Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Body Rocks a Rhythm... NEW TUNAGE

This weekend was so musically deprived for me, I almost didn't make it through. I went to a bar where they played the oldest school rap EVER, then drove home in a car blasting Usher and Jason DeruUuUulo. I wanted to cry the entire time. And then when I got back to my own music all I wanted to play was Slipknot and System of a Down to get the other crap out of my head. But low and behold come Sunday...the mixes just jump out at me. It happens every single Sunday, which is why I look forward to this day so much, relaxation, walks by myself, blogging, music, and church.
Anyway, this set is SUPER fun. I've found the sexiest beats this weekend, and I must give cred to one of my fave blogspots '' Girl knows her tunage. And this helps for our car playlist for our trip to Miami next weekend!!! yay.
OKAY, Enjoy the music fools.

Hyper Crush - Kick Us Out (Disco Fries Remix)

I honestly feel almost a little bit gay for loving this song so much. But there is something about the tune of it that makes me so happy and it actually makes me dance around my room. Alone. Also, sometimes Hyper Crush (as obnoxious as they are) have super good beats going for them, and the chicks vocals do a really good job of tying all the ends of the song together for me.

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On the Floor

Just looking at them makes me want to party. I've never been a huge fan of JLO, except when I was like ... 11 and she had that song where in the video everything was white.... But Pitbull. Oh Pitbull, you are the guiltiest pleasure of my life. Worse than any food, alcohol or substance. Every time I listen to something new from him, I always want to do something completely inappropriate.

Marc Johnce - Rolling Sassy Against Me

I'm honestly not a huge fan of mashups. It has to be extremely fitting for me to love it, and the only other one that I really fell in love with was the Rihanna and Faithless mashup. However, the Britney beat was guaranteed mashup / remix material.

Static Revenger & Richard Vission feat. Luciana - I Like That

Linz showed me this song a couple months ago, but I just recently came across it again, (I think I found a shitty remix) and I don't know, it's just one of those really stupid amazing heavily addicting songs. Whatever, don't hate.

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP feat. Nabildon - I Like That (No Speak Americano)

Okay so this song will forever remind me of the first time I ever went to Miami with one of my best friends from here. We had SO much fun, and this song makes me want to dance all over the place. Plus this re-edit of it makes it hilarious and makes me want to pound it out even more.

Magnetic Man feat. Katy B - Crossover

I most definitely have a girl crush on Katy B. Ever since I heard 'On a Mission' by her, I fell in love. The beats are SO ADDICTING, so sexy, and her voice on top of it is like...a really good desert with a cherry on top or something. AND she's hot. Plus she kind of reminds me of a young, brunette version of Robyn. That whole tomboy but super rad style, and really good looking thing...

Matthew Dear - You Put A Spell on Me

Uhm, I want to do something bad when I hear this song.
Enough said.

Kylie Minogue - Better Than Today (Yiannis Reinvention Radio Mix)

This is fun....

M.I.A - Bad Girls

I'm still in a fight with M.I.A for not properly sound proofing her album release party at PS1 Moma, and having it get shut down. But this song is tiiiiight, and I think it's from her new mixtape.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

LE CASTLE VANIA : Dylan Eiland

The first time I ever encountered Dylan Eiland, Le Castle Vania, was about a year and a half ago when my friend took me to Fuck Yesss as my welcome back party to Atlanta. One word: Debauchery. There were so many people dancing their faces off, and I specifically remember watching the DJ dance his ass off along with the crowd. About 7 months later, I met him the Atlanta airport, and we fell in love from there. Just kidding, but we did keep in contact, and I continued to download his beats. He's one of the coolest, most down to earth, down to party DJ's I've ever met, and his music will make you go insane.

Viewing tunes: Le Castle Vania - The Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Volume 1

I believe I read somewhere that you used to play in bands before you became Le Castle Vania. If correct, what instruments did you play / what kind of music was it?
--It was an electronic/rock type band similar to The Faint and more of a studio project than a live band… so I did all of the electronic production, keys , drums and some vocals.

