Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Britney Spears - Til the World Ends

Whatever, you freaking haters. My love for Brit Brit is out; get over it, or bite me. Not only does this song excite me and makes me dance around my room, BUT it also reminds me of Slave 4 U and that makes me so happy because old Britney is coming back yayyyy. Her dancing is improving since she's had the babies. She still just kinda hops, and her back is semi-stiff but she looks great. ...However there is something different about her face, it's like she's so tired or something, poor thing....she works so hard...

PS if the world was ending like it's supposed to be, I really hope I can have a massive dance party with Britney Spears. Guys wanna join? Let's do it.

And here is thee most kick ass remix of all time. (I'm so dramatic sometimes, ya know?)

Britney Spears - Til The World Ends (CULTURE SHOCK remix)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anxiety of Female Fatalities

I had to present a critique today on the chapter of 'Anxiety of Authorship' in the book Madwoman in the Attic by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar. They refuted Harold Bloom's patriarchal outlook of male authorship and related it to womens...blah blah blah.
I have been on a feminist rampage for the past couple weeks, I'm not really sure why. Possibly because my sister is acting so unlike herself since she and her boyfriend broke up, and it's really sad to watch such an independent person succumb to such a lousy level of emotion. Maybe it's because I am mad at myself for lightening up and finally liking a boy more than I had expected to. Maybe it's because I realize that I can be just as smart as the pretentious boys in my classroom.
But overall, It's because I am slowly realizing the standards people hold for women.

There is a boy at my school who makes his girlfriend read a book on how to be a housewife and is recommending it to other girls at school.

I just got kicked out of our University's formal for my dress being too short.

I'm too conservative for my friends in the city and the city itself.

I'm too liberal and independent for the Catholic community here.

I get along with everyone, yet I still feel as though I don't belong anywhere.

Why all the standards? Why do I, and women and girls in particular have to act and dress a certain way. Why must they want a housewife wearing long skirts and no makeup with a sandwich in hand here, but a sexually liberal free spirit (who must concede to them or else they are a frigid bitch) elsewhere? Where is there a medium. Why can't I just do what I want without commentary? I suppose it's like that for everyone. Judgments everywhere. And then I pressure myself. I want to be skinny, I want to be tan, I want to be blonde, I want to be smart, I want this and that and play the violins because it never ends and it gets so old.
The Anxiety of Authorship is the same for life. We don't want to put our names on anything because we feel it will never be accepted.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

But I still do want to run away, alone, to places like this. And have elephant friends. Only elephant friends...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretty Tunage

The Cults - You Know What I Mean

I am totally blanking on where I found this song, but I think right now it's my new favorite. Her voice is so pretty, and the vintage 50's feel of the song makes me feel like I'm at the school dance in Grease. Right? Totally. I want to do a version to this song.

The Sounds - Better Off Dead

Ohhhh The Sounds. The Sounds is actually the band that brought me together with Brittany. Funny story about them, Brit and I met in Urban because we were both meeting my friend Dustin, and then we found out that we could get into The Sounds concert for free cause they were playing at a small venue, and we went, and rocked out, and bonded, and now were the bestest friends awhhh. Anyway, this song is quite different then their normal sound, but I dig. Even though I have some grammatical critiques on the lyric structure but whatever it's cool.

Sade ft. Jay-Z - The Moon and the Sky

This is random. But it's just so pretty and chill. The beat is really cool too, I think if I were to run away by taking a train to somewhere really cool I would play this on my journey. And Jay Z is probably the only real rapper I actually like. I digggg.

Birdy - Skinny Love

Okay I am NOT a fan of covers. Especially when somebody tries to cover a Bon Iver song. But this girls voice! Oh my goodness gracious, she is beautiful, pretty young it seems as well, due to her braces filled mouth in the video which everyone should watch because her vintage lace dress and black boots are totally kickin'.

Crippling Thoughts

My mind has been everywhere the past couple of weeks. School is kicking my ass, graduation is coming up, my future is drawing near, ...and I have a boyfriend, on top of it all.
I'm fearful of graduation. I've finally come to a point in my life where I understand that I can grasp information. I'm not intelligent, but I can get there. And now it's ending. What happens if I forget everything I've learned? That terrifies me.
I wish I had a growing mass of pretense like everyone else here.
I wish I could trade something for intelligence. My looks, perhaps. Then maybe people would take me seriously, especially when I argue my feminist views. Perhaps if I looked like a Peta loving lesbian then maybe people would listen to what I say.

But this isn't the case.
...Perhaps maybe, the juxtaposition of my blonde hair, slightly large chest and opinionated nature will throw people off.

Ah, which brings me to my next point. I went with my friend who got a tattoo the other day, and as I was waiting in the foyer of this tattoo shop, I opened up a Playboy. (Sorry mom) But I was curious! The only one I had ever seen was one my friend kept on her night stand and it was from like...1960, so it was way vintage. Anyway, I was so disappointed in it. I'm about to get a little vulgar here, so pardon me, but it seemed like an anatomy book to me. Exposition of your entire female body, knowing that some 42 year old sweaty slob is getting off to it in the basement of his house, OR the classified Wall Street business man is doing the same, while his wife is cooking him dinner. Someone explain to me the good that comes from this, because I'm having a hard time seeing it.
Not only that, but the complete exposition of the body isn't sexy. Pictures of woman clothed with a sense of something showing is so much better. Because then you have something left to the imagination, if you put it all out there in tacky ways that Playboy does it, you just look like a ho. Who I then feel really bad for because you must have not had good influences in your life and you are trying to get appraisal from anyone who comes along.
You know?
It's sad.

