Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lauren Bacall

I watched The Big Sleep by Howard Hawks in film class the other day, and Bacall looks absolutely stunning in that movie. So I let my obsession get the best of me, and found the best of her. Those eyes.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Monarchy feat. Britt Love - You Don't Want to Dance with Me

I heard the Bondax remix yesterday, and I didn't love it. But then I found the original and it is absolutely perfect.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Ragers

Dada Life - Happy Violence

For some reason as soon as I saw the video of this song, I thought of my wonderful time I had at the Mad Decent Block Party in New York City last year. I was going to put up the video to this song so long ago, but I am so must have slipped my mind. Love the title of this song, something about it that is so happy though, right? I miss dancing in large crowds.

Laidback Luke - Timebomb

Okay so yes I know this is semi old, but I heard it the other day and re-fell in love with it. It's been some time since I've found a good set of crazy electro beats that make me want to rage, and listening to this song got me back on the bandwagon of music that makes me want to go insane.
I still reminisce about when Laidback Luke yelled at me on twitter for making fun of him dressing like a pilot in the Turbulence video with Steve Aoki.............

Pretty Lights - I Know the Truth

HAVE MERCY ON ME. What in the heck is this. It's like Derek got mad one night and took all of his anger and put in into one KILLER freaking song. I feel as though this is very un-Pretty Lights of him, no? I'm not complaining at all though, it's dirty as all hell. Remember when I used to talk about listening to music that makes me want to light shit on fire? This would be one of those songs.

David Guetta - The Alphabeat (Original Mix)

I will give him major credit for the creative title. ...And the kickin beat. And everything else that has to do with this song. It has my favored classical piano in the beginning that just RIPS into a killer electric guitar sound and then it's over from there. This is another song that sounds very unlike the artist. When I first listened to this I was half expecting to hear Justin Beiber or someone of that nature to pop up, considering Guetta has turned into a hip hop producer....but he didn't, and I love what I hear.

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl (Instrumental Version)

Majorly long intro, feel free to skip through. But then hear that beat? That is the sound of the beginning of a major dance tune. I'm partial to the instrumental version because I can picture it being blasted at some kind of festival with people going insane to just the music without Taio Cruz's electronic auto-tuned voice over (murdering) the beat.

And then with Taio Cruz and Luda..

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris

Just because I felt like being nice. It's not that bad, and the video is good except for Guetta's attempt at being an actor............just stay behind the turn tables, please.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sensory Pleasers

Lana Del Rey - Kinda Outta Luck

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but, I will be. Miss Lana Del Rey is not who we thought. I'm not big into ripping celebrities (indielebrities) apart, but this deserves a statement. She's a fakey. Originally known as Lizzie Grant, she was a cute little bubbly blonde with a innocent smile, but, she got no hits. So, she and Hollywood changed her image into something remarkable. Her lips are full of collagen, her hair is not her own, and this tough image she bleeds is just that; an image. Unfortunate really, but I must say this is a wonderful example of being a product of fame. Do what you gotta do, right? Yup.
Songs good though, her voice really is something else. Can't hate for too long.

Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs

This is a cover of an Arcade Fire song, and it is just so dreamy. Laying in my bed attempting a nap with this song going on above me was one of the best things I did for myself this week. She has such a gorgeous voice, and every breathy lyric she sings heightens all of my senses. Beautiful, really.

Kito & Reija Lee - Run For Cover

As soon as I heard 'MAD DECENT,' I downloaded it. I had heard these girls a little less than a year ago and I remember not liking anything they put out. But this is just perfect. It has the same sensory pull as the Mr. Little Jeans song, airy, soft...but this song takes another turn during the chorus. A romantic dub slaps the lyrics in the chorus and it creates this unusually sexy sound.
Don't run for cover.

Korallreven - As Young as Yesterday

I was hesitant to put this up at first because I wasn't how sure I was about loving it. Then I let my iTunes go as I was getting ready for the day, and this came on and put a massive smile on my face. This Swedish duo created just a happy hearted song with a whimsical sound. Smile, friends, it's a good day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011



What is this magical place that's so filled with wonder....?
I've already conquered Ultra Fest, so now let's conquer Tomorrowland, shall we? Trip to Belgium this time around? OK!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011


Once again, APC hooks it up. I came across this video bored one day searching for my usual suspects of musical pleasure, and I found one hell of a gem. WHERE THE HELL DID THIS GIRL COME FROM? Lana Del Rey has a shamelessly beautiful and innocent voice, but her lyrics are nothing less than proud bad ass-ness. She is absolutely gorgeous, perfect face, lips, hair and skinny as a rail. She has a classic 60's Bardot type of look about her, contradicted with an interestingly classy ghetto style. I don't want to speak too soon, but I think I have found my new favorite femme artist...

