weather, or mood I was in, but it struck a chord in my soul and I completely forgot what work I was doing and my night all of a sudden became entirely dedicated to listening to James Blake. And I visited his album Overgrown. And then I visited it after it ended, and revisited again until I found that I had listened to that album four times in a row. I went back and listened to his self titled album to try to understand how he was with his music, if he was solely experimental, or just a born genius, and I came to the final conclusion that he is absolutely a musical savant. Which may or may not be public knowledge, but either way, I found myself up until about 3 am crying over his music because it had hit me so deeply, and I ended up googling every live show I could find and trying to understand HOW the hell it was possible to make the sound he made with his music. But as I listened to "Retrograde" in and out and over and over again, I decided there wasn't really a literal explanation for his music. It just is. "Retrograde" is a track that is so unbelievably brooding, so deep, so intense that I couldn't for a moment be interrupted while it played. I couldn't even see or hear anything else. I couldn't focus on anything beside the song playing in my head at that exact moment. I was broken out in chills all over my body, I felt my soul lift out of my body, and as dramatic as this may sound, I feel as though I had an outer body experience. But when I came back, I fell in love with James Blake. But not like the kind of "but I love him, he's so cute" kind of love, the "holy shit I need to be surrounded with anything and everything James Blake because possibly through internet osmosis I can learn from him." I can't imagine how his mind works, how he has the ability to sing with his instruments, his voice, his pitch, even his damn lyrics, everything so entirely tied together in this brilliant package of sound. This magnetic pull he had on my heart has only been done with single tracks, but with James Blake, it was every. single. song. he produced. Present tense. Still to this second, he pulls something out of me that is so deep inside of me that I don't even know what it is. God, every single chord progression, every single sound his voice makes, it's all an extension of his head. This shit can't be written out. It's like music is a third arm, a part of his natural being, it's not tried or attempted. It's done. It's perfection in sound. It's art. It's soul. It's dark, it's light and it's ethereal. He's ethereal.
I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be alone with him. Seriously alone. I feel like I hear a heartbeat in every beat of his song, so maybe being with someone who can produce that would be a similar sound. Or maybe I would just be entirely disappointed and he sucks. 
Either way, his music tortures me. In the best way possible. And I think that's the only way to describe it, other than the essay I just wrote.. But it's beautifully torturing. I hear it forever after I listen. 
And I can not f'ing wait to listen to his music in October, when it's cold, the leaves are blowing across the streets, the skies are dead grey, no ones around, and I can stare into Milligan Place and live inside my head for a bit. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

James Delay - Howl

James Delay - Howl from Christopher Tirrell on Vimeo.

I tried really hard to have self control and not post this until Fall, but since my attention span is that of a squirrel I had to put it up now. I cannot stop myself from watching this since I saw it for the first time yesterday. The music, the visuals, the leaves. It's absolutely perfect.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic

I saw Psychemagik & Daniel Avery play the other night, and it was actually (only surprised because I don't know them THAT well) but a super, super good night. I was so feeling everything that was being played and just about got sent to heaven when Avery played this. I gave him a big ole' kiss afterwards for it too and said "THANKS." Like my opinion matters in the slightest, you know?


The past couple weeks have been one hell of a whirlwind, and I've been in a moderate to severe melancholic mood, and really delving into the deeper, house-ier, more melancholic sounds of the world, so this playlist is just that. One of my best friends over in Russia and I talked the other day and just complained and complained to each other about boys and life and then got really deep with the meaning of what we're supposed to be doing, and it seems she and I always end up having this super existential conversations, which I never mind. But afterwards she sent me this Jamie Woon song and I could not have asked to hear anything at that moment more perfect than this. I love Jamie Woon, ever since "Blue Truth" and I will continue to love him forever. That voice, that passion, can't be taught my friends.

I hate posting OG's then remixes right after but this is an exception because they are both so beautiful in their own ways. I love this remix because it keeps the original ethos of the song, it just bumps it up a bit. Still visceral as all hell.

It was game over after I heard this song last week. Like, this is the most beautiful thing to enter my ears in a long while. It's so deep, so passionate, the vocals are absolutely gorgeous, the lyrics are perfection and yeah, all around fantastic.

OK there's about 700billion remixes to Sailor & I songs, but not ONE has caught me like this. The reason being: this remix sounds as if you can hear the struggle that coincide with the lyrics. Do you feel me? Like the breaking in and out and choppiness of synths with still a stunning overlay really pulls at one's heartstrings. Just another really great example of remixes really cradling the original message of the song.

