Thursday, January 27, 2011

LE CASTLE VANIA : Dylan Eiland

The first time I ever encountered Dylan Eiland, Le Castle Vania, was about a year and a half ago when my friend took me to Fuck Yesss as my welcome back party to Atlanta. One word: Debauchery. There were so many people dancing their faces off, and I specifically remember watching the DJ dance his ass off along with the crowd. About 7 months later, I met him the Atlanta airport, and we fell in love from there. Just kidding, but we did keep in contact, and I continued to download his beats. He's one of the coolest, most down to earth, down to party DJ's I've ever met, and his music will make you go insane.

Viewing tunes: Le Castle Vania - The Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Volume 1

I believe I read somewhere that you used to play in bands before you became Le Castle Vania. If correct, what instruments did you play / what kind of music was it?
--It was an electronic/rock type band similar to The Faint and more of a studio project than a live band… so I did all of the electronic production, keys , drums and some vocals.

When did you become Le Castle Vania?
--I Started Le Castle Vania more or less on a whim about 4 years ago. The first remix I ever did was the Snowden remix.

There is something about your music specifically that almost hurts me when I listen to it because it hits SO HARD. What is your main goal in making the music that you do? And what do you hope to evoke in people?
--Well it all really just depends on the song or remix. A lot of the music I do is very energetic and aggressive but at the same time I do have other stuff that is more chill and less aggressive sounding… like some of the more disco tunes I have done for example. But yeah I guess really my main goal is to just make music that I enjoy listening to and that will get people hyped and excited to rage and party with me!

Most shows I’ve been to have the DJ in the designated booth provided, away from the crowd where no one can touch him. You seem to honestly LOVE the crowd and being right in the sweat and blood of the beats with everyone else, am I right?
--Yeah of course. I’m a rock and roll kid at heart and I love having that sort of vibe and energy to my shows, a bunch of sweaty kid crammed together raging and going ape shit… It’s Awesome! I mean who wants to watch some music nerd standing in a corner playing cds or some shit… that’s just boring.

One of my more interesting experiences of living in Atlanta was attending the Drunken Unicorn for Fuck Yesss. Absolute debauchery. Did you start Fuck Yesss?
--FUCK YESSS I did Haha. Yeah I started the party about 3 and half years ago as a way to showcase my music and the music I am into and of course later it became a tool to help show case the music I am putting out on my record label Always Never ( The event has been consistently growing ever since. FUCK YESSS is definitely among the most well-known parties of its kind in the world! People ask me about it all over the world and we have had people come from all over the country to check it out and to see me DJ at my own party. We are moving to our third venue next month because we’ve out grown the last two!
–Click HERE for more info on the party FUCK YESSS

You coined the phrase “I love you- but I’ve chosen Disco” – elaborate on that for me. Music over relationships…? Cause I totally agree.
--Haha yeah it kind of became my little catch phrase I suppose but it has really taken on a life of its own I see that phrase popping up all over online. It sort of has multiple meanings to me but I think part of the reason it has spread and taken off on it’s own is that it seems to have a different meaning to different people.

Which do you prefer, playing in small venues like the Drunken Unicorn, or huge events like Ultra Fest Miami?
--I love both. I think they are both fun and amazing for their own reasons. At the end of the day as long as there are people there ready to party to my music then I am stoked to have the opportunity to join in celebration with them and get my music out to the world.

I saw that you went on tour to … well everywhere, including Australia. What part of the world did you love the most?
--Well at this point I have toured and DJed on every continent in the world (other than Antarctica, obviously) and I have really enjoyed all of my experiences but I guess if I had to chose I would have to go with Australia as my absolute favorite place on the planet… Though I did really love Capetown South Africa as well.

DJ’s, in my eyes, are superheroes. You have this incredible ability to evoke an urge in people to let everything go, and pull an absolute insanity and excitement out of them. Are you aware of this / Do you agree?
--Yeah of course I am aware! Its probably the best part of performing just that feeling that you get when you drop a song and just see a club or crowd at a festival EXPLODE into a riot and everyone is just so stoked and happy and coming together in celebration!


  1. Honestly, I'm super psyched by this dude. His music is SO raw, which is awesome, but the fact that he rocks out with his fans, that he throws his own party every Saturday and that he named it FUCK YESSS... that just put him at the top of my list. Downloading music.... now.
    Most rock bands don't even get rowdy anymore. It's a sad thing to go to a rock show and see everyone standing around (or even worse, sitting), trying to look super angsty up against the wall. Screw that shit. And most musicians are exactly the same as their lame ass fans. It's really good to see someone who "rages" with his own people. That rocks.