Wednesday, March 6, 2013


BANKS. - Fall Over

Probably the most fun song to sing along to since I tried to match George Maple's vocals on Flumes "Bring You Down." And those pops and water droplets soaking throughout the track .... mmm.

Miss Kittin - Bassline

I think this is old. So, sorry 'bout that. But what a tune, huh?? the vocals, the fade outs, the whole production is top notch, and quite frankly puts me in a very unruly mood.

Aluna George - Attracting Flies

One time, like two months ago, I asked the deities of music to allow Aluna George to come out with a song that will make me fall in love with her, because I couldn't get myself to get into her like everyone was, and hell, I WANTED TO JUMP ON BOARD. And low and behold, Disclosure came out with "White Noise" and then THIS JAM. Perfection! (french chef kiss on my finger tips)


OH NO WAY. When I was sent this girls SoundCloud I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. The darkness, the low lit, soulful vocal with the simplest yet most gut cradling sound that this song produces is just unreal. THEN oh, that riff towards the end. Man. I can not wait to play this the next time I'm on my way to get into some trouble. (And by "trouble," I mean smoke a cigarette and then throw it angrily on the ground when I'm done, and FORGET to stomp it out. That's right, I'm dangerous.)

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