Thursday, October 10, 2013


K first of all I was super bummed I missed Amtrac's after show after he played Barclay's with Kaskade BUT you guys, it was at Pacha. Like I am not a brat and I never care about venues ever but....I just couldn't get myself to do it. I regret it a little bit because of this song. This new Amtrac remix was the perfect track to come out in the middle of the week. After a super late Tuesday night and feeling like complete shit the next day, I swear to you as soon as I heard this I automatically felt better. Jam and a half.

LOL right!? Not only is the original one of my favorite songs already but holy hell this remix just takes it to a level I didn't think was possible. I'm getting down with these old r&b songs getting danced up lately, nostalgia overload.

I'm not going to lie to you. This track surprised the shit out of me. And I really love Maribou State, and I played their Fatboy Slim remix like 610x over and over when it came out but THIS ONE is on another level. Oh man is this a deep, super sensual beauty. That 2:21 mark holyyyyyy is that insanity or what.

I mean Future Classic killing it like absolutely always. The Mira EP is out October 28th, so that last week of October is looking like my computer, ears and soul might explode with all the new music that's dropping that weekend. And the anticipation is making my hands sweat when I think about it.

Oh so good. Oh so, so, so good. It kiiiiiind of reminds me of this Sneaky Soundsystem remix I liked back in like '09 but it's like a little more mature and cool cause it's Robert Delong. Oooof this hits so well.

Club Cheval, man. When I go to space for the first time, this will be the track playing on repeat in the space craft. That it all.

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