Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disclosure - F For You

This is amazing.
But don't watch it if you're epileptic..sorry.

Monday, June 17, 2013



OK. Stop everything you're doing because not only have I waited ENDLESSLY for this to be released after hearing him drop a 30 second preview during his set at Holy Ship, I've been listening to this random eight second section of this from the Bromance party he played here that I got on my iPhone.
And now, here it is. Finally. Such a dope video, and this track could not be any better. AH THIS SUMMER IS SO SICK FOR MUSIC.

And I know what you're thinking, but no, those are not my younger siblings in the beginning of this video.

Para One - You Too

The level of contentment I felt after Brodinski played this on In DJ's We Trust comforts me. I have been SEARCHING high and low, near and far, to all ends of the interweb for this version of "You" after I heard it on that incredible mix Surkin did for BBCR1, and finally, after all of this time, here it is. He's also coming out with a new album soon, too, so...this summer rules.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

1: She's so cool.
2: Whoever styled this video is freaking awesome. (that white outfit and side pony, swoon - also girl with blue dress and black lip.)
3: Whoever choreo'd this video is freaking awesome.
4: Why wasn't I asked to dance in this. It's fine.


Without a doubt my favorite track right now. Those opening synth lines into the heavy piano just absolutely stops my heart. What a beautifully visceral sound. Then around a minute and a half they mesh together and melt you right where you're listening and I never want to listen to anything else ever again. Ugh, Phonat, how did you do this.

16 year old musician from New Zealand. WHY IS EVERYONE COOLER THAN ME. Ugh, her voice is great, and what a super deep sound. Man I'm really excited to hear more and more from her.

Remember that incredibly sick remix of Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" that I posted around this time last year? Well this is the same guy. An original piece by him, and it's really, really effing good.
The lyrics are sweet, the beat is heavy, there's an eternal ebb and flow of longing throughout the song. A+

Duh Gesaffelstein would remix a Depeche Mode song, like that doesn't surprise me in the slightest, but MAN is this perfect. I mean, it's a dope as hell song to begin with, but holy shit listen to how he heightens Dave Gahan's vocals!! That is how a remix is supposed to be done. He didn't change the ethos of the song at all, he just highlighted the deep feel of it.

Oh Flume. Flume, Flume. You're so good at making me happy. So Flumey, too. I like this remix better than the one he did of "You & Me" by Disclosure. I don't know there's something so happy about this song, maybe because it reminds of the time I first found Flume? Sometime last year in the summer? I don't know but I ruv it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


TRAP-ically fabulous, if you ask me.

The QUACK EP by What So Not, which, if you're one of those that live under a rock, is a collab between Flume and Chris 'Emoh INSTEAD' Emerson (and the babe of all babes...) and they do nothing but create insane music. Like they say on their Facebook page "Because the world needs more bangers" and that's exactly what these boys damn well do.

Yeah right. As if Clubfeet could get ANY better, they come out with this gem. When I first gave this a listen I was all "OK OK yeah this is tight..oh oh yeah this is good...OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS, THIS IS INCREDIBLE" and frankly, I still feel the same every time I listen to it.

Viceroy, whatever. He's kinda annoying, his songs are eh, I think he's a bit into himself, but ya can't deny a good track. However vulgar this song is, and it is, (little children under the age of...idk like 30, don't listen) but this song has ALWAYS made me laugh, and this remix is actually really upbeat and summery. oOooOoooooOooo

Youan - Nightwalker

Nightwalker' is Youan's first release since his massively successful 'Girl' EP, which was played by a variety of BBC Radio DJs, including Zane Lowe. 

'Nightwalker' is set to follow in 'Girl's' footsteps and was given its debut spin on BBC Radio 1 show last week. Here's a link to 'Nightwalker', which is available as a free download - https://soundcloud.com/youan/youan-nightwalker


I mean, all PR bullshit aside, it's actually really good. Low, super tight vibe, danceable, but not too crazy. The vocals are absolute key. You can tell he was really passionate in the creation of this, and that's that shit I do like.

Siriusmo - Itchy / Cornerboy

This is awesome. What a twist of events! lol

Animal Collective - Wide Eyed

OK SO. First of all sorry I've been slacking, I don't really know who I'm apologizing to, but to those of you who dig the music on here, heyyy. OK this past weekend was Governors Ball on Randall's Island, and this song represents the best part of the festival. Yes, yes I know it's true I did see Alt-J, but, ask me about their performance in person. Anyway, Animal Collectives set was by far the most fun of the weekend. Even though the entire island was a muddy, disgusting, filthy mess, they somehow brightened the entire ethos of the night, and there was room to dance! When they dropped this and "Brother Sport" everyone had their very own little dance party, and it was freaking fantastic.

On another note. I'm kinda over festivals. Except for Ultra, as cliche and gay as that sounds, I still always have the best, non-crowded time there. This one in particular, was just too dirty, too messy, too many people, not enough room to do your own thing, not feeling it. It's like, not about the music anymore. It's about what you're wearing, where you're being seen, who you're with. Like I couldn't hear half the shit that was being played, the sound was off, and people are just too damn drunk sometimes. I prefer my small, intimate settings where I have room to dance to myself and just be.