Thursday, December 20, 2012

TUNESQUAD // Is Tropical / KASH / BenZel / Tiga / Duke Dumont //

Is Tropical - Land of the Nod (Xinobi Remix)

EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT THIS SONG EXISTS. What a feel good, dance alone in your house, smile on your face kind of track. It's just one of the happiest songs ever and what a charming buildup it has for that moment at 2:37.

KASH - Long Way From Home (Viceroy Remix)

I don't know a thing about Kash. BUT I LIKE WHAT I HEAR SO FAR. How freaking happy and sunny is this remix?? Doesn't it remind you of the beach and sand and Miami?? I'm totally not at all one who likes to reminisce of summer in the winter months, but I just can't help feeling happy and warm inside when this song is playing.

BenZel - Fallin' Love

I swear to you, I thought these girls were going to be a one hit wonder. They had that gem with Jessie Ware, but considering the fact that these two are only 15 and 16 years of age, I did NOT think they had it in them.
Well, I was clearly mistaken. Kudos, and I envy your talent at such a young age.

Tiga - Plush (Jacques lu Cont Remix)

YAY Tiga, YAY Jacques lu Cont. It's been a while since I caught a good Tiga track that pleased my sense, but this one definitely got me going. It's the PERFECT dance dirty night time track.

Duke Dumont - Need U (100%)

Once again, so overly pleased that he rolled through with another goodie. The Giver went crazy popular, and I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen with this one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Major Lazer - Jah No Partial (feat. Flux Pavillion)

Crowds at festivals make me overly excited. So as much as I hate the Dip, this is the most exciting video I've seen in a bit, and it makes me SO EXCITED for Miami in March. Even though it's like 14 years away.

Tuneage RAC / Mikky Ekko / Ryan Hemsworth / Clean Bandit

RAC - Climbing Up the Walls (feat. Liz Anjos)

Oh the Massive Attack feel I get from this song is just off the charts. It's been too long since I've heard something so dark and ominous. Also, Liz Anjos sounds exactly like Shirley Manson in "Cherry Lips" which is another reason why this song clung onto my soul. Dark music and pretty female vocals and I am sold.

Mikky Ekko - Pull Me Down (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

"PULL ME DOWN IF YOU WANT TO"...not only are the lyrics beauteous and totally adorable, but Mikky Ekko is really hot and Ryan Hemsworth made the whole song SUPER hot by doing his thing on this track. Great teamwork, everyone.

Pacific Air - Float (RAC remix)

Oh my God. Like oh my God this song is so unbelievably good. I'm down with RAC remixes, but I'm going to go ahead and say that this is probably one of their best. It's definitely different than what they usually do, but MY GOODNESS keep doing it. Doesn't listening to this song make you want to do drugs or dance someplace dirty or like....not do the dishes one night? Really brings out the badass in you.

UHHHM. Right, so this band exists. A classically trained classical four-some that has turned classical music into modern magic.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Katy B

Katy B released a riddle baby EP for us, just to tide us over before her LP drops. Once again, it's amazing.

Katy B - Got Paid

Every Friday from now on (hell, after every day I work) I blast this on my drive home.

Katy B - Light as a Feather

Diplo seriously on this track, I know. BUT he did a damn good job, like he always does, even though I hate to admit it. "They be hatin on my name but my beats they love." At least he knows it. But great collab guys, REALLY sexy track.

There are two more that accompany this tasty little track sesh of hers. "Aaliyah" and "Danger" are both bangers in themselves, so head over to her website for a kind free download.

Also. This song. And video. And Mark Ronson. I don't know why it took me so long to find this track. Bad, Allie.

Mark Ronson, Katy B - Anywhere in the World

Sigur Ros - Leaning Towards Solace

Obviously any Sigur Ros video is going to bring tears streaming down your face, but this one in particular, oh man. Father vs daughter anything and I am touched emotionally more than ever. This is the other part to the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, if you haven't seen "Fjogur Piano" with Shia LeBouf, I suggest you do so. The video for "Valtari" again, get on it. The dancing is more emotive than ever, and the space it was filmed in is fantastic. Sigur Ros creates the visual to what the audio does to the soul.