When did you become Le Castle Vania?
--I Started Le Castle Vania more or less on a whim about 4 years ago. The first remix I ever did was the Snowden remix.

There is something about your music specifically that almost hurts me when I listen to it because it hits SO HARD. What is your main goal in making the music that you do? And what do you hope to evoke in people?
--Well it all really just depends on the song or remix. A lot of the music I do is very energetic and aggressive but at the same time I do have other stuff that is more chill and less aggressive sounding… like some of the more disco tunes I have done for example. But yeah I guess really my main goal is to just make music that I enjoy listening to and that will get people hyped and excited to rage and party with me!

Most shows I’ve been to have the DJ in the designated booth provided, away from the crowd where no one can touch him. You seem to honestly LOVE the crowd and being right in the sweat and blood of the beats with everyone else, am I right?
--Yeah of course. I’m a rock and roll kid at heart and I love having that sort of vibe and energy to my shows, a bunch of sweaty kid crammed together raging and going ape shit… It’s Awesome! I mean who wants to watch some music nerd standing in a corner playing cds or some shit… that’s just boring.

One of my more interesting experiences of living in Atlanta was attending the Drunken Unicorn for Fuck Yesss. Absolute debauchery. Did you start Fuck Yesss?
--FUCK YESSS I did Haha. Yeah I started the party about 3 and half years ago as a way to showcase my music and the music I am into and of course later it became a tool to help show case the music I am putting out on my record label Always Never ( The event has been consistently growing ever since. FUCK YESSS is definitely among the most well-known parties of its kind in the world! People ask me about it all over the world and we have had people come from all over the country to check it out and to see me DJ at my own party. We are moving to our third venue next month because we’ve out grown the last two!
–Click HERE for more info on the party FUCK YESSS

You coined the phrase “I love you- but I’ve chosen Disco” – elaborate on that for me. Music over relationships…? Cause I totally agree.
--Haha yeah it kind of became my little catch phrase I suppose but it has really taken on a life of its own I see that phrase popping up all over online. It sort of has multiple meanings to me but I think part of the reason it has spread and taken off on it’s own is that it seems to have a different meaning to different people.

Which do you prefer, playing in small venues like the Drunken Unicorn, or huge events like Ultra Fest Miami?
--I love both. I think they are both fun and amazing for their own reasons. At the end of the day as long as there are people there ready to party to my music then I am stoked to have the opportunity to join in celebration with them and get my music out to the world.

I saw that you went on tour to … well everywhere, including Australia. What part of the world did you love the most?
--Well at this point I have toured and DJed on every continent in the world (other than Antarctica, obviously) and I have really enjoyed all of my experiences but I guess if I had to chose I would have to go with Australia as my absolute favorite place on the planet… Though I did really love Capetown South Africa as well.

DJ’s, in my eyes, are superheroes. You have this incredible ability to evoke an urge in people to let everything go, and pull an absolute insanity and excitement out of them. Are you aware of this / Do you agree?
--Yeah of course I am aware! Its probably the best part of performing just that feeling that you get when you drop a song and just see a club or crowd at a festival EXPLODE into a riot and everyone is just so stoked and happy and coming together in celebration!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I really want to be Stevie Nicks.

I'm going through a phase. I don't know what started it, but I'm glad it happened. Look at her! DEFINITION OF COOL. She has thee raddest clothes, and Edge of Seventeen has one of the coolest beats known to man.

Gahh she is so cool.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011


FINALLY snuck a moment to upload these songs. I'm stoked about this set. I want to walk around listening to half of these but I cannot do so, because my ipod is packed full :( It's all super tastey feel good music. Have at it!

Holy Ghost! - Do It Again

Holy Ghost is one of those bands for me where it's entirely hit or miss. Lucky for us, this new one is a complete hit. It totally sounds like a song from a 90's movie where they're doing like a montage of going out for a night on the town. Work with me here, you know you see it too.

