Monday, November 29, 2010

Bottoms Up, I Suppose...

Poem by me. Picture by Colleen O'Brien.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slower. However, Sexier.

And, it's not fast paced, heavy beated, dirtdiry raw partyparty music like it usually is. I apologize. HOWEVER, do you actually think I would deny tunes that weren't just as significant? NOPE. This weekend was pretty mellow, so to fit my mellow mood, mellow music. Ah, to me this is mellow, to you other haters this is depression. Mellow + Depressing beats + Angelic voices = money.

May I suggest the reading of Wallace Stevens "Lunar Paraphrase," to pair with the music as well? Okay good, because I just did.

Jump, Little Children - Cathedrals

New favorite sad go to song. Any time I need to fall a little into the gray...Cathedrals. And his voice is so beautiful.

Deadmau5 feat. Greta Svabo Bech - Raise Your Weapons

Oh whoever leaked the Deadmau5 album, I thank you. I honestly don't understand how DJs can even get mad if their shit leaks, If was trying to get my shit out there, I wouldn't care HOW it did. This song evokes that super strong emotion too, it pulls at the synth strings located just below the heart, right above the stomach. BurnBurnBurn.

Glitch Mob feat. Swan - Between Two Points

And ditto. This one even more than the last. And I never really expected for Glitch Mob to put out such a Massive Attack feeling song...this is great. I really hope they keep going in this direction.

Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place (Gigamesh Remix)

Forgot about this little guy. Hypem rape-age and he shows right up on my loved from months ago.

Rosebud - Don't Put it On

Oh, this is an oldie. I forgot how beautiful this song is. The voice, the lyrics, the mood. Purely, innocently sexy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I secretly want to be in love, too.

Miss you also, B. So happy that you're happy. Can't wait to blow it up for NYE/NYC edition.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Day After Thanksgiving Christmas is Almost Here Time!

Lindsay Rose, you are a dear. She sent me this the other night, and not only is it a great new dance song because it has that SHM "One" feel to it, but the video has snow in it with super awesome dancers. Christmas, dancers, and good beats? CHECK.

(Maybe someone should give the singer some pointers on how to have good stage presence, just a thought.)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

(via someones elses photo stream that wasnt listed)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Constellations : Trevor Birdsong

Trevor Birdsong, a good friend of mine from when I used to live in Atlanta, is living the life. Part of one of the coolest bands around today, Trevor plays guitar for the band The Constellations. (Click for website)Their album, "Southern Gothic" is out and about and MTV just premiered the video for their awesome single 'Felicia.' Well, Trev agreed to take time out of his busy schedule and do an interview for me, and I couldn't have been more excited. Here you go!

So The Constellations, my friend. First tell me about the dynamic of the band, who do we have where?
--Elijah jones- vocals/percussion
Wes hoffman- bass
Shabnam bashiri - bckgrnd vox/percussion
Alaina Terry- bckgrnd vox/keys
Trevor birdsong- guitar/bckgrnd vox
Jason nackers- drums/bckgrnd vox
Jamie Gordon- keys/percussion

Talk to me about Lollapalooza.
--Lollapalooza was amazing. One of the best crowds we've ever played for! We stuck around for an extra day to see amazing bands and have a few drinks. Definitely one of the best festivals of the year.

Your video for Felicia just premiered on MTV, it's super sexy. How does that feel for you?
--It was awesome to film. Jennifer Tzar (director) killed it! We had a lot of fun over the whole process. Eric de fino edited it, and he did a great job. It was really all of us hanging out doing fun things.

I love the Klever remix for that song, how do you feel about people remixing your stuff?
--It's pretty cool to hear different peoples take on the songs. It's always interesting to hear different interpretations of the song.

I know you joined the band later than the other guys, am I correct? How was it jumping into a band with a lot of people just like 'that'?
--We all were friends before so it wasn't really all that strange. We've been on tour for the last year pretty much with no time off.. So it's safe to say we all get along pretty well.

You guys just finished a tour, and I believe we missed each other in Florida. How did it go?
--Well we had just finished a 7 week tour with electric six, which was incredible for us. And we just returned from a short leg with toots and the maytals.. Which was definitely one of the coolest things the band has done.

