Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretty Tunage

The Cults - You Know What I Mean

I am totally blanking on where I found this song, but I think right now it's my new favorite. Her voice is so pretty, and the vintage 50's feel of the song makes me feel like I'm at the school dance in Grease. Right? Totally. I want to do a version to this song.

The Sounds - Better Off Dead

Ohhhh The Sounds. The Sounds is actually the band that brought me together with Brittany. Funny story about them, Brit and I met in Urban because we were both meeting my friend Dustin, and then we found out that we could get into The Sounds concert for free cause they were playing at a small venue, and we went, and rocked out, and bonded, and now were the bestest friends awhhh. Anyway, this song is quite different then their normal sound, but I dig. Even though I have some grammatical critiques on the lyric structure but whatever it's cool.

Sade ft. Jay-Z - The Moon and the Sky

This is random. But it's just so pretty and chill. The beat is really cool too, I think if I were to run away by taking a train to somewhere really cool I would play this on my journey. And Jay Z is probably the only real rapper I actually like. I digggg.

Birdy - Skinny Love

Okay I am NOT a fan of covers. Especially when somebody tries to cover a Bon Iver song. But this girls voice! Oh my goodness gracious, she is beautiful, pretty young it seems as well, due to her braces filled mouth in the video which everyone should watch because her vintage lace dress and black boots are totally kickin'.

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