Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shake Aletti

Last night I received an email from a guy who is the label manager at Moda Music, and he sent me some tracks by Shake Aletti.

"Shake Aletti has just released his debut single on Moda Music. Currently supporting Fenech-Soler on tour, he has already had support from Annie Mac, Nick Grimshaw & Huw Stephens amongst others."

Well, we all know I love Fenech-Soler, so anyone who is in workings with them I will probably most definitely approve. Well, I previewed some of the tracks and watched the video (Click to View) for 'Dancefloor' and I'm not completely in love with the music video, I feel as if the 80's hipster theme has been done too much, it reminded me a lot of Hyper Crush and the video had a lot of lights. The song is good. This / these guys have super awesome potential, and I know down the line they're going to pound out some killer dance floor jams. (No pun intended.) It was missing something, when the chorus kicks in it needed something deeper to get me dancing, but THEN I listened to the Disco of Doom remix along with the Tom Staar remix, and alas, I danced. These remixes are super tasty.

Shake Aletti - Dancefloor (Disco of Doom Remix)

Shake Aletti - Dancefloor (Tom Staar Remix)

I'm really stoke to hear the future sounds of Shake Aletti.

Moda Music is a super sweet label, fun website, To check out more music from Moda Music click HERE

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