Kid Sister - Carte Blanche, Do! Do! Do! (Laidback Luke Remix)

I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I GOT THIS. And then excited again when I saw that Nick Catchdubs remixed it all. And then even more excited when I heard this. The build up and then drop at 2:30 is absolute money. And Laidback Luke on the track? Obviously it's going to have a sick turn to it. Ohhh man it's good. Be prepared.

Kid Sister feat. Nina Sky - Lookout Weekend

Nina Sky is definitely another guilty pleasure for me. Club banger. Can't wait for remixes to this.

Devlin - Let it Go (Joker Remix)

Never heard of Devlin until I came across this song on RCRDlbl, and now I want more and more. And Joker remixes are ALWAYS on key. "You gotta let it go, let it go."

Poncho - D.I.S.C.O (feat. Shannon Fuches of !!!)

This sounds as if it could have come from Does It Offend You, Yeah? ....but it didn't. And as soon as I saw that Shannon from !!! (pronounced 'chick chick chick' for those who don't know) I got totally stoked.

Skull Tape - Whip My Hair (Drowning in Blood Edit)

HA! This is absolutely hilarious. This song made my day. I've been waiting for someone to do a re-edit to this, and the gun trigger pulling or whatever it's called in it just makes it that much better.

Oh Land - White Night (Twin Shadows Remix)

The first 15 seconds of this song honestly makes me want to ride a horse. I don't know why. Don't hate. Her voice is SO CUTE. She's like a little Ellie Goulding or something. And the lyrics are good, too. AND SHE'S HOT. I like it a lot. So you should too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Electric Indian - Kids These Days

Thank you LMC for showing this to me. This is the cutest feel good video I've come across in a long time. Enjoy.

The little girl looks like Lourdes, Madonna's daughter.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

NYC Snow

1.7.2011 NYC in the Snow. from Joel Henderson on Vimeo.

My post for saying bye to NYC and my blonde friend B. Shot and edited by Joel Henderson.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Special Ones...

I know that I did this somewhat backwards, that I usually even out the darker, more mellow songs with the fast paced ones, but this time...the darker ones beat it out. Guess it's because of the New Year..or maybe that has nothing to do with it...

Austra - Beat and the Pulse

One of my favorite things in the entire world is when someone super rad leaves you a song and says to you "This is totally a YOU song, I thought of you when I heard it." HELL YEAH GIRL. This was sent to me by a friend, and she was right, I fell in love with this song. Dark, creepy, magnificent female vocals...perfection.

Electric Indian - Kids These Days

One of my friends sent me the video to this song, it was really really freaking cute, but the song is better. It's one of those songs I listen to while I'm driving or walking down the streets of the city thinking about how content I am at that current moment. Ahhh.

Loud Mouths - Wise Blood

The beginning of this song sounds like it belongs in church. Which doesn't bother me... The guys voice sounds like Pharell before he went through puberty, and the piano beat is so pulling to your gut. YUMMY.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Desert Song

WINNER. I heard this also the morning after our debaucherous events on New Years, when I was taking a nap. Imagine being woken up from your nap by this song, can't ask for anything more calming and pure. I will be listening to this as I take off from the airport leaving my beautiful city of NY behind.

A New Years Eve in Brooklyn

Photos by my phone, Casino Nelson Photography, and Brittany Andrews Photography

Happy New Jamz New Year Everyone!

Let's start off the new year with some new dance tunez, shall we? We shall.

Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities - I Crave Paris

Brittany Mariah my dear, I dedicate this one to you. Paris won't know what hit it next week after you roll through.

Uffie feat. Pharell - Add SUV (Hide and Scream Remix)

"Sometimes I wake up in my bed, and I don't know where I've been..." OH UFFIE. Pharell's flow always makes me a little bit excited, plus over this killer beat - money. Totally my new dancey dance tune this week.

Freemasons feat. Sophie Ellis - Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer

Awh, I especially love this song because my favorite boy Dustin sent it to me. He always knows what song to send me at the right time. I love the lyrics of this song, they speak the truth EVERYtime I'm upset.