You play Smiths Old Bar in Atlanta on the 24th, so then your back in the A, are you guys hanging around there for a bit and chilling, or what?
--Yeah we've got a couple shows here and there over the break but for the most part were home as of now. We play New Years at Smiths Old Bar (Atlanta) as well! We plan to write while were home.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist, who would you want it to be with?
--The impossible question. Cee-lo green (gnarls Barkley, goodie mob) already collaborated with the band. So that's awesome! I think everyone in the band would have a different answer. Answers could be anywhere from Bob Dylan to Arcade Fire to whatver else.

The bands style is pretty 60/70ish retro cowboy western saloon - ish. Talk to me about the bands look.
--First off, thank you. Everyones look is a bit different. We've got a guy with an Afro, someone with ever changing facial hair. Two girls.. I mean, we look pretty crazy I guess.

Whats up next for you guys?
--Writing and getting back on the road. Keep an eye out :)

Thanks so much, Trev. I miss our days of bar hopping and hanging out. SEE YOU SOON!

Check out their video for 'Felicia' below!


The day is dismal. The sky is grey. I've explicated my poetry for the night, and all I can get myself to do is suffocate my mind in the dark, beautiful, creepy music I have set in front of me.
We all have to relapse at some point, don't we?

Tom Waits - Dead and Lovely

This song is from the movie Wrist Cutters. I think that's all that needs to be said.

Cat Power - Hate

No hidden meaning here. She's like a really dark Florence Welch. Kind of in love.

Jeff Buckley - New Year's Prayer (remix)

Oh Jeff Buckley, you and your voice. I used to listen to Hallelujah all the time before I would go to bed in highschool. This one just creates that feeling inside of you that tells you that there is something else you should be looking for in life.

Manu Chao - King of Bongo

AH. My friend showed me this song yesterday, and I became fully obsessed. It sucks that I don't understand it because I don't speak 6 languages like he does...
But it's SUCH a cool song, oh my goodness. It reminds me so much of the Gorillaz...gone French.

Get Busy Committee - Dancin' On Ya (Xzibit, Paul Wall, Murs Remix)

They forget the word GRAVE in the title. Minor detail of the intensity of this track. I'm really not a huge fan of hip-hop either, I think we all know this, but this is tightttttt.

Bikini - ACheerleader

This is happier. Whatever. It's a cool Animal Collective-esque feeling song. As soon as 2:22 hits, oh my the feeling you will receive.

Wild Fox Couture Goes French. Jadore.

Wild Fox Couture goes French. Yes Please. ILOVEWILDFOX

Sunday Funday Blogday Musicday

Well. I had a very very fun weekend. And in honor of my weekend in which I danced my damn ass off, I am putting up yet another massive plethora of dancey, feel good, songs that make me want to do inappropriate things post. Yay.

Natalia Kills - Mirrors (Purple Crush Music)

Fallen in love with Natalia Kills remixes. It's a disease. Damnit.

NERD x Daft Punk - Hypnotize You (Nero Remix)

When this video debuted, I was so stoked to see it. Then I watched it. And I hated it. And I wasn't too into the song either. However, Nero remixes always know how to make me like a song 100% more.

Ke$ha - We R Who We R (Miami Ski Team Remix)

I still hate you, Kesha. However, you and Katy Perry and your damn addicting beats get me every time. Curse you.

Katy Perry - E.T.

I am SO sorry for posting this. I promise I'm not becoming a pansy. I just can't help it. This beat is killer, it makes me want to dance, and it reminds me of TaTu. Don't hate.

Deadmau5 - Right This Second

This is like the oldest school Tiesto - ish beat I have heard in quite some time. Love it.

Girl Talk - Oh No

Oh No is correct. What the hell am I doing posting a Girl Talk song? I'm not sure what's gotten into me. I could probably mash songs like this too if I had a dope computer. It's gotta be the Luda. Maybe the Ramones.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Check this sweet pic my friend just sent me. OH T.S Eliot, I do love your words.

