Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Post 1 Diplo // The xx // Lana Del Rey / Prison Penguins // Mayer Hawthorne / RAC // Disclosure // Joe Goddard

Diplo - About that Life feat. Jahan Lennon

This guy has got about as many haters as he does lovers, and I can never decide which team I'm on. So whether or not the guys a douche lord, I've been a fan of his music since back in the day. And this right here is something I never would have expected to come out of this mans hands. I'm obsessed. So rustic, so natural, so perfect for Fall.

The xx - Fiction (Synapson Remix)

First time I heard this song I was brought to tears. Not sure if it's because I was sick or because the music moved me or because one of the guys in Synapson is a total babe, but let's go with the middle just to enforce the intensity of this remix. I listened to The xx album as soon as it was available to ears, and there was something....missing in it. Talked with a friend about how they tried so hard to stay with the sound that got them out in the world, but they tried too hard to stay mellow. Spice it up a bit, it won't kill you. But this remix, holy shit. It's absolutely stunning. That little piano at 1:15 and on; swoon. Then those drums that rev up and just explode into a perfected mess of pure simpleness. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet (Prison Penguins Remix)

Such a babe. It was about time her songs / voice was transformed into something so groovy. Check the post I wrote about on The Top Sound about this song!

Mayer Hawthorne - No Strings (RAC Remix)

OK, Mayer Hawthorne, YES. RAC remix, even bigger YES. So funky, so fresh, so groovy, so absolutely perfect for driving around with the windows down and jammin all alone.

Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith

I don't think I really need to write anything down to express how incredible this newer Disclosure track is. The vocals are probably the greatest things to bless my ears in just a bit. I just can't help dancing and singing my lungs out when this plays, I can't help it at all. Can. not. wait. til. their. show.

Disclosure - Control (Joe Goddard Remix)

Speaking of Disclosure, let's focus on one of their greatest remixes by my spirit animal; Joe Goddard. You know when you talk with someone about music, and you go through some of your favorites and send them just ONE song of your favorite...and then you get on a kick for forever. It's going on with me right now with Joe Goddard, I think I semi-introduced him to someone and now I'm going back and revisiting every track that made him so damn attractive. "Gabriel" will always be one of my favorite songs of all time, but even his remixes melt my soul. He's also showing up on some very awesomely random tracks...it's like the music gods are telling me that I'm supposed to be listening to him at all times. He is without a doubt my favorite break off dj around. So brilliant.

Delilah - Love You So (Joe Goddard Remix)

I feel it's only appropriate that I share the best track on his Harvest Festival album from last year, considering it's now harvest time. It was the Harvest moon yesterday, it's October, Joe Goddard is a god among men...you get it.

Joe Goddard - Go Bananas

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