Rest in Peace, Little Darlings of Sandy Hook Elementary

I feel like before I indulge everyone in music and carry on like all is well, I need to pay respects to the darling little cherubs who were so brutally murdered on Friday in Newtown. I know that the entire nation, and maybe world, is traumatized by the events on Friday, but I just can't seem to stop thinking about it. As horrifying as it is, for some reason it's even more terrifying because it happened a town over from where I live. I nanny kids that age. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the parents, teachers, family members and caretakers are going through right now, knowing that a 20 year old boy living among us, was capable of doing something so grotesque.
I have to be honest, it bothered me so much when all of a sudden, people were making claims as to WHAT it was that caused Adam to do this. It's because guns are legal, it's because we give too much medication to kids, it's because he was bullied. I'm sure ALL of these reasons play a part, but NONE of us know what was going on internally within Adam, and I don't think it's right of us to try to pinpoint or blame it on a single reason.
I don't know why Adam did this. And I think what bothers me the most about this whole situation, is the fact that a human being was capable of looking in the eyes of these little pumpkins, and then killing them so easily. I don't want to believe that an evil like this exists. This didn't happen SOLELY because he had access to weapons (although making it harder for people to have guns SHOULD TOTALLY BE TAKEN INTO ACTION) or because he was on a medication for a personality disorder (WHICH AGAIN, PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES AND ITS A WAY TO DEAL), this is because something that NONE of us can fathom, was going on inside of this boy. I'm not trying to get political, or say that guns should be legal/illegal. Growing up we were always told that if we saw a gun in a house we were playing in, to GET OUT as quickly as we could.
I think I'm just trying to wrap my mind (which is impossible) around why someone would do something so intrinsically evil. The caliber of this event is the highest and most disturbing of anything I've ever seen in my life. I think about all the philosophy's I've read, that people are intrinsically good, apathetic, bad, that we are created in the image and likeness of Christ..but HOW is this possible.
I feel like there is not ONE way to prevent an action like this. I do however, honestly and wholeheartedly feel like the only thing we can do, is keep God in our hearts. Because say there actually is a Heaven and Hell, and we have a chance we live on after death - Paschal's wager - I would want to go to Heaven. And I would want the people I'm close with to be there, too.
God forbid there IS a judgment day.
Friday was one of the scariest and saddest days of my life. There was just a massive cry and mourning throughout this state [country, even.] I don't like that this is possible. I don't like that humans are capable of such destruction. It scares me, and I don't feel safe anymore.

Why did this happen?

RIP you precious, precious darling little children. RIP you wonderful, heroic, and extremely brave teachers.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Artist: Flume
Album: Flume 
Genre: Brilliance. 

There aren’t many things that make me feel inferior in life, but when 20 year old Harley Streten, who goes by the alias of Flume, smashes out an album of such genius (that’s already hit Number 1 on the iTunes charts in AUS), I tend to get a little down on myself. I, and the rest of the music community, am completely in shock when it comes to the debut self-titled album Flume, released under Future Classic. For a debut album by someone so young, the level of maturity this album holds is an astonishing rarity. A friend had sent me the song “Sleepless” a couple of months ago, maybe four hours after it was released, and I remember feeling quite a visceral attraction to the track. I had been keeping low to moderate tabs on our friend Flume, and it was when I heard “Holdin On” that I knew his album was going to be unreal. Days later, after I made myself a cup of tea and cleared my mind of all stresses in order to buy the album and give it my undivided attention; I was absolutely blown away. I think the one thing I noticed with the album is how ballsy (for lack of a better word) he was in creating these tracks. He doesn’t stay within one sound, which is the safe route most artists take on debuts, but the confidence Flume exudes on this album is what makes it such a standout. He ranges from the atmospheric and kind of dream pop tracks like “What You Need” and “Star Eyes” to indie sounding tracks that focus on soul wrenching vocals like “Left Alone,” all the way down to alternative hip hop with “On Top” featuring T.Shirt. Tracks like “Insane” and “More Than You Thought” force you into slow motion deep thoughts or like they could score the sequel to the movie Drive. The album evokes a happiness I thought was lost in our generation, not to mention you can dance to the entirety of the album. 

