Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Body Rocks a Rhythm... NEW TUNAGE

This weekend was so musically deprived for me, I almost didn't make it through. I went to a bar where they played the oldest school rap EVER, then drove home in a car blasting Usher and Jason DeruUuUulo. I wanted to cry the entire time. And then when I got back to my own music all I wanted to play was Slipknot and System of a Down to get the other crap out of my head. But low and behold come Sunday...the mixes just jump out at me. It happens every single Sunday, which is why I look forward to this day so much, relaxation, walks by myself, blogging, music, and church.
Anyway, this set is SUPER fun. I've found the sexiest beats this weekend, and I must give cred to one of my fave blogspots '' Girl knows her tunage. And this helps for our car playlist for our trip to Miami next weekend!!! yay.
OKAY, Enjoy the music fools.

Hyper Crush - Kick Us Out (Disco Fries Remix)

I honestly feel almost a little bit gay for loving this song so much. But there is something about the tune of it that makes me so happy and it actually makes me dance around my room. Alone. Also, sometimes Hyper Crush (as obnoxious as they are) have super good beats going for them, and the chicks vocals do a really good job of tying all the ends of the song together for me.

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On the Floor

Just looking at them makes me want to party. I've never been a huge fan of JLO, except when I was like ... 11 and she had that song where in the video everything was white.... But Pitbull. Oh Pitbull, you are the guiltiest pleasure of my life. Worse than any food, alcohol or substance. Every time I listen to something new from him, I always want to do something completely inappropriate.

Marc Johnce - Rolling Sassy Against Me

I'm honestly not a huge fan of mashups. It has to be extremely fitting for me to love it, and the only other one that I really fell in love with was the Rihanna and Faithless mashup. However, the Britney beat was guaranteed mashup / remix material.

Static Revenger & Richard Vission feat. Luciana - I Like That

Linz showed me this song a couple months ago, but I just recently came across it again, (I think I found a shitty remix) and I don't know, it's just one of those really stupid amazing heavily addicting songs. Whatever, don't hate.

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP feat. Nabildon - I Like That (No Speak Americano)

Okay so this song will forever remind me of the first time I ever went to Miami with one of my best friends from here. We had SO much fun, and this song makes me want to dance all over the place. Plus this re-edit of it makes it hilarious and makes me want to pound it out even more.

Magnetic Man feat. Katy B - Crossover

I most definitely have a girl crush on Katy B. Ever since I heard 'On a Mission' by her, I fell in love. The beats are SO ADDICTING, so sexy, and her voice on top of it is like...a really good desert with a cherry on top or something. AND she's hot. Plus she kind of reminds me of a young, brunette version of Robyn. That whole tomboy but super rad style, and really good looking thing...

Matthew Dear - You Put A Spell on Me

Uhm, I want to do something bad when I hear this song.
Enough said.

Kylie Minogue - Better Than Today (Yiannis Reinvention Radio Mix)

This is fun....

M.I.A - Bad Girls

I'm still in a fight with M.I.A for not properly sound proofing her album release party at PS1 Moma, and having it get shut down. But this song is tiiiiight, and I think it's from her new mixtape.

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