So I saw the video of this track first and I think that may have helped my initial attraction to the track, but after listening to just the stream the attraction stayed. The 3:47 mark in particular. Really a pretty work of music.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NASSER - The World is Ours

OH THE FRENCH. Stunning song, extremely odd, yet visually alluring video. And to hear it without the interruption of gunshots, stream it here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Music is so good || TEED // Disclosure // Classixx // Justin Martin // The North Sea // Drums of Death

I don't know, I would assume TEED was sitting alone one night drinking earl grey tea and thought "what's a remix I could do that would make Allison Baughman extremely happy, AH I know, "F for You" by Disclosure." And then he did and he made sure to make it extra magical and perfect. I could not have asked for a better remix. Thanks music gods, you rule.

Before this weekend I was searching high and low, from land to land for the perfect song to take care of that itch of a mood I wanted to be in, and WELP here it is. This is so damn stunning I almost have no words. The vocals, the low synth, the piano, everything is so perfectly deep that I think this might be one of my favorites this month. Fantastic.

Freaking. Cool. I had no idea Franz Ferdinand had a collaborative group with Todd Terje. This is awesomer than any collab I've heard of this summer. Can't wait to hear more.

Duh. Plus after seeing them for the second (third?) time at the House of Vans on Thursday night, I couldn't be more in love. They played a live set and just killed it. They are so damn good. So damn chill, and I want more from them at all times of all days always.

Ooo, ooo, guys, I heard this out the other night and I fell absolutely head over heels in love with it. I'm pretty sure it's been out for a while but holy moly me oh my, this is exactly the sound I need to hear right now. Actually, the kid that put it on looked identical to Howard from Disclosure so for some subconscious reason I trusted his music judgement juuuuust that much more.

Milligan Place

Sorry guys, I'm upset right now and writing is my outlet. Deal with it.

This weekend I was in the city, and I think I underwent the most emotions in the course of three days that I ever have before. I felt happy, giddy, in love, mortified, hurt, angry, calm and sad all in a weekend. When someone hurts you it sucks, but after groveling apologies, talks with girlfriends, attending many concerts together and realizing that there is no one else who quite understands and feels music the way you do, I decided to give a person another chance. In my head. Because, you see, I'm too scared to commit to anything because I hate the feeling of a broken heart. But after mind numbing thoughts and margaritas and drinks with a best friend talking it out, I had finally decided that night to let  a person know how I felt. I felt my heart open and I just wanted to love someone again, and I wanted to be loved and cared about in return. And of course, as soon and my heart broke down the cement walls I had put up around it, it was crushed. Crushed. I felt gutted. And stupid. And the only person I wanted to help me was the person who hurt me, but the person who hurt me never will understand what that feels like, because it's about the 4th time it's happened.

I walked around the west village and Greenwich village before I went home, and I passed the most adorable little inlet apartments called 'Milligan Place.' I just stood in front of it and stared at it and holding back my tears I daydreamed of living in this oasis of a NYC neighborhood with a dog and books that would fulfill any hope or desire I had to find a loved one. And in that span of time I hurt more because I just want someone to share those feelings I have with. I don't want to rely on books and other stories of other people in love. I don't want to have a dog and channel a person into it. I want someone real and tangible. I deserve better and I deserve someone who will treat me like the woman I deserve to be treated like.

I guess some people just don't get it. And that's ok. But it sucks because it takes me far too long to find someone to feel comfortable with. And I wish I wasn't the way I was. And I wish if you listened to Jack Johnson or your favorite band was Phish that I would be OK with it, and I wish if you hated God and all organized religion that I could get past it but I can't. I'm just not that way. So with a heavy heart I'll continue to write and to listen and to write about what I listen to.

And any male that may read this, please remember that leaving details out is lying. Looking someone in the eye and lying hurts more than anything, and as feminist as we may seem, as strong as we may come across, we're women. And we're emotional beings, and as much as we try to act like this isn't true, we want to be loved.

And one day, I'm going to find someone and we're going to live in Milligan Place and have a dog named Beauregard and a room full of books that doesn't even compare to the story that we will have.

Classixx - All You're Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang)

Favorite video 2013.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


OK so I was so excited to get the Discotexas Picnic II compilation, and not only was the entire album absolutely unreal, this song could have left me overly content, more than, overly ecstatic on it's own. This is some seriously deep shit, and it sings sweetly to my soul.

