Wednesday, July 31, 2013

James Delay - Howl

James Delay - Howl from Christopher Tirrell on Vimeo.

I tried really hard to have self control and not post this until Fall, but since my attention span is that of a squirrel I had to put it up now. I cannot stop myself from watching this since I saw it for the first time yesterday. The music, the visuals, the leaves. It's absolutely perfect.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic

I saw Psychemagik & Daniel Avery play the other night, and it was actually (only surprised because I don't know them THAT well) but a super, super good night. I was so feeling everything that was being played and just about got sent to heaven when Avery played this. I gave him a big ole' kiss afterwards for it too and said "THANKS." Like my opinion matters in the slightest, you know?


The past couple weeks have been one hell of a whirlwind, and I've been in a moderate to severe melancholic mood, and really delving into the deeper, house-ier, more melancholic sounds of the world, so this playlist is just that. One of my best friends over in Russia and I talked the other day and just complained and complained to each other about boys and life and then got really deep with the meaning of what we're supposed to be doing, and it seems she and I always end up having this super existential conversations, which I never mind. But afterwards she sent me this Jamie Woon song and I could not have asked to hear anything at that moment more perfect than this. I love Jamie Woon, ever since "Blue Truth" and I will continue to love him forever. That voice, that passion, can't be taught my friends.

I hate posting OG's then remixes right after but this is an exception because they are both so beautiful in their own ways. I love this remix because it keeps the original ethos of the song, it just bumps it up a bit. Still visceral as all hell.

It was game over after I heard this song last week. Like, this is the most beautiful thing to enter my ears in a long while. It's so deep, so passionate, the vocals are absolutely gorgeous, the lyrics are perfection and yeah, all around fantastic.

OK there's about 700billion remixes to Sailor & I songs, but not ONE has caught me like this. The reason being: this remix sounds as if you can hear the struggle that coincide with the lyrics. Do you feel me? Like the breaking in and out and choppiness of synths with still a stunning overlay really pulls at one's heartstrings. Just another really great example of remixes really cradling the original message of the song.

So I saw the video of this track first and I think that may have helped my initial attraction to the track, but after listening to just the stream the attraction stayed. The 3:47 mark in particular. Really a pretty work of music.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NASSER - The World is Ours

OH THE FRENCH. Stunning song, extremely odd, yet visually alluring video. And to hear it without the interruption of gunshots, stream it here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Music is so good || TEED // Disclosure // Classixx // Justin Martin // The North Sea // Drums of Death

I don't know, I would assume TEED was sitting alone one night drinking earl grey tea and thought "what's a remix I could do that would make Allison Baughman extremely happy, AH I know, "F for You" by Disclosure." And then he did and he made sure to make it extra magical and perfect. I could not have asked for a better remix. Thanks music gods, you rule.

Before this weekend I was searching high and low, from land to land for the perfect song to take care of that itch of a mood I wanted to be in, and WELP here it is. This is so damn stunning I almost have no words. The vocals, the low synth, the piano, everything is so perfectly deep that I think this might be one of my favorites this month. Fantastic.

Freaking. Cool. I had no idea Franz Ferdinand had a collaborative group with Todd Terje. This is awesomer than any collab I've heard of this summer. Can't wait to hear more.

Duh. Plus after seeing them for the second (third?) time at the House of Vans on Thursday night, I couldn't be more in love. They played a live set and just killed it. They are so damn good. So damn chill, and I want more from them at all times of all days always.

Ooo, ooo, guys, I heard this out the other night and I fell absolutely head over heels in love with it. I'm pretty sure it's been out for a while but holy moly me oh my, this is exactly the sound I need to hear right now. Actually, the kid that put it on looked identical to Howard from Disclosure so for some subconscious reason I trusted his music judgement juuuuust that much more.

Milligan Place

Sorry guys, I'm upset right now and writing is my outlet. Deal with it.

This weekend I was in the city, and I think I underwent the most emotions in the course of three days that I ever have before. I felt happy, giddy, in love, mortified, hurt, angry, calm and sad all in a weekend. When someone hurts you it sucks, but after groveling apologies, talks with girlfriends, attending many concerts together and realizing that there is no one else who quite understands and feels music the way you do, I decided to give a person another chance. In my head. Because, you see, I'm too scared to commit to anything because I hate the feeling of a broken heart. But after mind numbing thoughts and margaritas and drinks with a best friend talking it out, I had finally decided that night to let  a person know how I felt. I felt my heart open and I just wanted to love someone again, and I wanted to be loved and cared about in return. And of course, as soon and my heart broke down the cement walls I had put up around it, it was crushed. Crushed. I felt gutted. And stupid. And the only person I wanted to help me was the person who hurt me, but the person who hurt me never will understand what that feels like, because it's about the 4th time it's happened.

I walked around the west village and Greenwich village before I went home, and I passed the most adorable little inlet apartments called 'Milligan Place.' I just stood in front of it and stared at it and holding back my tears I daydreamed of living in this oasis of a NYC neighborhood with a dog and books that would fulfill any hope or desire I had to find a loved one. And in that span of time I hurt more because I just want someone to share those feelings I have with. I don't want to rely on books and other stories of other people in love. I don't want to have a dog and channel a person into it. I want someone real and tangible. I deserve better and I deserve someone who will treat me like the woman I deserve to be treated like.

