Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anna Lunoe - Breathe

Oh my gosh. What a freaking banger. Anna Lunoe, can I just be you?


IT'S OUT IT'S OUT IT'S FINALLY OUT! If you haven't bought the EP yet, then stop reading, enter your iTunes and get cracking. I'm completely stunned by this track. I was walking along the beach gearing up for my run when I heard, and I broke out in chills, tears filled my eyes (because it was so overwhelmingly perfect) and I fell in love. Such an incredible track. The vocalist, Ariela Jacobs completely slammed it. Fantastic tune all around in every single area.

OK I know this is just a teaser, but even the teaser is freaking cool. But it makes sense because I didn't realize Canblaster did music for video games prior to being with Marble, so that makes sense why I love his music so much. But even the entry into the tracks "track 1, 2, 3.." sounds like I'm in Mortal Combat or something, and it excites me. And that track he does with Para One is going to be absolute fire, I can't wait. September 16th!

The producers this chick has got on her tracks are absolutely killing it. SOHN, and now Jamie Woon? Not only are they two of my faves, but these tracks are so SO good for the oncoming of Fall. And her voice, girl has got a range. Together this is like, the epitome of the kind of sound that sends chills down my spine, and my entire personality to turn.

This came up super randomly when I was streaming through my Soundcloud but as soon as it got going I was like WHOA. Really, just like that. I sent it to my friend and he said that he had one of Kaytranada's tracks out ready to show me, which is insanity cause I had never heard of him before. But, Kaytranada, you now have a new obsessor.

James Blake - Retrograde

It's kind of cold out. Which mean, guess what? I'm listening to James Blake once a day, and starting to embrace my depression. Happens every fall, so stay with me these next couple months cause I get weird. I yearn for these days, and now that they're here I couldn't be more comfortable.

Friday, September 6, 2013


YAY. Was awaiting this release since I heard the sample, which I played over and over and over and over again for forever. SO unbelievably happy with this track, it's so dark and deep and creepy and eerie and all things Brodinski. I saw him and Gesaffelstein play at Le Bain the other night and when this was played, I think I stopped talking to whoever I was conversing with and was like "sorry have to wait a couple mins" and just soaked in it's glory. UGH it sounds so good.

OK. This song is insanely sexy. But more than sexy, it's stunning. It's like sensual, and warm, and perfect. And that part "I'm feeling my fever start to riiiise" oh, it just sends chills through my body every time.

I'm falling more in love with London Grammar every day, and this Shadow Child remix is just a deliciously juicy cherry on top. Her vocals are so like...deep and precious, it takes a really special remix to be able to cater to them, if that makes sense. And this remix handles her sounds just beautifully.

OK so when I found out a while ago that Thom from Alt-J was doing remixes and djing, I obviously was all over that like white on rice. Then I listened, and I wasn't down, and I was kinda super bummed because I expect anything and everything Alt J to be perfection. However, this remix stole my heart. Possibly because of the fact it's a Moby song, but he did a great job enhancing that haunting piano. Beautiful track for walking through lowly lit streets with dead leaves falling all around you.

Remember when I posted this OG? Such a good track, I got nervous at the thought of remixes but THIS GUY right here. Holy great job. That 1:30 mark is just genius. It's absolutely breathtakingly dancey, and I just want to put this on at every club/venue/bar/hair salon I go to from here on out.