Monday, December 14, 2009

listen for your song

i love it. i cant function without it. blah blah everyone loves music. NOT LIKE ME. everyone has their own taste, and way they listen to music. everyone has their own genre, their own bands, their own style. i love what im into. i dont even feel like blood runs through my veins. i believe my viens flow with whatever music is getting to me at that moment. my heart pulsates to the beat. electro, techno, rock. thats my jam. once it turns on, my body starts moving. i cant stop dancing. i guess thats what happens when youre in a ballet class for 13 years...i LOVE it! i love to dance. i love concerts and shows, lights and music. metric, mstrkrft, radiohead, guetta, remixes left and right. where to go for finding good music? audioporncentral and hypem..thats the majority of my downtime. NYLON online and in the mags,always have the best mixtapes. listen in shows too. gossip girl had some good vampire weekend the other week, and they also played some miike snow. keep an ear out always.


  1. NICE!!!!!! will you post that link that justin and ben are always finding remixes and collaborations?