Sunday, January 2, 2011

Black Swan Score

One more Black Swan post, I PROMISE (maybe) and I'm done. I just downloaded the score from the movie, and I am completely obsessed. This is Requiem 2.0.
It's an absolute shame that Clint Mansell's music was pulled from a nomination for Best Score. I understand because he just rad-ified the original score from Swan Lake...but still, it's so amazing.

Chemical Brothers - Don't Think

This is the song that they rage to at the Club. Obvi Chem Bro's are going to pull through for a kick ass song for a kick ass movie, who are we kidding.

Clint Mansell - Nina's Dream

Dark. Yummy.

Clint Mansell - Opposites Attract

Sick version of the original.

Clint Mansell - Swan Song for Nina

Hauntingly beautiful in absolutely every way possible.

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