Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Favorite Video

The Raveonettes – I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses cover)

I know I'm getting sloppy with my posts, but bare with me. I have a lot going on, and I hardly have time to think, let alone write. But this video made me tear so hard, it's so cute, and it makes me wish I had a grandmother.

We all want to be adored anyway.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Blame Coco - Quicker

I have way too big of a crush on Coco Sumner. Ever since she stole my mind, heart, and soul with Robyn in their amazingly bad ass partnership for the song Caesar, I've been in love. Her voice is way too unique, her face is way too pretty, and I dig her style so hard. This song is a bit different then what she's put out in the past, but the piano and synth collaboration is totally perfect, and reminds me of one of those late night early 90's songs that they would play in movies panning through a night sky in the city with all the lights.

Hold me to the ground.

i have a feeling "personal writing time" is going to decrease immensely....

Well I've arrived at my destination. It's alright. It'll do for now. Or for a year or however long I must stay here. Being here feels a little bit like living in the Truman Show. A very creepy all Catholic town surrounding a massive church, people riding bikes everywhere, smiling at everyone, and helping everyone with bags and groceries. It's kind of weirding me out, but I'm willing to accept it. And I can't really complain about the pub on campus which has 3 dollar beers INCLUDING Hoegaarden. I think I'll survive. I also have a pimp room and my kick ass roommate back in action, and I can go to the beach whenever I want.
Everytime someone has seen my schedule, theyve lit their hair on fire, stabbed the person next to them, then proceeded to jump off the roof. So I think my plates going to be a BIT full, which is fine, but it sucks that I will have no time to write and vent and complain and research music as much as I was able to do last year and this summer. Actually, scratch that, I will always find time to search for music. psh, who am I kidding...I'll still have something to complain about.
I'll try to catch everyone up to date on the brilliance they've been missing.
And once I get my secret project up and running you will never have to miss anything! Muwahahhaa.

Let me melt.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I can't believe I'm missing Electric Zoo...

I am about to venture on a 27 hour car ride to what seems to me like the tropic. Or a deserted island where I will find no inspiration, music, similar souls, or anything else I can remotely relate to. I'm super bummed I have to leave New York City. I finally fell in love with it. But a friend today made me realize that NYC will always be there, I'm just taking a break for a year or so. I'm semi excited to start new, make all new friends (again), and possibly chill out for a little while. God knows that I need to...
However, I will not have access to a computer for a couple of days. My charger to my laptop has self destructed, and I am about to be a vagabond for a week. But I will have access to my brand new moleskine, so hopefully I will be able to write and write until I can put it all on the interwebz for everyone to judge. Take care, world. I will be in a completely new place the next time I collect my thoughts on the computer.
I will leave you with a dope song that I'm currently in love with. I will be jamming to this the entire carride, wishing I could be someplace with pretty lights dancing on my own.
PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANAAAA! Keep the flame we reignited burnin' burnin' burnin'.

Riz MC (Numan Remix) - Get On It

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The start of my musical appreciation came from my father who played classic rock all the time growing up. I knew who ACDC and Led Zep were before I even learned how to paint. I knew all the lyrics to Guns and Roses, dressed up as Axel Rose one time and knew every single word to every single Loverboy song. Then my oldest sister threw me her old Metallica and System of a Down cd when I was 12, and the hard rock obsession started from there. I miss listening to that type of music, but I occasionally jam out with my dad here and there.
Anyway, I came across this band Bloomill, they're three guys from Detroit, (home of techno woop woop)and they are totally classic rock inspired. Maybe a little Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd influenced? A little bit of a southern feel to it. Either way, they rock. And the voice is extremely rad and unique. I wish I could find more on them or they would put their stuff out for reach.
Check em' out, here are some of their jams.

Bloomill - Tell Me

Bloomill - My Pockets

Monday, August 16, 2010


My mom read my blog today and proceeded to tell me that I'm once again putting out an image that's not me. I don't know if that's true or not. I really don't. I get so mad and complain all the time about people judging me and misunderstanding me when the truth is...I don't know myself. I always think I get close to finding myself, and knowing what I stand for, but I don't. I suck just as much as anyone else, the only difference is that I'm vocal about it.

