Monday, May 31, 2010

HM. I just came across this, it's about a year old, and about how Sylvia Plath is to blame for her sons suicide, 40 years AFTER she took her life. ridiculous. READ:RUDE

Robyn - Dancin' on My Own (FRED FALKE/REX THE DOG REMIXES)

Robyn-Dancin' on My Own (Fred Falke Remix)

Robyn-Dancin' on My Own (Rex the Dog Remix)

As I was looking for the Rex the Dog remix to this song, I saw that the person who uploaded the stream on audio porn could'nt decide between that one, and the Fred Falke remix. Before I saw that it took me probably 10 mins deciding which of the two that I liked better to put up on this. I should probably be writing for them...ANYWAY, I'll add both.

And yes, I admit, I am in fact slightly obsessed with her.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Voodoo Girl

Her skin is white cloth, and she's all sewn apart
and she has many colored pins sticking out of her heart.

She has a beautiful set of hypno-disk eyes,
the ones that she uses to hypnotize guys.

She has many different zombies who are deeplyin her trance.
She even has a zombie who was originally from France.

But she knows she has a curse on her, a curse she cannot win.
For if someone gets too close to her,
the pins stick farther in.

-Tim Burton

Tiesto & Diplo - C'mon / Wynter Gordon prod. by Guetta - Dirty Talk

...and I'm back in my dance music phase. Here are some to start off that I'm totally jammin to right now. Cheers you bums, dance away.

Tiesto & Diplo - C'mon

Wynter Gordon prod. by Guetta - Dirty Talk

strung out babies

As I was watching the video for Sky Ferreira's '17', I thought to myself that it was a little risque/raunchy/slutty...but i let it go, until i read that she's only 17 years old. And for some reason I compared her with Taylor Momsen, as two young confused artists who TRY to act much too old for their own good. I was reading one of the future NYLON mags at work..and WAIT until you see the picture of little j. She tries way too hard to be strung out, and she's 16. Calm down, life's too short. Can you even drive yet? I dont think so. I watched a NYLON+TV thing on Taylor, and oh my goodness, what a little poser brat. When asked about her band, The Pretty Reckless, she says "well, it's pretty much me, I mean, I kinda play guitar." dear, you don't. You sing, and there is an entire band that plays music so you sound good. Appreciation is key in life, little j. And Sky, just...stop.

Monday, May 24, 2010

i gave in, and shaved the left part of my head.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robyn - Dancin' on My Own

yayayyyy! she does it again, every time without fail. this is robyns new single, 'dancing on my own','s great, obviously. i think the video is a little better than the song, but thats okay cause it all works together. i LOVE whoever styled this whole video, and it's taking every bit of strength for me not to cut my hair like hers. anyway, here's the video. cheeeers, my little raggamuffins.

Innerpartysystem - American Trash (Starkey Remix)

i have not had a new innerpartysystem song in forever. my blonde twin got me obsessed with them last year, and we went through a phase where that was ALL we listened to. the last remix i got really excited about was the LA riots remix to 'die tonight, live forever.' probably because i heard it after i hung out with danny ledisko from LA Riots. (not bragging, just saying...but oh my, what a beauty he was) anyway. this is 'American Trash' which is a Starkey remix, and its PHENOM. definitely one of the songs i'm going to be listening to as i walk down the streets of nyc thinking i am a complete bad ass. AMERICAN TRASH EP releases in two days! yayy.

enjoy all you american trash.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

complete bliss.

i had the best 21st birthday i think anyone could have had. my best friends and i went into the city and tore it up. not only did we have fun at crimson in vip with free entry and drinks all night, but being surrounded by your best friends and people who really care about you is one of the greatest things in the world. sunday was the best part. going to central park is my new favorite thing to do. i think it just beat out piedmont. walking/sitting in the sun with your four best friends is the greatest feeling in the world, i couldnt ask for anything better. then to top it off my family threw me an awesome dinner and had my best friends come in for the night. i am so blessed to have the greatest friends, family and city. thank you everyone, i love you all so much. i havent been this happy in a very long time. :)
(all photos by nicole caruso, laura calamai, megan burns)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smoosh - The World's Not Bad

well good evening brand new beautiful summer melody. Chloe, Asya, and Maya, three sisters hailing from Seattle, are coming out with a new album on June 29th. i found this song on apc and absolutely fell in love with it. her voice is beautiful! and the piano is so transfixing. there's a part around 3:48ish where you can just hear her get so into the song, she's totally singing through gritted teeth. love it. expect a cover of me...soon... kidding. but seriously, it's in the works.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

view from my halfway house. (laura's apt)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i want an adam.

(via yvan rodic)

Tiesto & Kaskade feat. Haley - Only You

no story, just emotions. take out your headphones, close your eyes, shut off the lights. inject this into your veins and let it run throughout your body. haleys voice couldnt not have been more perfect for this song. beyond haunting, dark, and inviting. let the synths completely transfix you.

