Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sinead O'Conner-Silent Night

definitely one of those songs playing in a movie while the screen flashes to the part where youre best friend or loved one is being shot in slow motion, or over dosing on some euphoric drug. sinead's version of silent night is nothing but hauntingly beautiful. probably one of the creepiest, darkest, most amazing versions of silent night out there.
happy christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

passions overrated anyways

its one of my favorite line from any song. "passion's overrated anyways." (Massive Attack-dissolved girl) well its true. not only have i given up at the ripe age of 20 in terms of hoping for that prince charming that we were all deceptively led to believe is out there, but im almost at a loss for human kind. i know that sounds pessimistic, maybe even a little sarte-esque, but its just something ive really been thinking about and am finally able to articulate. listening to dissolved girl just speaks everything i always try to say. things fade. yes, tonite is christmas eve, and that jolly, warm, warm hearted feeling i normally receive on this glorious night...gone. why? because things fade. not everything is going to stay upbeat and happy. and you know what else fades? my trust and reliabilty in people. and i wish to anything that that was not the case. but it is, unfortunatly. "shame, such a shame, i think i kinda lost myself again", yes, i did. and it is quite a damn shame. i do lost myself when i finally become comfortable and think i can rely on people. you are the only person that you can rely on. youre only in control of yourself. sure, i "need a little love to ease the pain", but please. that whole idea that someone else is going to make you happy? let it go. youre the only person who can do it for yourself. passion is overrated. and when you become passionate about someone, you lose yourself.

no, nothing happened to make me seem cynical, or caused me to tell it like it is, i just finally am able to put it in place in my head. i had no "bad encounter", or falling out, or break up or anything, its just how life is. i have to stop letting peoples poor attitudes and deceptive demeanor bring me down. stop letting my mindset be determined by your negativity.
merry christmas everyone. :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn-Caesar

I blame Coco, also known as Coco Sumner, who is Stings daughter, turned out to be quite the bad ass. this video for her new song "Caesar", is totally rad. you couldnt of done a video any better for this song. the song features my girl Robyn. Robyn. Never. Fails. Me. Quick funny story, i met Robyn when i was 8 years old at planet hollywood, way before she got famous. it was when she came out with that song "show me love". man, has her style changed. she is one of the coolest, most unique artists ive come across. collaboration of stings offspring and robyn? epic.

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar

I BLÅME COCO | MySpace Music Videos

sky friends

home. finally. for a month. something weird about coming home, i always get excited when i fly home, or, anywhere for that matter. i flew in from atl to lga tonite, and let me say, i NEVER get sick of airports. so many people hate to fly, hate the hustle and bustle, but i love every second of it. you will never find a more diverse group of people in the world. i always have a specific playlist playing on my ipod too when im at the airport. i honestly will go to the airport hours before my departure, specifically for the soul reason to people watch. i love just walking down the gates and making up a scenario in my head about the different people i can see. you can learn so much about someone on a flight, also. the way they respond to delays, or what they do to entertain themselves for the two hours they are seated in the sky. even tonite...i may have passed some judgement about a man a row behind me. then he pulled out the readings of st. paul...that changed my judgement very quickly. i always make it a point to talk to the people sitting next to me too, if capable. ive made so many friends and connections its unbelievable. this one man i sat next to flying to school from charleston noticed that i was reading nietzsche, and handed me his business card for an internship at a law firm.......

i dont know i guess the whole point of this post is to notice your surroundings. when youre around people, become aware. look around. enjoy human life. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

"we accept all diversities".....or do we?

we are in a world where liberalism is at its finest. diversity, religion, gender...its all being accepting now. or is it? we are forced to believe that all other views are equal, right? everyone is equal. women, men, gay, straights, blacks, reds, whites, purples.

well i have a question, why isnt catholicism accepted just like other beliefs are?

why is it that gays and transgenders and liberals can have all the parades they want, but if a white catholic was to have a christian parade we'd probably be slaughterd? were called biggots, and intolerable and so much more. i dont understand! if we are supposed to be accepting of all, why cant people accept Christianity? i was at a party the other night, and as we started to talk about politics and religion, as SOON as i said i was catholic, everyone laughed and said..."wait, so is Jesus going to allow you to be here?" like, shutup. im being patronized for being Christian, in what we see as an accepting culture nowadays. im not being accepted. im being brought down. how accepting is that? how is it that people see being religious or chaste or moral as 'intolerable', or lame? doesnt that seem just a little hypocritical to you? well it does to me. if we really are going to be understand and accepting, then start really accepting. this hypocritical b.s. is really starting to get to me.

now dont get me wrong, im not just talking about people who arent christian. i go to one of thee smallest catholic colleges in the country, and let me tell you, people here are the same way. the catholic faith calls us to love all. to reach out and be caring to everyone. now let me tell you, that is not the case here. and it bothers me more than anything else. i love fashion. i love music. i dress differently than most. people look at me like im some huge crazy partier, and i have had the worst encounters of anyone here. one time, my first day at school, a nervous little catholic girl starting her first day, was confronted by a boy telling me to come to the "rosaryyyy" (inflection in his voice that i didnt know what it was..) i flipped out. i may look different, but i know whatsup! im not an idiot, and im tired of people thinking im some bad person. another example is one of the consecrated coming up to me and being completly shocked that i was catholic. are you kidding? im here arent i? you see me at church...

im just sick of people judging. i really am. were supposed to be accepting! were supposed to love others. so lets just love. lets love everyone, so dont hate, appreciate. <3

listen for your song

i love it. i cant function without it. blah blah everyone loves music. NOT LIKE ME. everyone has their own taste, and way they listen to music. everyone has their own genre, their own bands, their own style. i love what im into. i dont even feel like blood runs through my veins. i believe my viens flow with whatever music is getting to me at that moment. my heart pulsates to the beat. electro, techno, rock. thats my jam. once it turns on, my body starts moving. i cant stop dancing. i guess thats what happens when youre in a ballet class for 13 years...i LOVE it! i love to dance. i love concerts and shows, lights and music. metric, mstrkrft, radiohead, guetta, remixes left and right. where to go for finding good music? audioporncentral and hypem..thats the majority of my downtime. NYLON online and in the mags,always have the best mixtapes. listen in shows too. gossip girl had some good vampire weekend the other week, and they also played some miike snow. keep an ear out always.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

agréable pour vous rencontrer

please allow me to introduce myself....
hello, my name is allie. i am currently living on the outskirts of atlanta, attending a small catholic college, in my third year. not a huge fan of the school im at, but i make the best of it. i go to atlanta every single weeked, and stay with my friends at SCAD-atlanta. they rock. my home is in connecticut, and just about do the same things on the weekend, i venture to new york city and do what i do.

i guess you could say im an "aspiring" model. ive done about 5 shoots for Seventeen magazine, and ive done a shoot for Nike. im currently not signed (someone help me out!). im going to keep trying, its what i love to do. i also love music and fashion. i could blog about music for forever, and i find myself finding new beats and music all night long. i love to play the keyboard and sing, learn songs and cover them. not too good, but i love it. i love to design, draw, do colages. one of my colages has already been published in NYLON mag, OH how i love and worship that magazine....

i have a big family. im numero 3 out of 6. i love them all. they are oh so dear to me, along with my friends. i also love my faith. its the most important thing to me. JOY.
only x's for you.