Friday, August 20, 2010

I can't believe I'm missing Electric Zoo...

I am about to venture on a 27 hour car ride to what seems to me like the tropic. Or a deserted island where I will find no inspiration, music, similar souls, or anything else I can remotely relate to. I'm super bummed I have to leave New York City. I finally fell in love with it. But a friend today made me realize that NYC will always be there, I'm just taking a break for a year or so. I'm semi excited to start new, make all new friends (again), and possibly chill out for a little while. God knows that I need to...
However, I will not have access to a computer for a couple of days. My charger to my laptop has self destructed, and I am about to be a vagabond for a week. But I will have access to my brand new moleskine, so hopefully I will be able to write and write until I can put it all on the interwebz for everyone to judge. Take care, world. I will be in a completely new place the next time I collect my thoughts on the computer.
I will leave you with a dope song that I'm currently in love with. I will be jamming to this the entire carride, wishing I could be someplace with pretty lights dancing on my own.
PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANAAAA! Keep the flame we reignited burnin' burnin' burnin'.

Riz MC (Numan Remix) - Get On It

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