Missill feat. Spoek Mathambo - INVINCIBLE

"Don't look when I cross the street - I'm invincible." Worst lyrics known to man, greatest beat known to me. This IS thee song to play in the car really loud in order to have an enjoyable car ride.

Nero - Innocence

I heard this song the morning after New Years, and it made me such a happy grumpy tired hung over little girl. Oh the build up is beautiful, her voice is powerful, and the drop couldn't be better. Maybe this is my favorite. TIE.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chief : Mike Moonves

"On their debut, this shaggy quartet conjure classic West Coast folk rock like they were baptized by David Crosby and reared by the members of Love." – Rolling Stone

A long time ago, in a city not far away at all right now because I'm home, I met the wonderful group of studs that happen to be in a kick ass band called 'Chief.' I've written about them before, maybe even multiple times because I found something rather pleasurable in listening to their music. The guys are super rad, and I kept in contact with a few of them over the months, and our dear friend Mike, who plays bass for Chief, agreed to do an interview for me! Such a nice guy...

Explain this to me in detail. You all met at NYU, but happened to be from Santa Monica, CA? How did that work out.
-- Well, something should be cleared up before we begin. I'm not from Santa Monica, but an area nearby. Also, I have known the Fujikawa family since I was 5 years old, and I'm pretty sure that Mitch and Evan knew eachother in high school as well. Now that that's cleared up, when I moved to New York to start school, Chief had already been around for a little while and I met Evan after going to catch some shows with Brady, the youngest Fuji brother who is an old friend of mine.

How long did you know the other guys before you started getting serious about Chief?
-- I've known Dan and Mitch since I was a very young man and Evan since I moved to New York and went to my first Chief show. I was very serious about Chief from the first show I played with them and will be serious about Chief until our last. I'm a very serious guy.

Did you drop out of NYU to continue in the bands development? Was your family supportive of your decision and do you or do you not regret that decision?
-- Yes, I did drop out of school to continue working with the band upon our move back to LA. I was about to finish my junior year when my manager dropped the news on me that I wouldn't be attending school the year after. A few heavy conversations later, it was set. My parents were definitely uneasy about it and gave me some shit for it, but I think it helped having the Chief team telling them that it would be worth it and a strong move. I don't regret the decision in the slightest and am secretly relieved that I got to leave school without having to bullshit an excuse.

Differentiate between the atmospheres in LA and NYC when you guys are performing. Which city/crowd/fan base do you prefer and why?
-- There's nothing like playing for a NY audience, but I know that all the madness that goes along with playing a show there makes it a bit stressful. Cabs are a shitty way to load gear around. I think I enjoy NY crowds a lot though, but its hard to say.

Honestly, is it hard going back and forth between coasts and all in between? I know people always say its great cause you get to play your music for all types of people, but be real…do you ever just want to stop and do your own thing?
-- Touring is incredible. But fatigue is imminent at some points while on the road. I understand people that can't tour for very long or just can't handle it, but I am not one of those people. If I were to stop and do my own thing, it would be so I can get back on the road as soon as possible. But I already do my own thing on the side, so I never have to stop doing anything. Which is nice.

What evokes a more emotional pull in you, lyrics or music?
-- For me, I can't really say. There are musical pieces that can tell you so much more than a lyric can about the way someone is feeling. But you need the lyrics to explain that. Its the marriage between the two that creates the emotional pull. I guess if I had to pick one, its music. Some idiots write the worst lyrics ever but the music is so great that you can overlook it. The opposite does not apply.

On MTV2’s Subterranean, you mentioned that you would love to collab with Wilco. You guys have a semi similar ambiance. Do they inspire you as a band/are they your favorite? Who else would you want to collaborate with?
-- I did mention that. I love Wilco more than any other band around these days. They do it for me. If Jeff Tweedy signed on to produce a Chief record, I think I would probably have an anxiety attack and quit the band. I love collaborating with friends, I think doing a joint record with either Dawes, The Morning Benders or Portugal the Man would really kick ass.

