Sunday, December 13, 2009

agréable pour vous rencontrer

please allow me to introduce myself....
hello, my name is allie. i am currently living on the outskirts of atlanta, attending a small catholic college, in my third year. not a huge fan of the school im at, but i make the best of it. i go to atlanta every single weeked, and stay with my friends at SCAD-atlanta. they rock. my home is in connecticut, and just about do the same things on the weekend, i venture to new york city and do what i do.

i guess you could say im an "aspiring" model. ive done about 5 shoots for Seventeen magazine, and ive done a shoot for Nike. im currently not signed (someone help me out!). im going to keep trying, its what i love to do. i also love music and fashion. i could blog about music for forever, and i find myself finding new beats and music all night long. i love to play the keyboard and sing, learn songs and cover them. not too good, but i love it. i love to design, draw, do colages. one of my colages has already been published in NYLON mag, OH how i love and worship that magazine....

i have a big family. im numero 3 out of 6. i love them all. they are oh so dear to me, along with my friends. i also love my faith. its the most important thing to me. JOY.
only x's for you.

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