Saturday, August 28, 2010

i have a feeling "personal writing time" is going to decrease immensely....

Well I've arrived at my destination. It's alright. It'll do for now. Or for a year or however long I must stay here. Being here feels a little bit like living in the Truman Show. A very creepy all Catholic town surrounding a massive church, people riding bikes everywhere, smiling at everyone, and helping everyone with bags and groceries. It's kind of weirding me out, but I'm willing to accept it. And I can't really complain about the pub on campus which has 3 dollar beers INCLUDING Hoegaarden. I think I'll survive. I also have a pimp room and my kick ass roommate back in action, and I can go to the beach whenever I want.
Everytime someone has seen my schedule, theyve lit their hair on fire, stabbed the person next to them, then proceeded to jump off the roof. So I think my plates going to be a BIT full, which is fine, but it sucks that I will have no time to write and vent and complain and research music as much as I was able to do last year and this summer. Actually, scratch that, I will always find time to search for music. psh, who am I kidding...I'll still have something to complain about.
I'll try to catch everyone up to date on the brilliance they've been missing.
And once I get my secret project up and running you will never have to miss anything! Muwahahhaa.

Let me melt.


  1. so your blog came up in one of my google searches awhile back and i've been semi-following it because i really enjoy your music recommendations (i am so thankful for your post on chief).
    if you are talking about the same creepy all catholic town that i think you are (is the massive church really ugly and look like a space ship?), i totally understand how're you feeling there. i was there, but i really grew to love it. i hope you do too. the workload is kind of intense at times, but the professors are excellent and so helpful.
    and if you meet a pretty puerto rican girl named miriam, shes totally my sister and definitely a really awesome person to get to know. especially at a school like that.

  2. I KNOW YOUR SISTER! haha we both used to go to SCC! i do like it, its just different than what im used to. major culture shock.

    im so glad you enjoy the music i put out there! keep on listening!