Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Agnes Obel - Fuel to Fire (Xinobi Rework)

The planets have aligned, my people. My favorite Autumnal dark lady of Europe's best track of her fantastic new album, remixed by one of my absolute favorite producers. Bless this track, and all those involved in the making of it. Couldn't be more excited to share this with all of you.

Panteros666 - Baby F-16



I fell in love with Solomun after seeing him play with David August in some super stealthy warehouse in Brooklyn somewhere at like 4 am, and this song is actually one of the best things in my life right now. So many remixes stemmed from the OG Tiga track, but this one is by far my favorite.

I've been researching the hell out of Gesaffelstein prior to the release of Aleph, and one of my friends had told me about The Hacker being a major influence in Gesaf's life. Then upon reading Funster's interview with the don himself on Mixmag, he talked about the same thing. And then I heard this remix yesterday and I was like ohhhhh I get it. Thee end.

Yeah right when this EP drops in full my brain is going to explode out of my head. You always hold such high expectations for an EP or album from those you love, and then I get mad at myself because what if WHAT IF it just falls a little short, you get so disappointed. But heavens me, I should have known, Erol Alkan will never disappoint. THOSE DRUMS I can't.

Disclosure! You're making me blush this is so dark and sexy mm mmmm. That :43 second mark may or may not have made my heart go into some serious palpitations. Ugh, so real. This might be one of my faves.

Wow, well whatsup Ejeca. This is my kinda house music, deep, gets you thinking some weird thoughts, makes you wanna screw shit up at like 3 AM in the city...man that skipping part is fresh as fffff.

I mean I think we all can agree that Future Classic kills it over and over, time and time again. This is my favorite off the "Imperfection" EP. Groovy as all hell.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I've casually commented on public forums about it, I've had short conversations about it with people in the industry over drinks and laughed it off, I've subtweeted the shit out of it on twitter, but now I am at a point where laughing out of disgust doesn't suffice. I am pissed. I'm not too sure what set me off (that's a lie, I know exactly what it was: it was looking at some California based DJ's twitter bio and his mixtape covers of woman's VAGINA's and BARE breasts covered in gold with his name written across) and I just can't take it anymore. WHY IN THE HELL is the dance music industry still suffering from such incredible amounts of anti-feminism? Actually, screw that, it's not even anti-feminism, it's just lack of class and decency. Are we honestly still that antiquated of a culture where we have to have women's organs on our mixtape/album/track covers? Are you seriously lacking creativity THAT MUCH that you have to resort to naked women for imagery? Your music honestly must not be that good if you have to have pictures of naked women distracting us. You don't see female dj's putting dicks and what not on their album covers. SO WHY is it SO acceptable to have it be done by you? We all want equality so badly, and will fight to the death about every right being acknowledged, how about the right for women to be protected? How about a realization that your disgusting, heinous, completely repulsive pictures and lyrics are just a slap in the face to people who actually appreciate music. Yeah, I will go so far as to say it shows a lack of talent. When you have to resort to painting a woman's vagina gold and calling your mixtape a really vulgar word, it is YOU making a JOKE out of something that some of us are busting our asses and hustling through life for. I have dedicated my LIFE, along with a million other people, to show the TRUE, amazing, transcendent beauty of music. To bring this gift of phenomenal sound to others, and to share in an appreciation of something that quite frankly, is other worldly. Why are you making it about you? Why are you feeding into your own disgusting, animalistic tendencies when all we want to do is listen to beautiful sound? I don't want to look at body parts that were put on there specifically so you can objectify them. Women's bodies
, minds and souls are precious, and YOU PIGS are making a joke of it.
The music industry was not, and I repeat, WAS NOT created specifically for the male species. AND I KNOW from being in the industry long enough, and making some of the COOLEST female (and male) friends I've ever made, that we, women, feel like we have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously by some. I AM SO OVER even THINKING that this is still an issue.

Grow up, ass hole musicians. Let the music speak for itself.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Boiler Room - Canblaster

Because my love for Canblaster, let alone Marble Records will never cease, I'm forcing any and all who view this page to listen to his boiler room set. Without a doubt my fave BR set this year.

James Blake - Life Round Here feat. Chance the Rapper

If you haven't seen it, now is the time to. What an absolutely mesmerizing video. Incredible. I'm seeing Chance next Wednesday, and James Blake next week sometime, too. What are the chances either of them come out on stage for the others show..?

So behind, so, so behind. AMTRAC // SHLOHMO // CHROMEO // MR OIZO // FLUME // SHADOW CHILD

I did not think I could take any more of this song. I am SO over it, that it actually pains me, but Amtrac YOU DOG. You've gone and turned this played out tune into an absolute banger that now I won't stop playing until something just as good catches my ear.

I have one goal in life. That's a lie. But ONE of the goals is to marry Shlohmo. Or at least go on a date with him. Something that involves this music surrounding me at all times of the day, and I can only assume he's as smooth as his own music, so I presume the date would go swimmingly. That 2:19 mark, man, takes my breath away every single time I hear it.

Chromeo and Mr. Oizo, what a team. And what a bizarre remix! I love it. Not to mention these lyrics are some of the best I've heard in a really long time, try to tell me you didn't laugh out loud when you first listened to this track.
"Turn that frown into a crown."

