Saturday, December 19, 2009

sky friends

home. finally. for a month. something weird about coming home, i always get excited when i fly home, or, anywhere for that matter. i flew in from atl to lga tonite, and let me say, i NEVER get sick of airports. so many people hate to fly, hate the hustle and bustle, but i love every second of it. you will never find a more diverse group of people in the world. i always have a specific playlist playing on my ipod too when im at the airport. i honestly will go to the airport hours before my departure, specifically for the soul reason to people watch. i love just walking down the gates and making up a scenario in my head about the different people i can see. you can learn so much about someone on a flight, also. the way they respond to delays, or what they do to entertain themselves for the two hours they are seated in the sky. even tonite...i may have passed some judgement about a man a row behind me. then he pulled out the readings of st. paul...that changed my judgement very quickly. i always make it a point to talk to the people sitting next to me too, if capable. ive made so many friends and connections its unbelievable. this one man i sat next to flying to school from charleston noticed that i was reading nietzsche, and handed me his business card for an internship at a law firm.......

i dont know i guess the whole point of this post is to notice your surroundings. when youre around people, become aware. look around. enjoy human life. :)

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