Monday, November 22, 2010

The Constellations : Trevor Birdsong

Trevor Birdsong, a good friend of mine from when I used to live in Atlanta, is living the life. Part of one of the coolest bands around today, Trevor plays guitar for the band The Constellations. (Click for website)Their album, "Southern Gothic" is out and about and MTV just premiered the video for their awesome single 'Felicia.' Well, Trev agreed to take time out of his busy schedule and do an interview for me, and I couldn't have been more excited. Here you go!

So The Constellations, my friend. First tell me about the dynamic of the band, who do we have where?
--Elijah jones- vocals/percussion
Wes hoffman- bass
Shabnam bashiri - bckgrnd vox/percussion
Alaina Terry- bckgrnd vox/keys
Trevor birdsong- guitar/bckgrnd vox
Jason nackers- drums/bckgrnd vox
Jamie Gordon- keys/percussion

Talk to me about Lollapalooza.
--Lollapalooza was amazing. One of the best crowds we've ever played for! We stuck around for an extra day to see amazing bands and have a few drinks. Definitely one of the best festivals of the year.

Your video for Felicia just premiered on MTV, it's super sexy. How does that feel for you?
--It was awesome to film. Jennifer Tzar (director) killed it! We had a lot of fun over the whole process. Eric de fino edited it, and he did a great job. It was really all of us hanging out doing fun things.

I love the Klever remix for that song, how do you feel about people remixing your stuff?
--It's pretty cool to hear different peoples take on the songs. It's always interesting to hear different interpretations of the song.

I know you joined the band later than the other guys, am I correct? How was it jumping into a band with a lot of people just like 'that'?
--We all were friends before so it wasn't really all that strange. We've been on tour for the last year pretty much with no time off.. So it's safe to say we all get along pretty well.

You guys just finished a tour, and I believe we missed each other in Florida. How did it go?
--Well we had just finished a 7 week tour with electric six, which was incredible for us. And we just returned from a short leg with toots and the maytals.. Which was definitely one of the coolest things the band has done.

You play Smiths Old Bar in Atlanta on the 24th, so then your back in the A, are you guys hanging around there for a bit and chilling, or what?
--Yeah we've got a couple shows here and there over the break but for the most part were home as of now. We play New Years at Smiths Old Bar (Atlanta) as well! We plan to write while were home.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist, who would you want it to be with?
--The impossible question. Cee-lo green (gnarls Barkley, goodie mob) already collaborated with the band. So that's awesome! I think everyone in the band would have a different answer. Answers could be anywhere from Bob Dylan to Arcade Fire to whatver else.

The bands style is pretty 60/70ish retro cowboy western saloon - ish. Talk to me about the bands look.
--First off, thank you. Everyones look is a bit different. We've got a guy with an Afro, someone with ever changing facial hair. Two girls.. I mean, we look pretty crazy I guess.

Whats up next for you guys?
--Writing and getting back on the road. Keep an eye out :)

Thanks so much, Trev. I miss our days of bar hopping and hanging out. SEE YOU SOON!

Check out their video for 'Felicia' below!

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