A super short demo of this was released a bit ago, and it was just the piano part. This is a little serious, a little bit more so than we're used to, but man is this a freaking tune. The chords hit in just the right section, and the rap (I've been super into rap and r&b lately I don't know what's happening) but the rap fits more than perfectly. Reminds me of an Immortal Technique track or something similar. Fantastic.

Duh AlunaGeorge, duh Shadow Child. Duh their tandem efforts would be some of the most pleasing to our ears. It's like ok ok Aluna you sound really good but then HEY wanna get really deep and sexy for a minute? OK. Amazing remix.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Surkin - Oedo 606 (Official Video)

(My superhero song of choice) and a fantastic video to go along with it.


K first of all I was super bummed I missed Amtrac's after show after he played Barclay's with Kaskade BUT you guys, it was at Pacha. Like I am not a brat and I never care about venues ever but....I just couldn't get myself to do it. I regret it a little bit because of this song. This new Amtrac remix was the perfect track to come out in the middle of the week. After a super late Tuesday night and feeling like complete shit the next day, I swear to you as soon as I heard this I automatically felt better. Jam and a half.

LOL right!? Not only is the original one of my favorite songs already but holy hell this remix just takes it to a level I didn't think was possible. I'm getting down with these old r&b songs getting danced up lately, nostalgia overload.

I'm not going to lie to you. This track surprised the shit out of me. And I really love Maribou State, and I played their Fatboy Slim remix like 610x over and over when it came out but THIS ONE is on another level. Oh man is this a deep, super sensual beauty. That 2:21 mark holyyyyyy is that insanity or what.

I mean Future Classic killing it like absolutely always. The Mira EP is out October 28th, so that last week of October is looking like my computer, ears and soul might explode with all the new music that's dropping that weekend. And the anticipation is making my hands sweat when I think about it.

Oh so good. Oh so, so, so good. It kiiiiiind of reminds me of this Sneaky Soundsystem remix I liked back in like '09 but it's like a little more mature and cool cause it's Robert Delong. Oooof this hits so well.

Club Cheval, man. When I go to space for the first time, this will be the track playing on repeat in the space craft. That it all.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Canblaster - "I Think About U"

I like this. I like this a whole lot.


I get very dark this season. As I'm sure everyone says when Fall rolls around and girls talk about their pumpkin spice latte's and sweaters and boots and all that other superficial Autumn nonsense. This morning was the first morning I felt completely saturated with the weather. The trees are red. The sun is dark in the morning. There's an eerie low wind that moves the dead leaves around your feet, and there's a solemn peace that enters your heart that twists your stomach into a knot so comfortable you wonder if something might be wrong with you. And I surround myself with my seasonal friends, Radical Face, Agnes Obel, Massive Attack, James Blake and others, and we sit and think about the sadness of our minds that we don't have time to address as much as we used to. It's a friendship in sound that is so content in my heart, I feel as though I don't need any other living beings.
Welcome, Autumn.

I listened to Agnes Obel's new album 7 times in a row last night. And I could've kept going but I fell asleep so soundly to her voice.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hosted by the cool guys at All Things Go, The Most Definitely, BlahblahblahScience & The Do NYC, I suggest you rally every single one of your buddies and head over to this show.

And now for a story. The first show I ever snuck into at the ripe age of 18 when I first moved to Georgia was The Sounds concert at The Loft in Atlanta. It was the first time I really developed a little girl crush on Maja, watching her own shit on that stage in her leather pants and messy blonde hair. She was killing it and she was so punk and angry and I forever emulated her in my head and dreamt of being almost as bad ass as she is. 
It was also the first time I had a PBR. 
God Bless you all, Amen.

BANKS - "This is What it Feels Like"

She's the hottest thing I've seen in a really long time. And this deep, dark sound just does all the right things to my heart.
I hope you got a chance to purchase her EP. If not, pause the video and make your way over to iTunes.

Getting Deep || Four Tet // George Maple // SOHN // James Blake // Chance the Rapper // Movement // Chrome Sparks

I mean, this is one of the best definitions of the beauty of minimal. I've always leaned more towards minimalist ambient sounds, and this just goes to show why. The sound runs through your veins and into your heart, not to be dramatic or anything, but it just does something to the mind and body. Mmmm, Four Tet.

I mean. Did I call it or did I call it with her. She's killing it. I'm really trying to find a more articulate way of saying "this is the sexiest song I've heard in a minute" but ooops, there it goes. It is, no denying. Her voice, the lyrics, the rhythm. It's perfect.

He kills me. He will always kill me with these synths. This heart palpitating rhythm and build up actually makes my heart beat faster when I hear it then BAM, I'm dead because I become paralyzed. Good luck to all of you who listen.

We all saw the Instagram picture James Blake put up a month or so ago of him and Chance the Rapper, and like me, you thought "oh that's super cool that they know each other, wonder where that will lead..." and voila, here we have a collaboration of my husband James and everyones fave new acid rapper Chance the Rapper.

My friend sent this to me and I'm all like "yea yea I'll listen later.." but then I did and I was like :O This is some seriously deep tuneage. You ever wanna put me in the mood? Throw this on some speakers.

Put out by Future Classic, another minimal beauty of the sound realm. I want to listen to this when the world starts to end and pieces of the sky start falling all around and I just stand there in the midst of it all watching it happen in slow motion. Or something.