I have also been thinking about what the hell has happened to me since I've come to this school. Mostly, this semester, and even closer, since I've had this boyfriend.
I'm wearing magenta tonight to a formal dance.
1) I'm going to a formal.
2) My dress is magenta.
I have a Colbie Callaititiat or however you spell her name song in my iTunes that I sing along to, I wear less makeup, I smile here and there, and I'm doing well in school.
I'm slowly turning into a borderline normal person, and some of it is a little bit uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, I'm losing all of my street cred. Nobody finds me intimidating anymore, and everyone see's through my comfort.

Dammit Eric. And damn you Ave Maria University for the wonderful friends I've been able to make, your professors who I can sit and talk with for hours on end at the pub, and your education which has helped me so much in my life.

Thank You, God, for allowing this to happen.

Oh my God. OH MY GOD, revelation. Good does come from bad.
Bad doesn't always come from good.

There goes about 40% of my posts.

Pop Central

Nero - Guilt

APC posted the video for this song a couple weeks ago, and it is by far one of the best videos I've seen all year. I was also on a Nero high from Ultra when I heard this song, so I immediately became obsessed.

Kerli - Army of Love (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)

First time I heard Kerli was a couple years ago, I think my brother showed me her 'Walking on Air' video. She's super weird and pretty and foreign. The video to this song is really cool too, check it out HERE. The Cherry Cherry Boom Boom remix just ads a little something special.

Band of Horses - The Funeral (Butch - Clancy Remix)

Ahhh Band of Horses. They always make me emotional. My bro sent this remix to me via Twitter. Really cool remix, a little bit different then what you would expect, but definitely good.

The Sirens - Don't Let Go

This is like...pop central. But APC had their album for stream a month or so ago, and I recently just found this mp3. The Sirens sound is super girly, lyrics are nothing remotely intelligent, but it's way fun to get ready to when you're going out at night or something of the sort.

Britney Spears - Inside Out

Okay, so I don't think I have blogged any Britney songs before, except for some killer remixes I've come across...but I think it's time I let the world know that...
I'm obsessed with Britney Spears.
I have been since the 4th grade. I have every single one of her albums, hard copy and all, I've memorized every dance to every video, I know every word to every song, and between the ages of 16 and 19 I used to celebrate her birthday, on her birthday.
I know this is really weird to hear, and slightly embarrassing to admit, but she's beautiful. She dances better than any other pop artist, she has been through SO much, and I don't know, she's the damn princess of pop let's give some credit where credits due. I think we all forget the old Britney. Britney pre-My Prerogative, pre-shaved head, pre-Kevin Federline. She was stunning. And now I sound like a creepy stalker so let me just say, I love this new song of hers, her comebacks are ruling all, and we should all praise her.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A simple Refutation.

I promised myself at the start of this blog that I would never: succumb to fighting other blogs, blog about school and issues arising in the student body, and talk about what I had to eat that day.

However, due to a blog post going around school, I feel it's my call to refute an argument I have a hard time agreeing with.

Although Marcellino's point cradles some very poignant issues, (yeah I used his name, whatever) the way he may have went about it with the blame was wrong. We are not to stereotype, judge, blame, or shun anyone. No matter what their lifestyle is, how extremely obnoxious they are, how immature they are, we are never to put anyone down or say they do not belong somewhere. The athletes at this school, ALTHOUGH can be judgmental, rude, annoying and not as religious as you would have hoped, they are all welcome here. I have seen first hand some of the ___ players making fun of kids during lunch. YES I feel like I am in a middle school when I see this and I don't want to be around them. HOWEVER, they aren't 'ruining' the school.
This is a Catholic institution, and although some may be harboring bad feelings about how the athletics SEEM to be taking away from the Catholic vocation of the school, they aren't at all. You're judgment is.

Now, automatically creating assumptions about how the athletes and "partiers" at this school go out, get 'drunk', smoke POT (who calls it that, really now...) and has sex with God knows who, is a completely false JUDGMENT. Haven't we as Catholics learned that by now...we are NOT called to judge?? THATS NOT OUR ROLE. It's God's. Not ours.
We can stay away from people who we don't think would be beneficial to us, but we should never EVER make someone feel unwelcome.
Just to break the mold, let me say that my boyfriend is an athlete, I go to confessions and church and struggle with a lot of issues EVEN THOUGH THAT SHOULDN'T matter so don't judge me, my best friends are what you call the 'partiers' yet, some of my really close group of friends are in the 'pretentious lit crowd' sitting under the outside of the cafe, where I occasionally sit a couple times a week to get my educational fill, and I go the pub and drink with my professors. So what does this mean?
1) I rule, because I'm friends with a lot of different people...
2) It makes YOU more childish and 'high schoolish' blogging and judging people you don't know, and
3) Maybe we should all grow up a bit and just learn to break our molds.

You never know where anyone is coming from, and just because they play a sport does NOT mean that they are douche bags.