Thursday, November 4, 2010

Suffering vs Sedation

DISCLAIMER: This is going to have a semi-religious undertow and I ... am not really sorry because I havent written a stream of conscience post in a while. Bear with me yo.

I just want to quickley comment on a previous post I wrote a couple months ago entitled "Where are the people who Burn?", or something along those lines.. I am a big proponent of surrounding myself with people who have had hard dealings in their life, I think because I find them more real, and easier to relate with. But at the same time I havent really even come close to the REAL struggle that people are possible of going through. Sure, a lot of less than decent things have happened, and to some, maybe thats super unfortunate, but I really am lucky of how ... the situations...didnt go further...

Anyway, I just wrote a paper on the mystery of suffering found in the poem The Wreck of the Deutschland by GM Hopkins. The entire poem alludes to the modernity of the human soul now a days and the lack of suffering we each endure. We consume ourselves with work, play, drugs, alcohol, sex, music, internet, anything that becomes a "cure" or an "escape" for us so that we don't have to face the heart break of suffering. The more I think about it, the more I understand that what I did this summer was wrong. To forcibly try to create an escape doesn't help my suffering; it prolongs it. If I were to embrace suffering, then I would've found my inscape a lot sooner. I wouldve realized my reason for suffering, asked God for help, knowing that He is the ONLY one who is there for me, and HE is the reason WHY I am suffering, so that I and WE can live eternally with Him. God doesn't cause suffering because He's not really there. He allows it because he wants us to realize we need Him. So to all of the people who don't believe because it's not "fair", or "just" that you have to go through all the pain you deal with, what is any other reason you should get through suffering? There is none.
If the religious aspect of suffering won't cut it for you, why dont you think about this: When you try to suppress your hurt, don't you feel weak? Won't you feel so much happier knowing that you dealt with the pain YOURSELF? If you use all of these outlets that are not only unhealthy, but detrimental to your soul, what is going to come from that? I'll tell you: a really empty and lonely life.

So next time you find yourself snorting lines off of a toilet, ask yourself if that's really how you want to deal.


  1. Why the disclaimer? I'm just curious... Are you ashamed of religion, or do you think it's worth less than other's atheistic beliefs? I know for a fact that it is more - and that is just what I believe so intolerant people are simply intolerant (.. half kidding, but only half.)

    The very nature of suffering is salvific. Refer to "Salvificis Doloris", a papal encyclical. It is by suffering (and to the greatest extent and intensity) that God offered salvation to the world. In the darkest of moments, it would behoove humanity to look at Christ, GIVING his life for them, rather than turning their eyes inward toward themselves and TAKING their own life. This is the very opposite of love - destroying a gift that was given to you out of love. Any despair is also ignoring the abundance and magnificence of creation and beauty that God has placed in our hands as stewards.

    My comment is very 'religious' but I cannot apologize for this, as it is not my place to seek pardon for putting forth what I believe to be the Truth. I cannot take the chance of denying someone a message of hope and love, even if they are to bash or disregard me for it.

    (Having spoken of suffering and alluding to suicide, I must point out that I am of a family heritage where bi-polar, pchizophrenia, and manic depression are rapant. We have had many deaths in our family... you need not go far in your mind to imagine by what means. It is a tragedy, and is not the type despair I am condemning, as it is medical....)

    And lastly, I am a friend of Jameson's, who I believe is your brother or cousin perhaps? I found a link to your blog on his Fb page and really enjoyed sifting through some of your posts. GREAT TASTE IN MUSIC lady... I commend thee <3

  2. He's my brother.

    If I was ashamed of my religion, I wouldn't be talking about it, would I?
    And do you mean intolerant people are simply ignorant?
    I didn't apologize for this being religious. I threw up a disclaimer because this is more of a music blog than anything else. I don't want this to get in people's way of finding music. And if it does, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing how I feel. And if you read closely, I said "I'm...NOT sorry"... If you read more of my posts, you'll see that I am indeed very Catholic, proud of it, and have no problem talking about it.

    I am fully aware of how despair is thee greatest sin of man. Which is why I write about it.

    I'm glad you like my music. Keep listening. Keep reading.

  3. To argue against your point or attempt to discredit it, would be both futile and probably semi blasphemous.. or completely. But for a second put yourself in the drug addicts' shoes in the heat of the moment, when he/she makes the choice to self medicate. That individual is crying out for help, dying inside, and perpetually self destructive. The only "joy" in that persons life comes from the high. Hanging on to life by a single thread of... suffering and moments of bliss. "Why try to stay sober when I'm dying here?"

    I pray for the person.. people you speak of.
    Great post.

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  5. I really, really understand that. I didn't mean to come across as accusatory of rude, or like I don't know what it feels like. I know very well what it feels like to want to escape. I'm just trying to help others from what I've learned from failed attempts. Maybe I should jus stop.

  6. There is a difference between an addict and a user. Allie did not slam the addict in any way. I think people need to hear the truth and what better truth is there then someone who speaks from their own experiences? Don't stop trying to help! You never know who you might reach!!