Flight Facilities - Clair de Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)

Not only is the song the most gorgeous thing to enter my head in quite a minute, but the video makes it even more beautiful. So ethereal. It's a masterpiece in 7 minutes.

Noviembre Tunage Benzel / Jessie Ware / Kris Menace / Mickey / Nicky Romero / Thomas Azier

Benzel & Jessie Ware - If You Love Me

Uhm, I don't know if the bio on Benzel is a joke, about it being two Japanese girls aged 15 and 16 years old who met online and decided to start making music, because how the hell were they able to collab with Jessie Ware...but...this track is absolutely stunning. And if these alleged children came up with this gospel beat then it makes the song like 99% better. I also might print out these lyrics and use them as my mantra. GIRL POWER.

Kris Menace feat. Miss Kitten - Hide

Beats got me moving, vocals got me singing, songs got me happy. I feel good when I listen. Thank God for the lyrics, though. Must. Remember. That I can hide. Phewf.

Mickey feat. Billie - Weekend

Let's see, how many version of this song can be done? Not enough it seems, and THANK HEAVENS because this version rules all. More so than the Scooter version I used to bump in my Tahoe when I was 16 driving around the parking lot of my high school. Love Mickey, still continuously dance alone in my room to "Love for Sale." Gem.

Nicky Romero feat. Nervo - Like Home

Judge me all you want, stupid bitches. This song makes me happy. So shut it.

Thomas Azier - Red Eyes (Mike Luck Remix)

OK I know this is moderately old, but when Kitsune came out with their compilation 14, I heard it for the first time and I'm pretty sure my entire body broke out in chills. The first 20 seconds make me believe I'm in some underwater magic land, and it just becomes a better dream from there.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tensnake feat. Syron - Mainline

Love absolutely any and everything having to do with this Miss lady. I called from the beginning that she would be rocking some serious collaborations.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Savoir Adore - Dreamers (Clubfeet Remix)

The beauty of this song makes me fall in love with sound all over again. I still will never be able to understand how certain sounds can evoke such an incredible emotion in a human. Words, mere words, are completely incapable of describing my feelings towards this track. Which I suppose isn't that weird, since according to Aldous Huxley, "music expresses the inexpressible."

Mid-Autumn Synth Magic Little Boots / Jack Beats / Jess Mills / Klever / Two Door Cinema Club / Gigamesh / Stay+ / Roses Gabor

Little Boots - Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat Cover)

I've been a Little Boots fan ever since she started back in the day with "Meddle" and "Remedy." Man those songs are playing right now and it's actually transporting my brain back about 3 years to dancing on a couch in a random apartment in Atlanta. She's a babe who has the talent I wish I had, and she stuns us yet again with her creative take on Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy." Massive round of applause.

Jack Beats - Somebody to Love (feat. Jess Mills)

UHM. My jaw literally dropped when I heard this for the first time. FIRST OF ALL, I'm a huge Jess Mills fan, she kicks it so hard with all of her music, and after that track she did with Breakage, I just knew she was going to be one of my faves. Then Jack Beats drops this, and stuns us with collaborating with the lovely Jess Mills, and not only is it just an awesome collab, but the track itself is FIRE. Sexiest thing I've heard in a minute.

Klever - Higher

Remember BACK in the day, like 4 years ago when Klever remixed "Felicia" by my boys The Constellations? I totally had no idea he was still kicking until I stumbled across this little gem of a track. Vocals are a little David Guetta-ish, but I'll look past it because it's all pretty raw.

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (Gigamesh Remix)

Haven't posted anything TDCC in a while. I think my last post from them was back in '10 with that Myd remix of "Come Back Home" (which is still so incredible.) Anyway, a Gigamesh remix, fabulous, and totally groovy edit. Speaking of Gigamesh, check his unbelievable remix to Moullinex's "Take My Pain Away." Smooth as all hell.

Stay+ - Crashed (feat. Queenie)

This is one of the more amazing songs I've heard this month. It just reaches deep into your gut and pulls out something extremely fierce. Those synths, I swear they could kill me if I let them.

