Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Comfortable Affair

We all have our private affairs. The good ones are with people, the mediocre ones are with substances, and the others dwell somewhere with the senses. Mine is with music, but not the kind of high school emo kind where I think music is the only thing that understands me, but kind of. I’ve felt a connection with music since before I can remember, sneaking into my room at the age of 12 to listen to 92 K Rock hoping they would play Chop Suey or something of the sort, so I could lay on my bed and soak in the harmonies. The obsession grew through life and 11 years later I’ve found my career to be solely based around music, and more importantly, vinyls. It’s always been a tough passion to have, coming from a moderate to radical Catholic family and finding myself in the grimiest of spots in the lowest parts of NYC. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world; which is precisely where the issue lies. I think I’ve finally been able to pin point why I can never REALLY find myself in a relationship with other humans or be anywhere for too long. Human relationships take a hell of a lot of back and forth. It takes a decent amount of effort to open up to someone, listen to what they say about your feelings, listen to their feelings, decide on an opinion about what they think, and somewhere find a balance. 

But with music, there is no reciprocation needed. It’s there for you to listen. It doesn’t judge you, it doesn’t judge your motives, your reason for listening, your response or any way that you handle the sounds moving through your ears. It doesn’t look at you funny for crying, it doesn’t try to understand why you’re laughing, and it definitely doesn’t care what your political and religious views are. It’s going to be there for you whether it likes it or not. I can take it anywhere I want to go, and it doesn’t bitch about it. It gladly accompanies you, and you know what, I bet it’s smiling at you while it’s with you. It’s a complete non-judgement zone, when you’re in the mood, you grab it and take it and listen the shit out of it, and when you’re done you turn it off without it saying a word. You don’t have to worry about leaving you, it doesn’t worry about who you’re talking to or what bar you’re attending. It doesn’t care what you wear or who you’re hooking up with, all it knows it that when you need it, it’s there. Never once an explanation needed. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

PTSD || Miami Withdrawal Edition || Shadow Child // ViLLAGE // Surkin // Branko // Roses Gabor // Danny Fujikawa

May possibly the hardest song to listen to after spending nights on the beach in Miami and continuously listening to Minimal until 2 am. May be an oldie, but still, sexiest song for my ears right now.

Surkin, you dirty little mastermind, you. This whole Advanced Entertainment System EP is absolute fire. Not to mention this music video is like an aesthetic acid trip, not complaining.

UHHHM, talk about building up the blood flow. Honestly one of the greatest songs to close your eyes to, picture yourself in your magical destination, and let the music take you far, far away.

Oh my Gosh. I just can't listen to music like this, I can't be trusted. I always knew Roses Gabor would be killer in the vocal scene (Plugging myself for calling it in my SNS article like 6 million months ago) but seriously, this track. HOLY APHRODISIAC.

My friend, my love, and probably my future husband, once again absolutely melting my soul with his stunning music. This one in particular, the images that my mind curates while this is playing in my ears ... I never want to face reality that it's 35 degrees and almost April. Beauty in a soundtrack.

DUH. No words needed, Surkin again. The happiest of all happy music. Fantastic.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Exercise of Memory

Too many things to be said about this weekend. Or rather, too many things need to be left unsaid about this weekend. Another glorious taste of something beautiful that doesn't last. And a couple lessons learned about what happens for reasons and what's just happenstance. We can't hold onto pretty things forever, we can't experience mind-blowing DJ sets forever, and we can't look at pretty faces forever.

Beautiful things happen to keep our memory in check. So we can look back and remember the way the music made us feel, the energy we adapted to from our surroundings, the affect new people had on our being, and the memory of weather, that, at the time may have been too hot, but looking back was the most perfect temperature we've ever experienced. Things get old, and things die. If my weekend were to last forever I'd be sick of Hawtin, nose rings, sand and red wine. It was a beautiful weekend that was simply that; a weekend. A beautiful memory that is beautiful to look back on.

Best set at Ultra, hands down. Probably one of the best two hours I've ever experienced.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flume - Holdin On

What a promo vid. Whatever, cannot WAIT to see him in a couple weeks.

"Cause I love you baby, yes I do."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


BANKS. - Fall Over

Probably the most fun song to sing along to since I tried to match George Maple's vocals on Flumes "Bring You Down." And those pops and water droplets soaking throughout the track .... mmm.

Miss Kittin - Bassline

I think this is old. So, sorry 'bout that. But what a tune, huh?? the vocals, the fade outs, the whole production is top notch, and quite frankly puts me in a very unruly mood.

Aluna George - Attracting Flies

One time, like two months ago, I asked the deities of music to allow Aluna George to come out with a song that will make me fall in love with her, because I couldn't get myself to get into her like everyone was, and hell, I WANTED TO JUMP ON BOARD. And low and behold, Disclosure came out with "White Noise" and then THIS JAM. Perfection! (french chef kiss on my finger tips)


OH NO WAY. When I was sent this girls SoundCloud I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. The darkness, the low lit, soulful vocal with the simplest yet most gut cradling sound that this song produces is just unreal. THEN oh, that riff towards the end. Man. I can not wait to play this the next time I'm on my way to get into some trouble. (And by "trouble," I mean smoke a cigarette and then throw it angrily on the ground when I'm done, and FORGET to stomp it out. That's right, I'm dangerous.)


Stereoheist - I Want it All Over Baghdad

Along with running the dopest Vinyl company in the whole entire world, my friend ALSO mashes together some of the sickest tunes on the market. This one in particular just fits together so perfectly and sounds so right. Then again, I suppose anything Outkast sounds delicious.

GRIEFJOY - Touch Ground (Yuksek Remix)

Can't stop. Won't stop...listening to this song. I mean it's pretty much a guarantee that anything Yuksek touches turns to gold, and this one -- especially at that 3:34 mark with the piano -- oh it just tastes so sweet.

Voltron - Let Go (A.N.D.Y. Remix)

Definitely one of those songs that allows for the greatest creation of thought to occur. I would love to hear this out one night, specifically during that 3:10 mark. Oh man I can't even imagine the happiness that would pour forth from my body.

Major Lazer - Watch Out for This (Bumaye)

I actually can't wait to see Major Lazer at Ultra. I have always been a fan, Switch and Dip together are pretty unreal, and I tried for a while to branch off from them because Diplo became to commercialized and kinda lost touch with reality, but I can't help but dance my little ass of when they drop something new. I ran to this one last night, and pretty sure everyone in the gym was watching me make a fool of myself as I was trying to simultaneously run and dance all at once.

Kidnap Kids - Animaux

OH MAN. THOSE VOCALS. THAT BEAT. This is the type of music that makes me so happy and this is DEFINITELY the song that will be playing when I land in Miami at night next week and look out at all those beautiful palm trees that I've been missing so dearly.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Logan Lynn - Feed Me to the Wolves (Flufftronix Remix)

CAUTION: This post is kinda sentimental so don't judge me.

Anyway. This song holds one of the most special places in my heart; and I'm not even really sure I can explain it. I remember the day I found it. It was back in 2009, when I was living in Atlanta and just really delved into the music scene. Alone. I was so unbelievably overwhelmed and excited because I felt as if a whole new world had been opened up to me. This was one of the first remixes that year on my own that I soulfully connected with. The interconnection between the lyrics and the overall tone of the song was brought to a completely ethereal experience through this brilliant remix by Flufftronix.
Yesterday, this song was remastered, just hours after the song crept back into my veins by a friend I had sent it to, who said it was his favorite of the 394 songs I had overwhelmed his dropbox with.

Anyway. I'm reposting this song, because it's almost been 4 years since I blogged about it on this very same blog.