Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This is the song that I dance to in my underwear jumping on my bed swinging my hair back and forth. It's not at all as cute as it sounds I swear to you.

ANYWAY. Yuksek with this new label of his, 'Partyfine', I'm totally down for. The 6-track debut EP drops May 13th and I couldn't be more excited for it. Not to mention it has a collab with Bjork on it, like WHAT. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Here's a teaser to getchya in the mood.

Man this first one..

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disclosure - You & Me feat. Eliza Doolittle

First and foremost this is featuring the babe from that Delilah video that I obsessed over a long while back. THIS VIDEO THOUGH. Fabulous team work, everyone.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Time Tunage || Disclosure // Eliza Doolittle // Empire of the Sun // Tame Impala // Xinobi // Hurts // Wildlife!

I won't do them a disservice by trying to articulate just HOW DAMN good they are, so just listen. And Eliza Doolittle, does anyone remember when I went through my obsession of her and blogged everything under the Doolittle sun? And now she's back courtesy of Disclosure? Hell yeah. They played this the three times in a row I saw them during WMC, so when this came out on Soundcloud I felt really cool cause I remembered the lyrics. Whatever, get on my level.
Just kidding.
Kind of.

Empire of the Sun is back Empire of the Sun is back!! I am so excited that I just have this song on repeat over and over and over again. They had probably one of the weirdest shows I think I've ever seen, BUT WHATEVER. WOOHOO. I'm pretty sure you can pre-order their sophomore album now, it's set to come out in June. But this song is a pretty good intro to what the album may or may not hold!

Tame Impala's a tough one to crack. Yeah, they're way fun to remix, but it takes a smart man to get it just right. Sup Xinobi AGAIN. Like, enough's enough. Or I guess in terms of music, enough is NEVER enough. Xinobi is too good, in my eyes. His mixes are pretty much reigning above all right now. Man that 2:55 mark is unreal, will send chills up and down your body.

The perfect vibe. Groovy, mellow, but not too mellow, but perfect and highlighting just the right spots of the vocals. Easy enough listening to do in the shower, but high powered enough to dance to it alone.

You listen to this and you try to tell me that beat is not the opening to the Powerpuff Girls intro. That's what I thought. But holy moly isn't this fun. AH I just can't wait for all of this music to be played during the summer and all the shows and YAY.

This might be the best one for getting in that summer mood. This is Matt FX, one of the friendlier New York funsters I've met on my ridiculous journeys. Get into it, it's smooth, mellow, beautiful and those vocals are just delicious.


As if every single blog ever made hasn't posted this song, I thought it's appropriate I jump on board. And, like everyone else, I'm obsessed. Like...this is SO damn groovy. Welcome back, truest form of dance music, you were missed. 

Oh this is just the tastiest treat I've had in a bit. I say that with every song but whatever. THIS ONE. The lyrics, the elevation, the happiness this exudes, oh I just can't contain myself when this song is playing. Not to mention that Goldroom put out a pretty chill remix too, both perfect for the spring time drives with the windows down. 

Caution: Violently inappropriate. BUT if you know Missy Elliot then you know this song and I didn't have to warn you because this song taught you way too much in middle school like it did for me. EITHER WAY, Diplo you go, you drop that beat. Can't help it, this song is just too much. It goes hard. 

Nicest guy I think I've ever met. Such a good track, with WHO BETTER than Mr Xinobi to pull out the darkness in just about every song he touches. Oh man he makes things so ominous and beautiful and seductive.

Right ok. So I have really stopped with the dubity dub dub, but holy cow, this song gives me chills bigger than anything I've experienced in a while. Sometimes lyrics about over-medication, heavy synths and beautiful female vocals really get to me. Such a beautiful song originally, and just a slight helping hand from Sound Remedy to really cater the intensity. Stunning team work production.