Another deep one that just speaks such kind rhythms to me. I would probably do anything to be able to hear this someplace super late and dark, preferably a Le Bain type place, and just dance my heart out to it. Hot Since '82, make this happen?

Xinobi does it again. He just GETS it. A lot of DJs get it, but I haven't felt personally connected with an artists work, MANY works in a bit, and you know what it's really nice to feel like a producer is just reading your mind and then making it into music. Another from the compilation, and absolutely fun.

(Another from the compilation) and gorgeous. GO RAC, you rule.

Do you guys remember when I wrote about INDIANA? She's freaking dark, and I think I might be in love with her. And this remix just highlights every perfection from this song and heightens it to the most pleasant of sounds.

Postiljonen - Atlantis

You know those songs that make you wish you were somewhere else, somewhere like Miami or NYC in late 1980, at the same age as now, walking back from an elaborate dinner party alone but on the way meeting your soul mate standing on the corner in a leather jacket? Or something similar? This song does that to me. Man this is beautiful, and the video is just as visually stunning.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


THIS SONG IS SO UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL, I LEGITIMATELY CAN NOT STOP MYSELF FROM LISTENING TO IT. I wasn't too sure about little Duke Dumont over here because EVERYONE and their mother has been playing 100% in their sets and I was like so over it UNTIL he dropped this delicacy upon my ears yesterday. I've always known MNEK to have the dopest of all dope vocals, and this plus the remix he did to Disclosure's "White Noise," be still my heart.

OK so one of my co-workers showed me this song the other day and said "this sounds like you" and BOY oh boy was he correct! That slayment of synths that is just beyond unexpected really through me through a loop. But a loop made out of candy and happiness and a plethora of people dancing.

Done. Usually anything Matthew Dear melts me into a really dark and creepy beautiful puddle, but this remix is insanity. I honestly don't even think I know who TOBACCO is, but I'm definitely going to be spending a majority of my week seeking out more music.

Like I said on Twitter, the back and forth remixing between Xinobi and Moul makes me elated inside because we all know they're best friends. We all know they both decided to put an 'x' in their name at the same time. God bless, em, ya know? Anyway, "Puma" by itself is beautiful but this, oh this just...how disco-y can you get? More than a pleasure, always.

If sexy took shape in song form, I'm telling you. Oh the breathy vocals, the soft lyrics, the 90's Miami deep house vibes, this is just my summer jam.

Wasn't sure at first, but HOLY at that 2:45 mark, my heavens to Betsy that is some insane sound right there. Great job, Touch Sensitive, this track touches me sensitively ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

RUFUS - Desert Night

Definitely one of my favorite finds this summer. Super great track, with an even better video. I hope everyone realizes that I dance like that when I'm out at shows. Choreo'd, always.


I mean, yeah it's an RAC remix, clearly this is going to be perfect. This is an obvious RAC one, too, but I like that. I like listening to a track and being able to be like "this was clearly touched by RAC." Driving with the windows down kinda track.
BOOM boom boom boom badoom doom, BOOM BOOM badoom doom.

I've been dancing to this alone in my car / room / anywhere I play it since I heard it sometime last week.
Yeah I don't know, not too much to say except that this is just a really good song. Enjoy.

I never caught the Phoenix bug, even when I sat alone on my bed one time and forced myself to listen to their full album, I still never caught it, BUT with a newfound respect for Laurent, I've been slowly but surely getting into more and more of their music. BUT THIS REMIX, is so good.

I've been listening to this on repeat for the past week. It is pretty minimal, and for those who hate it at first, minimal's an acquired taste, but this is dark and poppy enough where I feel like it will be appreciated by most.

YAY this song is so freaking good. I've been on the watch out for him ever since my friend force-fed me some of his music and made me fall in love. THIS THOUGH, it's like a mix between New Orleans jazz and magic. It's perfect.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disclosure - F For You

This is amazing.
But don't watch it if you're epileptic..sorry.

Monday, June 17, 2013



OK. Stop everything you're doing because not only have I waited ENDLESSLY for this to be released after hearing him drop a 30 second preview during his set at Holy Ship, I've been listening to this random eight second section of this from the Bromance party he played here that I got on my iPhone.
And now, here it is. Finally. Such a dope video, and this track could not be any better. AH THIS SUMMER IS SO SICK FOR MUSIC.