PS: I'm really sorry I'm slacking on posts. School owns my soul. I promise you will have music soon enough.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Natalia KILLS

So the other day I was looking through some pics of Robyn, and I found this pic of her and some hot chick with half a shaved head, and after researching harder, I found her to be this chick Natalia Kills. Then a day or so later, when I opened my homepage, which happens to be, there she pops up, on NYLONtv, pretty as ever, and THEN her song pops up on one of my magical music blogs. This girl is EVERYWHERE. So after doing some more hunting, I found a dope remix to her song "Zombie", and...this is where our love started.

Natalia Kills - Zombie (FrankMusic Remix)

And who better to remix a track like this, then my boy Frank Music?

Okay wait I have to be honest for like ... a second. It seems to me she's trying a bit too hard. Actually it seems like she's trying way too hard. Maybe if she stopped trying to be so dark and weird, she'd be even cooler. Everyone's cooler when they are just themselves, aren't they?

Listen to her do the coolest version of Edgar Allan Poe's Raven HERE


Okay let's get to the bangers, shall we? We shall. Without further ado, I present to you my raddest songs of the week.

Los Rakas - Abrazame (Uproot Andy Remix)

I blogged the original to this some months back, it was the Gyptian song 'Hold Yuh', suuuper good. But this remix, even though it's in Spanish and I don't understand anything, his voice is beautiful, and the video that goes with it is amazing.

Keri Hilson - I Like (Manhattan Clique Remix)

Okay, I'm not really a fan of Keri Hilson, (my friend Justin actually shot her one day at some place in Atlanta, it was cool) she's a bit...mainstream for me, but this remix is totally 90's dance music! It's totally that oldschool techno feel, and I'm totally digging it.

Skrillex - Kill Everybody (BARE NOIZE REMIX)

Any song that's titled "Kill Everybody" is most definitely a song for me! WOMPWOMPWOMPWOMP Sweet du85tep.

Katy B feat. Ms. Dynamite - Light On (Skream Remix)

Oh how I love my Katy B. Every single song she had is always straight FIRE. Ugh, I'm in love. Female crush, most definitely. This remix's beat is so incredibly dirty, it makes me want to do illegal things. Like, super illegal, bad, dirty things...

Morgan Page - I've Had Friends (Jean Elan Remix Audio)

Fight For You and Longest Road will always be one of my fave songs by him. This one is super rad, I think a lot of it is that it just feels so good to hear something new from him. Stoked to hear more!

Fall Foliage

(via Tamara Lichtenstein)
(via 3blowsminds)
(via...something else I forget)

Pseudo Theraputic Tunez

It has been FAR too long since I've been up violating the music blogs. So I took some time today (like...4 hours) ravaging and raping the interwebz and I found some sweeeet stuff. But after all the rad, raw, real dance tuneage I dl'd, I realized that sometimes I need pretty slow songs to calm my heart down after I have an intense jam out session to some dirty disco beats. And what a good time it is to find music like that.

Mr. Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC remix)

SHES SO CUTE. And every picture of her I see, I refall in love with her. This song is soo pretty, and I am a HUGE fan of RAC remixes, especially after the Use Somebody remix they did a while back.

jj - i'm the one / money on my mind

I actually don't like jj. Until one night when I was not in my correct mind, I listened, and I learned to love.

jj - let them

Super chill, and this one inpartic because it's a sweet random mashup.

Munk - Violent Love (the Twelves Remix)

This is a little bit quicker paced then the others, but it still has that super relaxation/chill thing going on. Sweet vibez yo.

Under Byon - Unoder

This is one of the coolest, creepiest, most aesthetically pleasing videos I've seen in quite some time. Please enjoy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shake Aletti

Last night I received an email from a guy who is the label manager at Moda Music, and he sent me some tracks by Shake Aletti.

"Shake Aletti has just released his debut single on Moda Music. Currently supporting Fenech-Soler on tour, he has already had support from Annie Mac, Nick Grimshaw & Huw Stephens amongst others."