Roses Gabor - Stars

I don't think this song can get more my taste, and hopefully your taste. Like I can't even tell how I want to approach this song, do I wanna dance to it, make a cover of it, cry to it, sleep to it, eat to it? I have no idea, but it's stunning. And the video is radder than anything. Off Girl's Music.


For the nerd in all of us.

...Anyone else picking up a severe Daft-y Punk-y "Aerodynamic"-y vibe?
Because it sounds just like it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meg Myers - Curbstomp

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry out of fear when I watch this video. 
Either way, it's creepy and magnificent, and I've fallen more in love with Meg because she wines and dines with stuffed animals. 

Disco Socks - Motivation

Do you guys remember me posting Disco Socks BACK in the day? Well he's back and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm so excited. Get onto his SoundCloud and enjoy some free downloads and tasty treats. Actually I'm pretty picky about mixtapes but this Thrust Mixtape is super duper good. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Post 2 Beacon // Golden Filter // Andy Stott // Child Actor // That Work / Yung Skeeter // Queens of the Stoneage // MS MR

Beacon - Into the Night

Today, is a great day. Today Beacon dropped their very first EP For Now through the fantastic Ghostly International. (Home to the always ambiguous Matthew Dear..) and it is the most perfect little EP for this dreary weather. It's completely atmospheric and perfectly ambient, choice music for these dull days ahead of us.

The Golden Filter - Moonlight Fantasy

The Golden Filter will always and forever be one of my favorite dark and creepies. If poetry could be turned into rythmn and beats, The Golden Filter would be backing "Bereft" or "My November Guest." Such incredible musicians, and it only gets better when you open your window and see the bleak weather to match.

Andy Stott -Numb

Uhm, I don't know if I can properly articulate my feelings for this track. It is the deepest, most sesual, most intricate, soul grabbing song I have heard in quite some time. The vocals are what I imagine the Sirens sounded like to Odysseus, so soft and breathy, so girly and gorgeous. Then this heartbeat of a rythmn, pulsating my mind into a comotose state; I actually forget everything around me when this song is playing. This is brilliance.

Child Actor - If you Loved Me

Galactic and positively charming. These guys are so damn cool; she records her voice and any pure instrumental, then sends it to him and he layers it in synths and beats of all kinds. Ahh, the future of music.

That Work - Soul on Fire (Yung Skeeter Remix)

This track blew me away this morning. This song sets my damn soul on fire. What a pleasant collaboration of some nu disco and some tasty EDM (heavy on the disco) we have before us. Vocals are perfect, lyrics are even more perfect, beat is perfect, will not be able to get this song out of my head all week.

Queens of the Stoneage - Make it Wit Chu (Virgin Magnetic Material)

Queens of the Stoneage remind me of the song "Little Sister," major cow bell, SNL, and my emo highschool years trying to get my friends into the same music I was into. But while perusing through the interwebs these past couple days, I see this!? Yes please. It's a perfectly calming and slightly sexy remix that makes me want to stay in bed forever.

MS MR - Dark Doo Wop

Oh our friends MS MR. Yes, they put a bad taste in my mouth when I talked to them after their show, but I can't help but fall in love with their music. It's really unique, (hate that word) but they have such a specific sound, and her voice is so recognizable. Congratulations to their tour with Marina and the Diamonds, what an amazing success that turned out to be.

Urulu - 1991 | Exploited

Not only a solid jam, but this story defines my life. -_-

Autumn Post 1 Diplo // The xx // Lana Del Rey / Prison Penguins // Mayer Hawthorne / RAC // Disclosure // Joe Goddard

Diplo - About that Life feat. Jahan Lennon

This guy has got about as many haters as he does lovers, and I can never decide which team I'm on. So whether or not the guys a douche lord, I've been a fan of his music since back in the day. And this right here is something I never would have expected to come out of this mans hands. I'm obsessed. So rustic, so natural, so perfect for Fall.