And I know what you're thinking, but no, those are not my younger siblings in the beginning of this video.

Para One - You Too

The level of contentment I felt after Brodinski played this on In DJ's We Trust comforts me. I have been SEARCHING high and low, near and far, to all ends of the interweb for this version of "You" after I heard it on that incredible mix Surkin did for BBCR1, and finally, after all of this time, here it is. He's also coming out with a new album soon, too, so...this summer rules.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

1: She's so cool.
2: Whoever styled this video is freaking awesome. (that white outfit and side pony, swoon - also girl with blue dress and black lip.)
3: Whoever choreo'd this video is freaking awesome.
4: Why wasn't I asked to dance in this. It's fine.


Without a doubt my favorite track right now. Those opening synth lines into the heavy piano just absolutely stops my heart. What a beautifully visceral sound. Then around a minute and a half they mesh together and melt you right where you're listening and I never want to listen to anything else ever again. Ugh, Phonat, how did you do this.

16 year old musician from New Zealand. WHY IS EVERYONE COOLER THAN ME. Ugh, her voice is great, and what a super deep sound. Man I'm really excited to hear more and more from her.

Remember that incredibly sick remix of Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" that I posted around this time last year? Well this is the same guy. An original piece by him, and it's really, really effing good.
The lyrics are sweet, the beat is heavy, there's an eternal ebb and flow of longing throughout the song. A+

Duh Gesaffelstein would remix a Depeche Mode song, like that doesn't surprise me in the slightest, but MAN is this perfect. I mean, it's a dope as hell song to begin with, but holy shit listen to how he heightens Dave Gahan's vocals!! That is how a remix is supposed to be done. He didn't change the ethos of the song at all, he just highlighted the deep feel of it.

Oh Flume. Flume, Flume. You're so good at making me happy. So Flumey, too. I like this remix better than the one he did of "You & Me" by Disclosure. I don't know there's something so happy about this song, maybe because it reminds of the time I first found Flume? Sometime last year in the summer? I don't know but I ruv it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


TRAP-ically fabulous, if you ask me.

The QUACK EP by What So Not, which, if you're one of those that live under a rock, is a collab between Flume and Chris 'Emoh INSTEAD' Emerson (and the babe of all babes...) and they do nothing but create insane music. Like they say on their Facebook page "Because the world needs more bangers" and that's exactly what these boys damn well do.

Yeah right. As if Clubfeet could get ANY better, they come out with this gem. When I first gave this a listen I was all "OK OK yeah this is tight..oh oh yeah this is good...OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS, THIS IS INCREDIBLE" and frankly, I still feel the same every time I listen to it.

Viceroy, whatever. He's kinda annoying, his songs are eh, I think he's a bit into himself, but ya can't deny a good track. However vulgar this song is, and it is, (little children under the age of...idk like 30, don't listen) but this song has ALWAYS made me laugh, and this remix is actually really upbeat and summery. oOooOoooooOooo

Youan - Nightwalker

Nightwalker' is Youan's first release since his massively successful 'Girl' EP, which was played by a variety of BBC Radio DJs, including Zane Lowe. 

'Nightwalker' is set to follow in 'Girl's' footsteps and was given its debut spin on BBC Radio 1 show last week. Here's a link to 'Nightwalker', which is available as a free download - https://soundcloud.com/youan/youan-nightwalker


I mean, all PR bullshit aside, it's actually really good. Low, super tight vibe, danceable, but not too crazy. The vocals are absolute key. You can tell he was really passionate in the creation of this, and that's that shit I do like.

Siriusmo - Itchy / Cornerboy

This is awesome. What a twist of events! lol

Animal Collective - Wide Eyed

OK SO. First of all sorry I've been slacking, I don't really know who I'm apologizing to, but to those of you who dig the music on here, heyyy. OK this past weekend was Governors Ball on Randall's Island, and this song represents the best part of the festival. Yes, yes I know it's true I did see Alt-J, but, ask me about their performance in person. Anyway, Animal Collectives set was by far the most fun of the weekend. Even though the entire island was a muddy, disgusting, filthy mess, they somehow brightened the entire ethos of the night, and there was room to dance! When they dropped this and "Brother Sport" everyone had their very own little dance party, and it was freaking fantastic.