I've been scared about moving because I feel like because I won't be in a big city, I'll lose inspiration, musical influence, musical surroundings, style, and everything else I surround myself with. But maybe I'll find God. And myself, or something. Maybe moving to this state where paradise seems like the answer, maybe it will be for me. Maybe it'll calm me down, maybe I need to step away from cities and music and scenes that aren't good for me. Maybe I'll stop disappointing people, myself...and everyone I come into contact with. Yeah I know I've heard it 3 million times, I have so much handed to me, I can do so much. "I'm so much prettier than what I make myself look like." Well maybe I don't want to be pretty. Maybe I want people to leave me alone so I portray an image that's not me because I'm insecure about who I really am. Maybe I'm sick of getting taken advantage of. Maybe I want to be taken seriously. Maybe everytime I hold back to someone and then I let them in, I get shit on. Maybe that's happened more than enough times. Maybe I'm sick of everything. Maybe I'm sick. Maybe I have no idea what I'm doing. Well I don't do anything. And I don't know why. I've tried, but nothing works out. I always get myself into trouble. Maybe removing myself from the life I've created for myself will be decent for me. I'm going to miss so much.

...But then again I've messed up so much, so maybe I'll have nothing to miss.

New life, get ready for a tornado of blonde and black.

Novel - Walking On Air (feat. Joell Ortiz & Colin Munroe)

I'm not really into this type of genre, but this music reminds me of Free Willie music, which is why I think I kind of dig it. But...I think I'm listening to this song for the 40th time already, and I found it like...ten minutes ago. So calming, pretty, and set for my mood.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DJ Sega

So I had heard some of DJ Sega's shit prior to the MDBP, but I never really got into it because, well I don't know I just didnt. Until I was in the crowd and he came on stage and the set he played was UNREAL. I've seen PLENTY of dj's in my time, but for some reason DJ Sega's connection with the crowd was amazing. People loved him. I loved his mixes, I've NEVER in my life danced this hard, and do you know why? Because he's not a typical DJ. He mixed Marilyn Manson, Drowning Pool, and Basement Jaxx. Who the hell messes with Manson? MY kind of DJ. People were screaming his name after he went off, and then he came back on for an encore and it was amazinggg. Unreal, my friends, and he's a super nice guy who's way cool and totally made our night quite enjoyable.

Oh shit, he's part of Mad Decent, they have killer dj's; Diplo my friend, watch out.

DJ Sega - The Beautiful People

DJ Sega - Bodies

Major Lazer - Hold the Line (DJ Sega Remix)

Check out his soundcloud here

This is a video by Mad Decent of the party. Insane. (Check it, I'm dancing at :31 seconds :)

Dancing, Music, and My Soul

Okay I'm quite aware that I continuously write about music and how it feeds the soul, and makes you whole, and all that other stuff.
And I'm going to write about it again.
There are certain songs that can make me cry. And I suppose that's normal, and a lot of times songs make a lot of people cry. Sad songs, country songs, broadway songs, whatever. But the songs that REALLY tear at my heart and soul, and paralyze me until I can finally move my body to the beat are ones with synth drops that I can't even imagine hearing in person. Kaleidoscope by Tiesto feat. Jonsi (previously posted) makes me cry every single time I hear it. When we went to MDBP, DJ Sega came out with these remixes that were UNREAL. (I'll be posting his stuff after this.)
Anyway, at work today, I had my headphones in, typically, listening to the new music that's come out, and I realize that I need to dance to live. Like I get upset when I think about working the rest of the week and not having anytime to be around music and dance. I day dream about the concerts and shows I've been to where I can dance my face off. It's the greatest feeling in the entire world to me.
Dance, release, repeat.
Here are some tunez I hope you will dance to, my friends.

Sarah McLeod - Double R (AutoErotique Remix)

Okay, this synth drop is probably the best one I've heard since Tiesto's Kaleidoscope. When I heard this, I stopped breathing because it was just that good. I love when a song can take my breath away. Dramatic? maybe. Deal with it, it's how I get high.