The xx - Fiction (Synapson Remix)

First time I heard this song I was brought to tears. Not sure if it's because I was sick or because the music moved me or because one of the guys in Synapson is a total babe, but let's go with the middle just to enforce the intensity of this remix. I listened to The xx album as soon as it was available to ears, and there was something....missing in it. Talked with a friend about how they tried so hard to stay with the sound that got them out in the world, but they tried too hard to stay mellow. Spice it up a bit, it won't kill you. But this remix, holy shit. It's absolutely stunning. That little piano at 1:15 and on; swoon. Then those drums that rev up and just explode into a perfected mess of pure simpleness. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet (Prison Penguins Remix)

Such a babe. It was about time her songs / voice was transformed into something so groovy. Check the post I wrote about on The Top Sound about this song!

Mayer Hawthorne - No Strings (RAC Remix)

OK, Mayer Hawthorne, YES. RAC remix, even bigger YES. So funky, so fresh, so groovy, so absolutely perfect for driving around with the windows down and jammin all alone.

Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith

I don't think I really need to write anything down to express how incredible this newer Disclosure track is. The vocals are probably the greatest things to bless my ears in just a bit. I just can't help dancing and singing my lungs out when this plays, I can't help it at all. Can. not. wait. til. their. show.

Disclosure - Control (Joe Goddard Remix)

Speaking of Disclosure, let's focus on one of their greatest remixes by my spirit animal; Joe Goddard. You know when you talk with someone about music, and you go through some of your favorites and send them just ONE song of your favorite...and then you get on a kick for forever. It's going on with me right now with Joe Goddard, I think I semi-introduced him to someone and now I'm going back and revisiting every track that made him so damn attractive. "Gabriel" will always be one of my favorite songs of all time, but even his remixes melt my soul. He's also showing up on some very awesomely random's like the music gods are telling me that I'm supposed to be listening to him at all times. He is without a doubt my favorite break off dj around. So brilliant.

Delilah - Love You So (Joe Goddard Remix)

I feel it's only appropriate that I share the best track on his Harvest Festival album from last year, considering it's now harvest time. It was the Harvest moon yesterday, it's October, Joe Goddard is a god among get it.

Joe Goddard - Go Bananas


(Taken from my SNSPost) Transport yourself back to Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides for a minute; picture the four matching curtain homecoming dresses and the dreamlike thoughts of Trip Fontaine. If Lux Lisbon and sisters decided to start a band, I would more than expect the girls to sound something very similar to this. TEEN is the female dream pop masterpiece behind Here We Go Magic’s Kristina Lieberson who thought up the brilliant idea to gather her sisters and two close friends together to start making music. This Brooklyn based girl group has successfully created a stunning genre that incorporates multiple different layers, including a bass heavy psychedelic folk-rock undertow and beautifully basic vocals. Their album In Limbo was released last week through Carpark Records, and is the perfect album to transition you to overcast days and earlier nights.  They have released a video for the single “Electric” and the video is nothing short of just that. Simple cat eyes surrounded by psychedelic triangles and colorful chiffon jumpsuits are exactly what you would picture when listening to this song. The entire album sounds like a dream, with fun synths, low drums and tambourines. The tracks “Roses and Wine” and “Sleep is Noise” are the perfect songs to drink a glass of red with alone, and Kristina’s vocals in “Charlie” are sweet enough to bring you to tears. Sink deeply into their sound and you’ll feel as though you’ve been swept into some type of magical land.

100% obsessed with these girls, mostly because their noise fits in so well with the beginning of fall that's kinda depressing.

TEEN - Electric

And then my personal fave, Roses & Wine

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Happy Tunes // Lana Del Rey / Foxes / Meg Myers / Alt - J (Δ) / Dragonette / Rusko

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (BURNS' SFTCR Remix)

Words cannot describe the feeling I had when this song first blessed me with its sound. Without a doubt my most favorite track in my possession currently. I was so bummed that I didn't love the original, because as much shit as I talk about our beloved Lana, I still secretly love her music. I never thought that such an insane remix could come from this single. THANK HEAVENS I was wrong. This is by far the sexiest song I have heard in months, I would do anything to hear this out in the city at some small messy venue. Yum yum yum.

Foxes - Youth

DON'T TELL ME OUR YOUTH IS RUNNING OUT, it's only just begun. Such a happy, pretty, positive (in my sort of positive way) song, and this is definitely one of those songs that makes me so happy to be alive. It came on this weekend when I was taking a walk by my lonesome by the East River this weekend to clear some sadness; the wind was blowing, there were tons of people around me, and it just put thee biggest smile on my face, and I definitely started dancing on the sidewalk.

