Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Funday Blogday Musicday

Well. I had a very very fun weekend. And in honor of my weekend in which I danced my damn ass off, I am putting up yet another massive plethora of dancey, feel good, songs that make me want to do inappropriate things post. Yay.

Natalia Kills - Mirrors (Purple Crush Music)

Fallen in love with Natalia Kills remixes. It's a disease. Damnit.

NERD x Daft Punk - Hypnotize You (Nero Remix)

When this video debuted, I was so stoked to see it. Then I watched it. And I hated it. And I wasn't too into the song either. However, Nero remixes always know how to make me like a song 100% more.

Ke$ha - We R Who We R (Miami Ski Team Remix)

I still hate you, Kesha. However, you and Katy Perry and your damn addicting beats get me every time. Curse you.

Katy Perry - E.T.

I am SO sorry for posting this. I promise I'm not becoming a pansy. I just can't help it. This beat is killer, it makes me want to dance, and it reminds me of TaTu. Don't hate.

Deadmau5 - Right This Second

This is like the oldest school Tiesto - ish beat I have heard in quite some time. Love it.

Girl Talk - Oh No

Oh No is correct. What the hell am I doing posting a Girl Talk song? I'm not sure what's gotten into me. I could probably mash songs like this too if I had a dope computer. It's gotta be the Luda. Maybe the Ramones.

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