"Put away my pride, only you"

Underworld - Scribble (radio edit)

i found this video on, today, and it reminded me so much of a dear friend i used to have back in the day who was absolutely insane. he loved songs just like this one. he's locked up in someplace seclusive, hes not allowed to talk to anyone. i wonder how he is. anyway, its weird that the lyrics are "and its okay", cause it is okay buddy, you're going to get better. promise.

sometimes i miss our days together. and other times thinking about you scares me. its okay.

anyway, this is the duo underworld, they did that song born slippy for the movie trainspotting. this song was done in collaboration with high contrast (i just got the high contrast remix to kaleidoscope by tiesto and jonsi, its ill, get it) and this is their first single off of their new album released at the end of the summer. cheers.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em

right outta bklyn. LP out tomorrow. bad ass beat. cheers.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the twin's home.

american love

as i was gandering through facehunter today, i watched one of the facehunter shows that he did at coachella, and i picked up something i found interesting. during the segment, he says goodbye to some girl who was either rolling or just straight bizarre, and as he said goodbye she called out "bye, i love you." you hear the guy filming say "oh, a lot of love here", and yvan turns around and says "do you really love me? or is that just an american love you? what does it mean"....

'love', is not used how its supposed to be used anymore. i do it myself, i say that word for things i dont really love. but im trying really hard to stop. people will say they love you then unfortunately through time you realize that it was just a word. it wasnt the feeling you had hoped it had been. its not real.

next time you say it, mean it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


glad were twins again. love you.

miss you, colleen. come visit me soon.
her amateur camera dexterity is envious.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

William Fitzsimmons - So This is Goodbye (pink ganter remix)

i found this song today. 'so this is goodbye' (pink ganter remix) by william fitzsimmons. as i was reading his bio, i became amazed at this man. raised by two blind parents and growing up with only sounds, i cant imagine the appreciation and understanding he has for music. as soon as i heard this song, i got the same emotional pull towards it as i did to logan lynn's 'feed me to the wolves'.

i was going to write a post about some personal mishaps that have come into play, but i believe this song will do. sometimes music speaks better than you could ever articulate. cheers.

self-inflicting empowerment, maybe.

i'm on about week 2 of my life in seclusion. and i am realizing i'm liking it more than ever. esther greenwood is now my new my best friend. along with my new puppy, sir nigel. the real live people i still want continuously in my life know it, and i believe by doing this it's keeping the people who are not supposed to be in my life, out. i've had time to really reflect on things, realize what i want to do right now with my life. i landed an epic interview with press here media (an awesome PR firm for bands like sigur ros, grizzly bear, all of jack whites bands and projects, bloc party, matisyahu, and tons more) for an internship, and i got it. i've honestly never been so proud of myself. this is the start of me getting interested in something i have so much to learn about, and im beyond excited. i'm finally getting my act together and doing things for myself for once.

i am done spending my time trying to get people to want to be involved in my life. if theyre not going to put in the effort, its not worth it. i think that's important for everyone to learn. if there is a relationship you have, and it requires more effort than just having it be easy, its not worth it. especially if the other party have everything right in front of themselves and wont see it. move on. do what YOU need to do. it's YOUR time. stop letting people dictate the way you do things. stop letting them get in the way of what you want to accomplish. if they want to be with you through your journey, and have you be with them through theres, thats beautiful, and it will all work out. if they are scared of being with someone who knows what they want in life, and they talk and talk nonsense to you expecting you to believe its honest, let em go. you deserve better. i deserve better. lesson #4, learned.

sir nigel henry

introducing the clumsiest, most confused sheepadoodle in the world, sir nigel henry baughman. please excuse my completely foolish face.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

extraverted /// introverted

i ended up spending my saturday night alone. i was supposed to go somewhere with someone, but as i was driving 25 minutes to the nearest borders to spend my 40% off coupon, i had this weird thought process haunt me during my drive. as i was listening to 'the hollows', by why?, i had this burning revelation that i don't want to be known anymore. im aware of how emo-esque and bizarre that sounds, but it's true. as i was walking through borders, i noticed a handsome man sitting alone in the coffee section. he was eyeing me, and normally i would think to strike up a conversation, but for some reason i was completely uninterested in talking with anyone at the store. i ignored all of my calls and texts within the two hours i was in there. i was in complete happiness searching for that special book in which i would grace buying it with my discount (i ended up purchasing the collected works of sylvia plath). anyway, ive come to the conclusion that i dont want people to know me anymore, especially at this transition in my life. school closed, im back home (with people who still have to hide the fact they hang out with me in case of the awful circumstance in which their girlfriends find out and get mad - SO over that, grow up..), and i've left everything that was once a huge important part of my life behind. i wanted to keep it going, i was trying, but you just have to come to a realization at some point that things end for a reason, and just because you want it to continue doesnt mean that they want it to too...and i'm trying to do something new and exciting in my life that i finally can do for myself, by myself, in a city that i love. (details later if all works out).

i figured this was a good reason to become introverted. yes, im aware that keeping a blog is not a good way to keep quiet, but because i'm doing this doesnt mean i don't want to write about my thoughts. i've decided that i'm just sick of people. i'm sick of trying to have a good time, when i know deep inside i'm not. i'm sick of people making assumptions about everything i stupidly put out on facebook for the world to see. i would much rather just stay home at night and read all my new books, write all my streams of thoughts, and listen to all of my music. if you want to find me, find me. or, as my friend thome yorke of radiohead would say "you want me? well come on and break the door down.."

i'm ready.