You seem like you just like to have fun, at the shows and in the interviews I’ve seen. You’re really laid back and seem like you kinda just flow with everything…which is super rad. But do you think that’s going to last if you guys keep going at the speed you are going? You guys are getting pretttttty big.
-- I appreciate that you've caught my vibe. That's all I really hope to do; spread a solid vibe to the audience that they can feel subconciously. I'm sure if I reached Bono level I'd end up being kind of a prick, but anything before that will be the same old Moony. I've been like this since I was a tyke.

How does that feel actually, getting super popular? You’ve had a baby spread in NYLON mag, on MTV’s Subterraneans, I’m pretty sure one of your songs premiered on One Tree Hill…and tons of other interviews published. Are you ever scared you guys are going to lose the quintessence of Chief and sell out?
-- Selling out just means your finally making money. I hope we sell out soon.

5 favorite poets/authors?
--Hmm, this is tough because the only author I read is Michael Connelly. So that's my list.

You and Evan wrote Night & Day, yes? Do you two write most of the music or, how does that pan out within the band? Do you guys usually agree with the lyrics and flow of the song, or do you disagree ever?
-- Yes, Evan and I wrote Night and Day. However, that is the only large contribution I've brought to the songwriting process for Chief. The way things usually go is very different, with either Evan or Danny bringing in an essentially completed song and the rest of us filling in the blanks and finding the right arrangement. With Night and Day though, I brought in a chord progression and a drum idea (the verse section) and then we jammed on it until we came upon the other sections. Evo came up with a really great melody and then he and I had a writing session at his old apartment on 10th st. This is a very rare collaborative process for us.

My fave off your album is Stealing. That song is bomb, especially when played live. Which song thrilllllls you to play? Like what reaches inside your gut and pulls out something dark and illicit...
-- I may have to agree with you on that. That song in particular went through so many changes to get to the place that it is now and we have a great time with it. Night and Day similarly has a great energy and playing the live version is really exhilirating because most people know the album version and always get surprised when this short tune becomes a little under seven minutes long with a ripping jam at the end.

If Chief didn’t exist, what would you hope to be doing in life right now?
-- I'd still be making music, either working on my solo project (entitled Moonytown) or scoring films. I love it.

If you were completely incapable of playing music what would you hope to be doing…?
-- I was a pretty serious actor in high school. I've always thought of that as a great backup plan.

What do you do in your free time when you are on breaks from playing?
-- I play a lot of tennis and hit the gym a lot. I also tend to rage pretty hard. Which is probably the reason I hit the gym so hard. I like having fun.

Where do you go to find most of your inspiration?
-- I play pool by myself and listen to music that I've just recorded or I just think of a song I just wrote. Once I've finished a song, I can pretty much hear it in my head whenever I want, which makes it easy to arrange and change tunes I'm working on while I'm shooting pool or doing whatever. My pool room at my mom's house is my dojo.

Guilty pleasure?
-- "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. But I don't feel guilty about it at all. So its just a pleasure.

Check out their music video for Night & Day HERE

Thanks so much, Mike. Hope to see you and the guys soon!

Black Swan Score

One more Black Swan post, I PROMISE (maybe) and I'm done. I just downloaded the score from the movie, and I am completely obsessed. This is Requiem 2.0.
It's an absolute shame that Clint Mansell's music was pulled from a nomination for Best Score. I understand because he just rad-ified the original score from Swan Lake...but still, it's so amazing.

Chemical Brothers - Don't Think

This is the song that they rage to at the Club. Obvi Chem Bro's are going to pull through for a kick ass song for a kick ass movie, who are we kidding.

Clint Mansell - Nina's Dream

Dark. Yummy.

Clint Mansell - Opposites Attract

Sick version of the original.

Clint Mansell - Swan Song for Nina

Hauntingly beautiful in absolutely every way possible.