Ellie Goulding- Guns and Horses (James Rutledge Remix)

I'm not a huge fan of Ellie Goulding, however, this track is fantastic.

O. Children - Ruins (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

I'm really into O.Children, especially when I'm feeling really dark and hardcore, and like I need people to realize I'm a boss. And I ALSO really like Jokers of the Scene remixes, they're always pretty hard ass and together with their forces combined - VOI-LA! Here is a mix, and it's pimp.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mad Decent Block Party NYC Edish

So Lindsay and I went to mdbp NYC, and it was beyond insane. Definitely the most fun I've had in years. Haha, I seriously can't even explain how much fun everything was because it's all a blur. All I know is that I woke up with a text from DJ Sega and like nine other people who I don't remember meeting. We danced for seven hours STRAIGHT, I have bruises everywhere, and it hurts to walk. I think it's safe to say we had mad fun.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crosswalk Man

I saw a man die last night.
My friends and I were walking towards...geez I don't even remember, lower west side maybe?, after the amazing mad decent block party. We were all laughing and joking and having a really good time because we were about to meet up with DJ Sega and continue to have a ridiculous night, and then as we were crossing the street, this man who was crossing also, fell, and dropped dead. Police, ambulances and fire trucks came and the cop rolled him over, the mans face was bleeding from the fall, he checked his pulse and then uttered "no pulse." It was definitely the most disturbing thing I've seen in person. He just dropped dead.
I really enjoy walking through graveyards, and I usually handle deaths pretty well, but for some reason this one disturbed me very deeply. He was young, nicely dressed, looked like quite a decent fellow.
I pray his soul is in a better place, better and happier place than this terrible world of physicality and strain.

RIP crosswalk man.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Salem - King Night

Salem - King Night

I definitely remember coming across these guys on Myspace a while back, through a picture I found on someones blog, and I remember listening to their music, but I think it was in a time where I was looking for all new music and I kinda skipped over them...
But I came across this song again today, and I am digging it so hard. It's really dark and super haunting, which is how I like my music, and there is a very faint 'Hallelujah' in the background which makes it even eerier.

I was also stalking their Myspace before, and they have Benedictine crosses all over their pages, and other types of religious symbols, and then they have upside down crosses and really disturbing pictures. Which made me realize that every super dark morbid person who has anti-religious symbols as their art, or as a tattoo, always come from a religious background. And it's usually a Catholic background. And it REALLY saddens me, well actually it just pisses me off because they KNOW the truth and whatsup with religion and they turned away, and they never realize how freaking blessed and lucky and special they are to have had that core. And then something shitty happens and they let it compromise their relationship with God, and that sucks.
And now I'm sounding like my mother, and I don't even know if that's the case with Salem. ANYWAY the song is tight, the guys are hot, the chick is hotter, and I'm going to stop talking now. Cheerio.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Ah, I had such a wonderful vacation this past week, but it was KILLING me that I had no access to a computer to blog these songs I found. Actually, that's a huge lie, I loved not having access to a computer and just taking some time off from the world. I had SO much fun. I seriously haven't partied with my sister in much too long. She's sooooo much fun, she's moving back up here, but...then I move to Florida. Cool.

ANYWAY, new music, boys. Have at it. DANCEDANCE.

Tiesto feat. Kay - Work Hard Play Hard

I found this song at work. Bad place to be when you find a song like this. I had to hide my dancing, good thing they stick me in a corner where no one can see me.

Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (DJ Napad Electro Mix)

I...may as well confess. I do like Pitbull. I do, I'm sorry, his beats are tight and fun to dance to. And this remix kills it. So tight.

Jokers of the Scene - Revolting Joks (Video Edit)

Fenech-Soler - Lies (Herve Remix)

I used to think I just liked Fenech Soler's remixes, but after posting another one of their songs and delving deeper into their music, I realized I like them on their own as well. Congratulations, FS, you are one of my new fave spots.

Robyn - Hang With Me

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Robyn. I wonder if she remembers meeting me 13 years ago...