Thursday, December 20, 2012

TUNESQUAD // Is Tropical / KASH / BenZel / Tiga / Duke Dumont //

Is Tropical - Land of the Nod (Xinobi Remix)

EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT THIS SONG EXISTS. What a feel good, dance alone in your house, smile on your face kind of track. It's just one of the happiest songs ever and what a charming buildup it has for that moment at 2:37.

KASH - Long Way From Home (Viceroy Remix)

I don't know a thing about Kash. BUT I LIKE WHAT I HEAR SO FAR. How freaking happy and sunny is this remix?? Doesn't it remind you of the beach and sand and Miami?? I'm totally not at all one who likes to reminisce of summer in the winter months, but I just can't help feeling happy and warm inside when this song is playing.

BenZel - Fallin' Love

I swear to you, I thought these girls were going to be a one hit wonder. They had that gem with Jessie Ware, but considering the fact that these two are only 15 and 16 years of age, I did NOT think they had it in them.
Well, I was clearly mistaken. Kudos, and I envy your talent at such a young age.

Tiga - Plush (Jacques lu Cont Remix)

YAY Tiga, YAY Jacques lu Cont. It's been a while since I caught a good Tiga track that pleased my sense, but this one definitely got me going. It's the PERFECT dance dirty night time track.

Duke Dumont - Need U (100%)

Once again, so overly pleased that he rolled through with another goodie. The Giver went crazy popular, and I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen with this one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Major Lazer - Jah No Partial (feat. Flux Pavillion)

Crowds at festivals make me overly excited. So as much as I hate the Dip, this is the most exciting video I've seen in a bit, and it makes me SO EXCITED for Miami in March. Even though it's like 14 years away.

Tuneage RAC / Mikky Ekko / Ryan Hemsworth / Clean Bandit

RAC - Climbing Up the Walls (feat. Liz Anjos)

Oh the Massive Attack feel I get from this song is just off the charts. It's been too long since I've heard something so dark and ominous. Also, Liz Anjos sounds exactly like Shirley Manson in "Cherry Lips" which is another reason why this song clung onto my soul. Dark music and pretty female vocals and I am sold.

Mikky Ekko - Pull Me Down (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

"PULL ME DOWN IF YOU WANT TO"...not only are the lyrics beauteous and totally adorable, but Mikky Ekko is really hot and Ryan Hemsworth made the whole song SUPER hot by doing his thing on this track. Great teamwork, everyone.

Pacific Air - Float (RAC remix)

Oh my God. Like oh my God this song is so unbelievably good. I'm down with RAC remixes, but I'm going to go ahead and say that this is probably one of their best. It's definitely different than what they usually do, but MY GOODNESS keep doing it. Doesn't listening to this song make you want to do drugs or dance someplace dirty or like....not do the dishes one night? Really brings out the badass in you.

UHHHM. Right, so this band exists. A classically trained classical four-some that has turned classical music into modern magic.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Katy B

Katy B released a riddle baby EP for us, just to tide us over before her LP drops. Once again, it's amazing.

Katy B - Got Paid

Every Friday from now on (hell, after every day I work) I blast this on my drive home.

Katy B - Light as a Feather

Diplo seriously on this track, I know. BUT he did a damn good job, like he always does, even though I hate to admit it. "They be hatin on my name but my beats they love." At least he knows it. But great collab guys, REALLY sexy track.

There are two more that accompany this tasty little track sesh of hers. "Aaliyah" and "Danger" are both bangers in themselves, so head over to her website for a kind free download.

Also. This song. And video. And Mark Ronson. I don't know why it took me so long to find this track. Bad, Allie.

Mark Ronson, Katy B - Anywhere in the World

Sigur Ros - Leaning Towards Solace

Obviously any Sigur Ros video is going to bring tears streaming down your face, but this one in particular, oh man. Father vs daughter anything and I am touched emotionally more than ever. This is the other part to the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, if you haven't seen "Fjogur Piano" with Shia LeBouf, I suggest you do so. The video for "Valtari" again, get on it. The dancing is more emotive than ever, and the space it was filmed in is fantastic. Sigur Ros creates the visual to what the audio does to the soul.

Rest in Peace, Little Darlings of Sandy Hook Elementary

I feel like before I indulge everyone in music and carry on like all is well, I need to pay respects to the darling little cherubs who were so brutally murdered on Friday in Newtown. I know that the entire nation, and maybe world, is traumatized by the events on Friday, but I just can't seem to stop thinking about it. As horrifying as it is, for some reason it's even more terrifying because it happened a town over from where I live. I nanny kids that age. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the parents, teachers, family members and caretakers are going through right now, knowing that a 20 year old boy living among us, was capable of doing something so grotesque.
I have to be honest, it bothered me so much when all of a sudden, people were making claims as to WHAT it was that caused Adam to do this. It's because guns are legal, it's because we give too much medication to kids, it's because he was bullied. I'm sure ALL of these reasons play a part, but NONE of us know what was going on internally within Adam, and I don't think it's right of us to try to pinpoint or blame it on a single reason.
I don't know why Adam did this. And I think what bothers me the most about this whole situation, is the fact that a human being was capable of looking in the eyes of these little pumpkins, and then killing them so easily. I don't want to believe that an evil like this exists. This didn't happen SOLELY because he had access to weapons (although making it harder for people to have guns SHOULD TOTALLY BE TAKEN INTO ACTION) or because he was on a medication for a personality disorder (WHICH AGAIN, PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES AND ITS A WAY TO DEAL), this is because something that NONE of us can fathom, was going on inside of this boy. I'm not trying to get political, or say that guns should be legal/illegal. Growing up we were always told that if we saw a gun in a house we were playing in, to GET OUT as quickly as we could.
I think I'm just trying to wrap my mind (which is impossible) around why someone would do something so intrinsically evil. The caliber of this event is the highest and most disturbing of anything I've ever seen in my life. I think about all the philosophy's I've read, that people are intrinsically good, apathetic, bad, that we are created in the image and likeness of Christ..but HOW is this possible.
I feel like there is not ONE way to prevent an action like this. I do however, honestly and wholeheartedly feel like the only thing we can do, is keep God in our hearts. Because say there actually is a Heaven and Hell, and we have a chance we live on after death - Paschal's wager - I would want to go to Heaven. And I would want the people I'm close with to be there, too.
God forbid there IS a judgment day.
Friday was one of the scariest and saddest days of my life. There was just a massive cry and mourning throughout this state [country, even.] I don't like that this is possible. I don't like that humans are capable of such destruction. It scares me, and I don't feel safe anymore.

Why did this happen?

RIP you precious, precious darling little children. RIP you wonderful, heroic, and extremely brave teachers.