Monday, December 14, 2009

"we accept all diversities".....or do we?

we are in a world where liberalism is at its finest. diversity, religion, gender...its all being accepting now. or is it? we are forced to believe that all other views are equal, right? everyone is equal. women, men, gay, straights, blacks, reds, whites, purples.

well i have a question, why isnt catholicism accepted just like other beliefs are?

why is it that gays and transgenders and liberals can have all the parades they want, but if a white catholic was to have a christian parade we'd probably be slaughterd? were called biggots, and intolerable and so much more. i dont understand! if we are supposed to be accepting of all, why cant people accept Christianity? i was at a party the other night, and as we started to talk about politics and religion, as SOON as i said i was catholic, everyone laughed and said..."wait, so is Jesus going to allow you to be here?" like, shutup. im being patronized for being Christian, in what we see as an accepting culture nowadays. im not being accepted. im being brought down. how accepting is that? how is it that people see being religious or chaste or moral as 'intolerable', or lame? doesnt that seem just a little hypocritical to you? well it does to me. if we really are going to be understand and accepting, then start really accepting. this hypocritical b.s. is really starting to get to me.

now dont get me wrong, im not just talking about people who arent christian. i go to one of thee smallest catholic colleges in the country, and let me tell you, people here are the same way. the catholic faith calls us to love all. to reach out and be caring to everyone. now let me tell you, that is not the case here. and it bothers me more than anything else. i love fashion. i love music. i dress differently than most. people look at me like im some huge crazy partier, and i have had the worst encounters of anyone here. one time, my first day at school, a nervous little catholic girl starting her first day, was confronted by a boy telling me to come to the "rosaryyyy" (inflection in his voice that i didnt know what it was..) i flipped out. i may look different, but i know whatsup! im not an idiot, and im tired of people thinking im some bad person. another example is one of the consecrated coming up to me and being completly shocked that i was catholic. are you kidding? im here arent i? you see me at church...

im just sick of people judging. i really am. were supposed to be accepting! were supposed to love others. so lets just love. lets love everyone, so dont hate, appreciate. <3

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