Flume - More Than You Thought

Wowoweewoo. So kewl.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 Bears

SO the other day I crossed off the fourth thing THIS YEAR on my bucket list, which was to meet Joe Goddard. Sound kinda groupie-ish? Whatever. The grizzle is a visionary when it comes to music. He's been my favorite producer ever since my Hot Chip days and when he released "Gabriel." He played with Raf Rundell (2 Bears) at LPR and it was probably one of the best nights I've had in that debaucherous city. Not a lot of people were there, it was pretty personal, and after I asked Raf to play Skankin (which he did), Joe decided to break my little heart into pieces and pieces by playing his remix to the Dirty Projectors song "Socialites" (see a couple posts below). I think he saw me cry, which is why he was so willing to accept (and actually listen) to my rambling mouth and bear hug after he played. But I can't even describe how incredibly calming it was to hear that track in person. He's so brilliant. He can make us all dance and laugh in Hot Chip, he and Raf are hysterical together, but when it's just him vs the music, it's like finding a Hells Angel who likes to garden. He has such a tender, delicate gift to pull out every innocent detail of the tracks he touches. Ugh, I'm so grateful to know his music.

Le Youth - C O O L

The 90's are back, people. Get used to it.

Happy Warm Weather Post! (Or Something..) KASTLE // AYAH MARAR // BRANKO // GORGON CITY // FLUME // THEM JEANS

Did I call it or did I call it!? I knew Ayah Marar was going to be a staple vocalist for all things dark / electronic / magical. And this track is exactly that. But do yourself a favor and disable the comments on this track because you will lose brain cells with the comparisons that were made by people who don't know what music is.

This entire mixtape is absolute fire. One of my favorite types of sound, especially for the oncoming warm weather Mother Nature has graced us with. Rasta / Egyptian / sick / awesome / perfect kind of sound. This track is my fave off the mixtape, but definitely click around and give the whole thing a listen. Not to mention a free Download on Branko's website.

My friend played this for me as I was smoking a cig out of his window, and almost choked and died on my smoke because of....YEP that part. Just further solidifies my bewilderment on how a couple of chords can evoke such reactions.

Yeah right. This is insane. I saw Flume play last week and it was SUCH a good set. The energy was so high, he ripped through the What So Not Remix of "Get Free" and he played the original to this track. I heard this remix the other day and my jaw dropped off my face. That is deep.

Them Jeans - Vowel Play

What's good, Whole Foods?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Rex the Dog - Do You Feel What I Feel (feat. Jamie McDermott)

I was going to post this in with the others, but I couldn't even begin to remotely hush the brilliance of this Rex the Dog track. This is without a doubt the greatest song I've come across in MONTHS. You know when people talk about people / substances / addictions that they can't get away from because of the feeling it provides them? Well my entire life of obsessing over music is explained in this ONE song. Not only do the lyrics grab you by the throat, but holy shit, 2:05, you think you're done and you have only just begun. Not to mention, every single time that second of the song hits, my body breaks out in head to toe chills, my eyes tear and I think my eyeballs roll in the back of my head. And that's just the beginning of the perfection. Wait just a little longer and holy shit. How, HOW does he create such an intensifying rhythm with those synths!? Dead, dying on the floor. The video's mad weird too, but it's the perfect kind of weird that just suddenly makes sense.
If you ever wanna "feel how I feel" (pun intended more than ever before) pour yourself a glass of wine,  light a cig, listen to this song with headphones, and close your eyes. The rest will come naturally.

HAPPIEST OF APRILS || Sir Sly // Anna Lunoe // Cassian // Woodkid // Brodinski // Rudimental // Clean Bandit

My friend and I sent this track to each other at the same time. Speaks volumes? I would presume. Don't know much about Sir Sly, but right now I am definitely liking what I hear. His track "Ghost" is pretty fire as well. The decadency of this specific track lies in the lyrics. Cynical, yet refined. Just like me. Not to mention around 2:33 I break out in chills.

Anna Lunoe DUH. Cassian DUH-er. And together, it's a sure guarantee that no matter what it is it's gunna rule. And it does. "Real talk", this song is absolutely perfect for the beginning of warm weather. Will be driving home tonight with my windows down blaring this song with a smile on my damn face.

Uhhhh...are you joking? OK first and foremost, any Woodkid song makes my heart palpitate in unexpected ways, and then you add a Brodinski remix? Are you TRYING to kill me? The depth of the song already reached into the bottom of my heart, now with this ominous edit I feel like my soul has been kidnapped and smothered with gloom, which is perfect, actually. At 2:27, make sure your hands are empty and your surroundings are soft.

Rudimental - Waiting All Night Feat. Ella Eyre (Clean Bandit Remix)

YAYYYYY. Rudimental vs Clean Bandit, just the most PERFECT touch. Mmmph!