Well, we all know I love Fenech-Soler, so anyone who is in workings with them I will probably most definitely approve. Well, I previewed some of the tracks and watched the video (Click to View) for 'Dancefloor' and I'm not completely in love with the music video, I feel as if the 80's hipster theme has been done too much, it reminded me a lot of Hyper Crush and the video had a lot of lights. The song is good. This / these guys have super awesome potential, and I know down the line they're going to pound out some killer dance floor jams. (No pun intended.) It was missing something, when the chorus kicks in it needed something deeper to get me dancing, but THEN I listened to the Disco of Doom remix along with the Tom Staar remix, and alas, I danced. These remixes are super tasty.

Shake Aletti - Dancefloor (Disco of Doom Remix)

Shake Aletti - Dancefloor (Tom Staar Remix)

I'm really stoke to hear the future sounds of Shake Aletti.

Moda Music is a super sweet label, fun website, To check out more music from Moda Music click HERE

Monday, November 8, 2010


Sasquatch - Once (Small_Soldiers_Mix)

This is my friend Sasquatch. We met when we were both highly inebriated at the Mad Decent Block Party. This boy has just about the greatest taste in music, more so than anyone I've ever met. (But I only say that because he has the exact same taste as I do, so I'm completely biased) He also happens to be a pretty rad DJ. He resides in Vermont, which is like 384208 lightyears away from me, so I never get to see him, but he has a DOPE ass radio show for the University of Vermont, and everyone should listen to him pound it out live Tuesdays at 12. Or, Wednesdays I guess. It's the 12-2 am spot. Click HERE to stream.

BRITTANY, you're doing a really good job of making me cry my eyes out because I miss New York. Just kidding, we don't know how to cry.


I have a soft spot for chicks with dope voices

I think partly because I want to be them. Slash imitate all of their songs.

Check this badass out. Her voice is SO unique. She's from Belgium, and has the coolest voice, is only 19, rhymes like a damn Jamaican, and is beautiful.

Listen to her kill 'Aint No Sunshine' HERE

And Eliza Doolittle, I do love your voice so much. Her album's not really my style, but this cover of Cee-Lo is definitely on point.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Suffering vs Sedation

DISCLAIMER: This is going to have a semi-religious undertow and I ... am not really sorry because I havent written a stream of conscience post in a while. Bear with me yo.

I just want to quickley comment on a previous post I wrote a couple months ago entitled "Where are the people who Burn?", or something along those lines.. I am a big proponent of surrounding myself with people who have had hard dealings in their life, I think because I find them more real, and easier to relate with. But at the same time I havent really even come close to the REAL struggle that people are possible of going through. Sure, a lot of less than decent things have happened, and to some, maybe thats super unfortunate, but I really am lucky of how ... the situations...didnt go further...

Anyway, I just wrote a paper on the mystery of suffering found in the poem The Wreck of the Deutschland by GM Hopkins. The entire poem alludes to the modernity of the human soul now a days and the lack of suffering we each endure. We consume ourselves with work, play, drugs, alcohol, sex, music, internet, anything that becomes a "cure" or an "escape" for us so that we don't have to face the heart break of suffering. The more I think about it, the more I understand that what I did this summer was wrong. To forcibly try to create an escape doesn't help my suffering; it prolongs it. If I were to embrace suffering, then I would've found my inscape a lot sooner. I wouldve realized my reason for suffering, asked God for help, knowing that He is the ONLY one who is there for me, and HE is the reason WHY I am suffering, so that I and WE can live eternally with Him. God doesn't cause suffering because He's not really there. He allows it because he wants us to realize we need Him. So to all of the people who don't believe because it's not "fair", or "just" that you have to go through all the pain you deal with, what is any other reason you should get through suffering? There is none.
If the religious aspect of suffering won't cut it for you, why dont you think about this: When you try to suppress your hurt, don't you feel weak? Won't you feel so much happier knowing that you dealt with the pain YOURSELF? If you use all of these outlets that are not only unhealthy, but detrimental to your soul, what is going to come from that? I'll tell you: a really empty and lonely life.

So next time you find yourself snorting lines off of a toilet, ask yourself if that's really how you want to deal.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Check out this picture my friend got while in New Orleans. I wanna go!