Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Time Tunage || Disclosure // Eliza Doolittle // Empire of the Sun // Tame Impala // Xinobi // Hurts // Wildlife!

I won't do them a disservice by trying to articulate just HOW DAMN good they are, so just listen. And Eliza Doolittle, does anyone remember when I went through my obsession of her and blogged everything under the Doolittle sun? And now she's back courtesy of Disclosure? Hell yeah. They played this the three times in a row I saw them during WMC, so when this came out on Soundcloud I felt really cool cause I remembered the lyrics. Whatever, get on my level.
Just kidding.
Kind of.

Empire of the Sun is back Empire of the Sun is back!! I am so excited that I just have this song on repeat over and over and over again. They had probably one of the weirdest shows I think I've ever seen, BUT WHATEVER. WOOHOO. I'm pretty sure you can pre-order their sophomore album now, it's set to come out in June. But this song is a pretty good intro to what the album may or may not hold!

Tame Impala's a tough one to crack. Yeah, they're way fun to remix, but it takes a smart man to get it just right. Sup Xinobi AGAIN. Like, enough's enough. Or I guess in terms of music, enough is NEVER enough. Xinobi is too good, in my eyes. His mixes are pretty much reigning above all right now. Man that 2:55 mark is unreal, will send chills up and down your body.

The perfect vibe. Groovy, mellow, but not too mellow, but perfect and highlighting just the right spots of the vocals. Easy enough listening to do in the shower, but high powered enough to dance to it alone.

You listen to this and you try to tell me that beat is not the opening to the Powerpuff Girls intro. That's what I thought. But holy moly isn't this fun. AH I just can't wait for all of this music to be played during the summer and all the shows and YAY.

This might be the best one for getting in that summer mood. This is Matt FX, one of the friendlier New York funsters I've met on my ridiculous journeys. Get into it, it's smooth, mellow, beautiful and those vocals are just delicious.

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