Absolute perfection.

I love image based music videos. It causes you to think, it's like a psychology test. And the lyrics to this song are beautiful, in a gangster sort of way... But the chorus speaks wonders. I have been listening to it over and over again, because she's singing everything I want to say.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Lana Del Rey - Diet Mtn. Dew

Lana Del Rey - Kill Kill

Lana Del Rey - Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)

Christina Ricci x NYLON

She's come a long way from Wednesday Adams. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clubfeet - Broken Hearted

Clubfeet - Broken Hearted (Official Clip) from Clubfeet on Vimeo.

Obsessing over this song for the past week or so. Let's all obsess together.

Autumnal Isolation

There is a certain longing for sadness and solitude when the fall rolls in. The crisp grey air, the trees taking their last breath as their final leaves fall down to say goodbye and a fresh inhale of maple scented crisp air filling into the nostrils. Desolate streets lined with orange and yellow dustings, skies of morbid bleakness that beg the question of your purpose in this world.
How is it that weather can evoke such a severe longing for isolation?
There is a strange nostalgia pouring from my senses for a brisk walk through L5 in the fall, Central Park, or the Bird Sanctuary, where the family used to hike, followed by a pumpkin picking extravaganza. This of course led to a trip to get pumpkin spice lattes and a later request for a fire in our cozy den. Just the thought of running into a warm house from the cold weather right into a hot bath lined filled to the brim with bubbles lined with scented cranberry candles, then wrapping oneself into warm sweater stolen from mothers closet that still smells of her lotion and perfume. A bite of pumpkin pie and a sip of hot tea, a fire growling from the depths of the stone that cradles it, sitting on the dark couch rereading Brideshead for the fourth time with a single warm lamp offering a tender glow…
A day of Autumnal isolation. A day to be alone, to reflect, and to enjoy God’s remarkable masterpiece of mother nature in the season of all seasons. 

Fall Music

Florence and the Machine - What the Water Gave Me

Dark, haunting, beautiful, autumn-esque, and absolutely perfect. Apparently this song is about the suicide of Virginia Woolf, but the title comes from a painting by Frida Khalo...two of the world's most influential and deep women. The power of this song is unbelievable, the choir of voices that creep up so beautifully ads the perfect amount of chills to anyone who listens to this.

Royksopp - In This Shirt

Anytime Royksopp has a new single, it's pretty much guaranteed that it will be fantastic. They have such a way about them that is so similar to Sigur Ros, this overwhelming emotional pull that you feel towards the song. One that evokes a deeply penetrating thought process within you. Funny how music can do that to you. The violin in this is absolutely beautiful, and then all the classical modernism that is throughout the song drops into a hefty beat that is still soft enough to sleep to. Undeniably wonderful.

Lil Wayne - Dear Anne (Produced by Swizz Beatz)

This is very much unlike me, and I am fully aware, and slightly apologetic, HOWEVER, the only reason I was attracted to this song in the first place is because of the Tatu sounding female voice and the continuous piano that is all throughout the song. It has a beautiful melody to it, and the subject of the song is strangely dark, which automatically attracts me to it.

Bon Iver - Wash

Bon Iver's entire 'Calgary' album is nothing short of brilliant. 'Wash' jumped out at me over all of them though, due to the piano and violin with that slight synth throughout that makes me want to just fall asleep and dream forever. This song more than ever makes me want to be home in the chilled air with the leaves all around me, inhaling the scent of dying evergreens and sad maple trees.

Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day (acoustic version)

The lyrics are what are key to the beauty of this song. But then the beat comes in and it sweeps you away to an emotional roller coaster of melody. It would be a killer song to do a lyrical dance number to, it would be so emotional and strong. Ahhh...the glory of depressing music.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's September! So do you know what that means!? FALL IS HERE! But...I don't get to experience it because I live in South instead I get to experience the most humid weather ever with no dead leaves, no trees, no pumpkins, no apple picking, no anything. :( So, I make the best out of this situation, and live vicariously through Autumn blogs, listening to music that reminds me of Fall, visiting Yankee Candle stores whenever I feel the need so I can get that little smell of a pumpkin pie...ahh, I miss New York in the Autumn. It's definitely the most beautiful time, when the dead leaves and coloured trees are filling up the empty sections of Central Park, fashion is at it's finest, from high socks to high boots, sloppy scarves to adorable pea coats.

So to get ourselves in the Fall spirit, let's look at a picture of Manhattan in the Autumn. So beautiful.

Now let's look at a picture of Ryan Gosling.