Meg Myers - Monster (Semothy Jones Remix)

OK as if Meg Myers couldn't get any cooler, a song like this is produced and it reminds me why I love writing what I write about. This is one of the sickest dub mixes I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in my life. (How dramatic can I get about each song? Idk, let's see.) It's not too wompy, it's not too loud, it's just perfect and the tone of the bells couldn't have been more perfect. Every single added beat adds to her already incredible voice, and the intensity of the song as a whole just absolutely heightens.

Alt-J (Δ) - Tessellate

Stunning. An absolutely brilliant song that bleeds talent, soul, passion and emotion. I have no idea where Alt-J came from, but I am so incredibly excited that I have come across such a force of music.


[v. tes-uh-leyt; adj. tes-uh-lit, -leytverb, tes·sel·lat·ed, tes·sel·lat·ing, adjective
verb (used with object)

to form of small squares or blocks, as floors or pavements;form or arrange in a checkered or mosaic pattern.

Dragonette - Rocketship

Dragonette, for years, have been hit or miss with me. Luckily, today it's a hit. I think probably because a lot of their music is so close to being able to dance to, and then you try and it's too slow. It misses my special mark. But this one is just perfect. Great social bar with unknown people song.

Rusko - Thunder (feat. Bonnie McKee)

Hell yeah. Let's take a walk back to 1994, visit some Sonique and Rockell and mix it with some Rusko magic, shall we? Does this song not sound like it was a 90s trancer that got mixed in with this generation? It so does. Brilliant, love it so much. It's not too heavy to listen to, as a lot of his music is, it's juuuust right. So much fun to dance to, as well.

I would like to dedicate all of this amazing, happy music to my great friend Clayton Burroughs, one of the happiest, nicest, most genuine kids I have ever had the blessing of being close with. RIP my little snuggle bear, I cannot wait to dougie with you in Heaven to all of the amazing music we used to listen to together.

Meg Myers

Taken from SNSPost

It is pretty cool to be a young female musician from Los Angeles, but when your originate from Tennessee and are able to articulate through song the idiocy of hipsterdom suffocating the streets of LA, it makes you even cooler. This is Meg Myers, a super stunning musician who I cannot quite to seem put into just one box. She unravels a plethora of genres within her music; channeling Shirley Manson circa ’95 to a very sensual take on electronic blending into hints of blues peeking in and out of her songs.  She sort of reminds me of a new aged Alanis Morissette, with a hint of Alison Mosshart and a pinch of Emily Haines. Comparing her to a list of incredible artists still just does not do Myers enough justice. She has a very raw, natural but soothing voice. She is an absolutely perfect bridge between the atmospheric aura of Tennessee and the appeal that you have to have to even remotely make it in Los Angeles or New York. What it comes down to is that Meg Myers is an outstanding musician, and I cannot thank my friend enough for sending me her hilarious song “Tennessee” that mocks the hell out of any young adult trying to be unique in LA.
Myers has released an EP titled Daughter in the Choir, which is where her two singles “Monster” and “Tennessee” have sprung from.  There is also an insanely sexy Semothy Jones remix to “Monster” that is filled to the brim with dub and bass, yet still orchestral enough so it still sounds beautiful. She is about to start on a tour beginning in August, where she will be serenading the souls of the empty in the city she loves to sing about, Los Angeles. However, if you are not able to make it out to Cali, please enjoy the videos she’s released to both of her singles on her website. If you happen to be across the country, you would be a fool to miss seeing such a force. Hopefully she will realize that New York needs someone like her to shake things up a bit and make her way across America.

Needless to say, I have completely fallen in love with Meg Myers. Head over heels, total girl crush/band crush, want to be friends with her...and the whole nine. 
Please enjoy her music as much as I do. Cannot wait until this bad chick plays in NYC.

Meg Myers - Curbstomp

I'm not going to comment on any of these songs, I'm going to let them sing for themselves. 

Meg Myers - Tennessee

...only one, this song is the funniest song I've heard all year. 

Meg Myers - After You

Meg Myers - Poison

And hello 1996.