On another note. I'm kinda over festivals. Except for Ultra, as cliche and gay as that sounds, I still always have the best, non-crowded time there. This one in particular, was just too dirty, too messy, too many people, not enough room to do your own thing, not feeling it. It's like, not about the music anymore. It's about what you're wearing, where you're being seen, who you're with. Like I couldn't hear half the shit that was being played, the sound was off, and people are just too damn drunk sometimes. I prefer my small, intimate settings where I have room to dance to myself and just be.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I mean, Xinobi always kills it. Always. I don't think I've disliked one thing he's touched. But for some reason THIS one (I'm sure I say the same thing every time I post one of his remixes) but it hits the gut. I think I lost my breath at that 2:15 mark. It's simply gorgeous. Not to mention, the original to this song is fire in itself. Take a listen to the OG after this to get the best of both worlds.

It always takes me a damn minute to get into Moon Boots songs and I don't know why but when I finally get into it, I sure as hell get into it. This one has a particularly summery sound, which is just perfect for all of us north of the equator.

Uhhhh, if you haven't set the time aside to listen to the new Daft Punk yet, talk to the hand. It would be blasphemous to ignore a production this incredible, and frankly, I don't like you if you haven't heard it, and I hate you if you heard it and don't like it. So now that this is clear, THIS might be my favorite from the album. I mean to label a favorite is not right, they all are super special in their own way (just like each and every one of YOU) but this one makes me uncomfortably happy, and the lead into "Contact" is just unreal. The J. Cas one is the other favorite, same with "Giorgio by Moroder" who I actually had the honor to see SPIN at 76 years old on Monday.

Maya Jane Coles, you fox. You really give me hope for life. Such a stunner babe with SUCH a deep talent. Anyway this song, dark, deep, sultry, weird and perfect. The vocals are absolute gold, and sort of kinda resemble Bjork am I right??

Oh you know my eternal love for progressive house. I love this so much and I love love love that this is becoming perfected yet again. Oh those piano chords could just sing me into eternal bliss day after day.

I mean, this is just so COOL. I haven't heard anything like this in quite some time, and to tell you the truth it was rather refreshing now that everyone's disco overloading like crazy. Sometimes we just need really weird music to keep us in check, ya know!?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Joe Goddard feat. Marla Carlyle - She Burns

Oh Heaven help us all. He is just too good.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LANCELOT || You'll Never Be Mine EP

I mean after all this emotional journey with Daft Punk I embarked on yesterday, it was hard for me to want to listen to anything else, let alone talk to anyone who hadn't listened yet, or go anywhere for fear of forgetting the incredible feeling that came over me after the album had completed itself.
Today, LANCELOT released his "You'll Never be Mine" EP and it is absolutely unreal. I had first heard his track "We Can Dance" a while ago because Goldroom fired it up with a crazy remix, and since then, I've been watching LANCELOT a bit (not only is he legitmately gorgeous to look at) but his music is serious and this EP just solidified my curiosity with what he was capable of.

Enjoy cats.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Goldroom - Only You Can Show Me (ft. Mereki)


Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen- Trust Your Body (Volta Remix)

Patricks face is exactly how I felt when I heard this song.


They played last night and I missed them. I'm mad but then not cause like I need to save money because all I do is win win win with concerts and I need to chill. ANWAY, not to be dramatic but I think this might be one of my favorite remixes I've heard to any Presets song.

Curling up in my bathtub and drowning myself with bubbles with the lights off while this is playing in the background is my new favorite hobby. The original to this is absolutely just as stunning, but this remix, those bongo sounds, oh it's like take my heart and melt it why don't you.

This. Kid. David August, 22 year old babe who KNOWS how to play some house. This little baby remix has been my fave so far. If you know me, you know why. Anything piano or violin or strings or classical mixed in with deep synths is basically my life supply. HAHA you freaking hear that at 2:10?? How much fun is he I just wanna like pinch his cheeks and dance with him. And then like maybe make out with him a little or something.

And again. But this time this is seriously deep classic house. This reminds me of Benassi's sound WAY back in the day, and I'm so happy this still is up and kicking. I LOVE the progressive piano sounds oh man thank you baby Jesus for allowing David August to be on this Earth.

OK so remember when I wrote about them and they were Saint Lou Lou? No you don't remember because my writing really isn't that cool, ok..well anyway, they changed their name, their look, and unfortunately I think we have another product of Hollywood on our hands BUT IT'S OK because......listen to this! This is great! Yeah it's a Sango remix but whatever! Oh so deep and dark and visceral. And my God, does he take good care of those vocals.
Check out the track they did with Chet Faker, btw..."Fool of Me." Really tasty.

