Thursday, May 20, 2010

complete bliss.

i had the best 21st birthday i think anyone could have had. my best friends and i went into the city and tore it up. not only did we have fun at crimson in vip with free entry and drinks all night, but being surrounded by your best friends and people who really care about you is one of the greatest things in the world. sunday was the best part. going to central park is my new favorite thing to do. i think it just beat out piedmont. walking/sitting in the sun with your four best friends is the greatest feeling in the world, i couldnt ask for anything better. then to top it off my family threw me an awesome dinner and had my best friends come in for the night. i am so blessed to have the greatest friends, family and city. thank you everyone, i love you all so much. i havent been this happy in a very long time. :)
(all photos by nicole caruso, laura calamai, megan burns)


  1. gaaaah allie you're so freaking fly

  2. i love all of us in the third one, the skys so great.