Monday, April 1, 2013

HAPPIEST OF APRILS || Sir Sly // Anna Lunoe // Cassian // Woodkid // Brodinski // Rudimental // Clean Bandit

My friend and I sent this track to each other at the same time. Speaks volumes? I would presume. Don't know much about Sir Sly, but right now I am definitely liking what I hear. His track "Ghost" is pretty fire as well. The decadency of this specific track lies in the lyrics. Cynical, yet refined. Just like me. Not to mention around 2:33 I break out in chills.

Anna Lunoe DUH. Cassian DUH-er. And together, it's a sure guarantee that no matter what it is it's gunna rule. And it does. "Real talk", this song is absolutely perfect for the beginning of warm weather. Will be driving home tonight with my windows down blaring this song with a smile on my damn face.

Uhhhh...are you joking? OK first and foremost, any Woodkid song makes my heart palpitate in unexpected ways, and then you add a Brodinski remix? Are you TRYING to kill me? The depth of the song already reached into the bottom of my heart, now with this ominous edit I feel like my soul has been kidnapped and smothered with gloom, which is perfect, actually. At 2:27, make sure your hands are empty and your surroundings are soft.

Rudimental - Waiting All Night Feat. Ella Eyre (Clean Bandit Remix)

YAYYYYY. Rudimental vs Clean Bandit, just the most PERFECT touch. Mmmph!


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