Friday, October 4, 2013


I get very dark this season. As I'm sure everyone says when Fall rolls around and girls talk about their pumpkin spice latte's and sweaters and boots and all that other superficial Autumn nonsense. This morning was the first morning I felt completely saturated with the weather. The trees are red. The sun is dark in the morning. There's an eerie low wind that moves the dead leaves around your feet, and there's a solemn peace that enters your heart that twists your stomach into a knot so comfortable you wonder if something might be wrong with you. And I surround myself with my seasonal friends, Radical Face, Agnes Obel, Massive Attack, James Blake and others, and we sit and think about the sadness of our minds that we don't have time to address as much as we used to. It's a friendship in sound that is so content in my heart, I feel as though I don't need any other living beings.
Welcome, Autumn.

I listened to Agnes Obel's new album 7 times in a row last night. And I could've kept going but I fell asleep so soundly to her voice.

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  1. my vinyl copy of this just arrived and I can't imagine life without it. thanks for putting it on my radar, cheers.