Wednesday, May 5, 2010

self-inflicting empowerment, maybe.

i'm on about week 2 of my life in seclusion. and i am realizing i'm liking it more than ever. esther greenwood is now my new my best friend. along with my new puppy, sir nigel. the real live people i still want continuously in my life know it, and i believe by doing this it's keeping the people who are not supposed to be in my life, out. i've had time to really reflect on things, realize what i want to do right now with my life. i landed an epic interview with press here media (an awesome PR firm for bands like sigur ros, grizzly bear, all of jack whites bands and projects, bloc party, matisyahu, and tons more) for an internship, and i got it. i've honestly never been so proud of myself. this is the start of me getting interested in something i have so much to learn about, and im beyond excited. i'm finally getting my act together and doing things for myself for once.

i am done spending my time trying to get people to want to be involved in my life. if theyre not going to put in the effort, its not worth it. i think that's important for everyone to learn. if there is a relationship you have, and it requires more effort than just having it be easy, its not worth it. especially if the other party have everything right in front of themselves and wont see it. move on. do what YOU need to do. it's YOUR time. stop letting people dictate the way you do things. stop letting them get in the way of what you want to accomplish. if they want to be with you through your journey, and have you be with them through theres, thats beautiful, and it will all work out. if they are scared of being with someone who knows what they want in life, and they talk and talk nonsense to you expecting you to believe its honest, let em go. you deserve better. i deserve better. lesson #4, learned.



    ....yeahhhhh.....great internship allie....

    hahahah yayyyy im proud of you.

  2.!!!! haha duh.