WANTS (but don't need at all cause I have spoiled myself rotten)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Valentina - Wolves

Well well well. My darling girl Valentina, you know her from Joe Goddard's "Gabriel", you know, my favorite song in the entire universe. Her vocals OH MAN if vocals could stop the rotation of the Earth for a moment. Sensual, grand, and pure, in the strongest, deepest sense.

AND WHAT do we have here!? The best remix of "Wolves" that anyone could ask for. That is the Deep House shit this needed.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This is the song that I dance to in my underwear jumping on my bed swinging my hair back and forth. It's not at all as cute as it sounds I swear to you.

ANYWAY. Yuksek with this new label of his, 'Partyfine', I'm totally down for. The 6-track debut EP drops May 13th and I couldn't be more excited for it. Not to mention it has a collab with Bjork on it, like WHAT. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Here's a teaser to getchya in the mood.

Man this first one..

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disclosure - You & Me feat. Eliza Doolittle

First and foremost this is featuring the babe from that Delilah video that I obsessed over a long while back. THIS VIDEO THOUGH. Fabulous team work, everyone.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Time Tunage || Disclosure // Eliza Doolittle // Empire of the Sun // Tame Impala // Xinobi // Hurts // Wildlife!

I won't do them a disservice by trying to articulate just HOW DAMN good they are, so just listen. And Eliza Doolittle, does anyone remember when I went through my obsession of her and blogged everything under the Doolittle sun? And now she's back courtesy of Disclosure? Hell yeah. They played this the three times in a row I saw them during WMC, so when this came out on Soundcloud I felt really cool cause I remembered the lyrics. Whatever, get on my level.
Just kidding.
Kind of.

Empire of the Sun is back Empire of the Sun is back!! I am so excited that I just have this song on repeat over and over and over again. They had probably one of the weirdest shows I think I've ever seen, BUT WHATEVER. WOOHOO. I'm pretty sure you can pre-order their sophomore album now, it's set to come out in June. But this song is a pretty good intro to what the album may or may not hold!

Tame Impala's a tough one to crack. Yeah, they're way fun to remix, but it takes a smart man to get it just right. Sup Xinobi AGAIN. Like, enough's enough. Or I guess in terms of music, enough is NEVER enough. Xinobi is too good, in my eyes. His mixes are pretty much reigning above all right now. Man that 2:55 mark is unreal, will send chills up and down your body.

The perfect vibe. Groovy, mellow, but not too mellow, but perfect and highlighting just the right spots of the vocals. Easy enough listening to do in the shower, but high powered enough to dance to it alone.

You listen to this and you try to tell me that beat is not the opening to the Powerpuff Girls intro. That's what I thought. But holy moly isn't this fun. AH I just can't wait for all of this music to be played during the summer and all the shows and YAY.

This might be the best one for getting in that summer mood. This is Matt FX, one of the friendlier New York funsters I've met on my ridiculous journeys. Get into it, it's smooth, mellow, beautiful and those vocals are just delicious.


As if every single blog ever made hasn't posted this song, I thought it's appropriate I jump on board. And, like everyone else, I'm obsessed. Like...this is SO damn groovy. Welcome back, truest form of dance music, you were missed. 

Oh this is just the tastiest treat I've had in a bit. I say that with every song but whatever. THIS ONE. The lyrics, the elevation, the happiness this exudes, oh I just can't contain myself when this song is playing. Not to mention that Goldroom put out a pretty chill remix too, both perfect for the spring time drives with the windows down. 

Caution: Violently inappropriate. BUT if you know Missy Elliot then you know this song and I didn't have to warn you because this song taught you way too much in middle school like it did for me. EITHER WAY, Diplo you go, you drop that beat. Can't help it, this song is just too much. It goes hard. 

Nicest guy I think I've ever met. Such a good track, with WHO BETTER than Mr Xinobi to pull out the darkness in just about every song he touches. Oh man he makes things so ominous and beautiful and seductive.

Right ok. So I have really stopped with the dubity dub dub, but holy cow, this song gives me chills bigger than anything I've experienced in a while. Sometimes lyrics about over-medication, heavy synths and beautiful female vocals really get to me. Such a beautiful song originally, and just a slight helping hand from Sound Remedy to really cater the intensity. Stunning team work production.