Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The past couple weeks have been one hell of a whirlwind, and I've been in a moderate to severe melancholic mood, and really delving into the deeper, house-ier, more melancholic sounds of the world, so this playlist is just that. One of my best friends over in Russia and I talked the other day and just complained and complained to each other about boys and life and then got really deep with the meaning of what we're supposed to be doing, and it seems she and I always end up having this super existential conversations, which I never mind. But afterwards she sent me this Jamie Woon song and I could not have asked to hear anything at that moment more perfect than this. I love Jamie Woon, ever since "Blue Truth" and I will continue to love him forever. That voice, that passion, can't be taught my friends.

I hate posting OG's then remixes right after but this is an exception because they are both so beautiful in their own ways. I love this remix because it keeps the original ethos of the song, it just bumps it up a bit. Still visceral as all hell.

It was game over after I heard this song last week. Like, this is the most beautiful thing to enter my ears in a long while. It's so deep, so passionate, the vocals are absolutely gorgeous, the lyrics are perfection and yeah, all around fantastic.

OK there's about 700billion remixes to Sailor & I songs, but not ONE has caught me like this. The reason being: this remix sounds as if you can hear the struggle that coincide with the lyrics. Do you feel me? Like the breaking in and out and choppiness of synths with still a stunning overlay really pulls at one's heartstrings. Just another really great example of remixes really cradling the original message of the song.

So I saw the video of this track first and I think that may have helped my initial attraction to the track, but after listening to just the stream the attraction stayed. The 3:47 mark in particular. Really a pretty work of music.

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