I guess some people just don't get it. And that's ok. But it sucks because it takes me far too long to find someone to feel comfortable with. And I wish I wasn't the way I was. And I wish if you listened to Jack Johnson or your favorite band was Phish that I would be OK with it, and I wish if you hated God and all organized religion that I could get past it but I can't. I'm just not that way. So with a heavy heart I'll continue to write and to listen and to write about what I listen to.

And any male that may read this, please remember that leaving details out is lying. Looking someone in the eye and lying hurts more than anything, and as feminist as we may seem, as strong as we may come across, we're women. And we're emotional beings, and as much as we try to act like this isn't true, we want to be loved.

And one day, I'm going to find someone and we're going to live in Milligan Place and have a dog named Beauregard and a room full of books that doesn't even compare to the story that we will have.

Classixx - All You're Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang)

Favorite video 2013.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


OK so I was so excited to get the Discotexas Picnic II compilation, and not only was the entire album absolutely unreal, this song could have left me overly content, more than, overly ecstatic on it's own. This is some seriously deep shit, and it sings sweetly to my soul.

Another deep one that just speaks such kind rhythms to me. I would probably do anything to be able to hear this someplace super late and dark, preferably a Le Bain type place, and just dance my heart out to it. Hot Since '82, make this happen?

Xinobi does it again. He just GETS it. A lot of DJs get it, but I haven't felt personally connected with an artists work, MANY works in a bit, and you know what it's really nice to feel like a producer is just reading your mind and then making it into music. Another from the compilation, and absolutely fun.

(Another from the compilation) and gorgeous. GO RAC, you rule.

Do you guys remember when I wrote about INDIANA? She's freaking dark, and I think I might be in love with her. And this remix just highlights every perfection from this song and heightens it to the most pleasant of sounds.

Postiljonen - Atlantis

You know those songs that make you wish you were somewhere else, somewhere like Miami or NYC in late 1980, at the same age as now, walking back from an elaborate dinner party alone but on the way meeting your soul mate standing on the corner in a leather jacket? Or something similar? This song does that to me. Man this is beautiful, and the video is just as visually stunning.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


THIS SONG IS SO UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL, I LEGITIMATELY CAN NOT STOP MYSELF FROM LISTENING TO IT. I wasn't too sure about little Duke Dumont over here because EVERYONE and their mother has been playing 100% in their sets and I was like so over it UNTIL he dropped this delicacy upon my ears yesterday. I've always known MNEK to have the dopest of all dope vocals, and this plus the remix he did to Disclosure's "White Noise," be still my heart.

OK so one of my co-workers showed me this song the other day and said "this sounds like you" and BOY oh boy was he correct! That slayment of synths that is just beyond unexpected really through me through a loop. But a loop made out of candy and happiness and a plethora of people dancing.

Done. Usually anything Matthew Dear melts me into a really dark and creepy beautiful puddle, but this remix is insanity. I honestly don't even think I know who TOBACCO is, but I'm definitely going to be spending a majority of my week seeking out more music.

Like I said on Twitter, the back and forth remixing between Xinobi and Moul makes me elated inside because we all know they're best friends. We all know they both decided to put an 'x' in their name at the same time. God bless, em, ya know? Anyway, "Puma" by itself is beautiful but this, oh this disco-y can you get? More than a pleasure, always.

If sexy took shape in song form, I'm telling you. Oh the breathy vocals, the soft lyrics, the 90's Miami deep house vibes, this is just my summer jam.

Wasn't sure at first, but HOLY at that 2:45 mark, my heavens to Betsy that is some insane sound right there. Great job, Touch Sensitive, this track touches me sensitively ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

RUFUS - Desert Night

Definitely one of my favorite finds this summer. Super great track, with an even better video. I hope everyone realizes that I dance like that when I'm out at shows. Choreo'd, always.


I mean, yeah it's an RAC remix, clearly this is going to be perfect. This is an obvious RAC one, too, but I like that. I like listening to a track and being able to be like "this was clearly touched by RAC." Driving with the windows down kinda track.
BOOM boom boom boom badoom doom, BOOM BOOM badoom doom.

I've been dancing to this alone in my car / room / anywhere I play it since I heard it sometime last week.
Yeah I don't know, not too much to say except that this is just a really good song. Enjoy.

I never caught the Phoenix bug, even when I sat alone on my bed one time and forced myself to listen to their full album, I still never caught it, BUT with a newfound respect for Laurent, I've been slowly but surely getting into more and more of their music. BUT THIS REMIX, is so good.

I've been listening to this on repeat for the past week. It is pretty minimal, and for those who hate it at first, minimal's an acquired taste, but this is dark and poppy enough where I feel like it will be appreciated by most.

YAY this song is so freaking good. I've been on the watch out for him ever since my friend force-fed me some of his music and made me fall in love. THIS THOUGH, it's like a mix between New Orleans jazz and magic. It's perfect.