Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So behind, so, so behind. AMTRAC // SHLOHMO // CHROMEO // MR OIZO // FLUME // SHADOW CHILD

I did not think I could take any more of this song. I am SO over it, that it actually pains me, but Amtrac YOU DOG. You've gone and turned this played out tune into an absolute banger that now I won't stop playing until something just as good catches my ear.

I have one goal in life. That's a lie. But ONE of the goals is to marry Shlohmo. Or at least go on a date with him. Something that involves this music surrounding me at all times of the day, and I can only assume he's as smooth as his own music, so I presume the date would go swimmingly. That 2:19 mark, man, takes my breath away every single time I hear it.

Chromeo and Mr. Oizo, what a team. And what a bizarre remix! I love it. Not to mention these lyrics are some of the best I've heard in a really long time, try to tell me you didn't laugh out loud when you first listened to this track.
"Turn that frown into a crown."

A super short demo of this was released a bit ago, and it was just the piano part. This is a little serious, a little bit more so than we're used to, but man is this a freaking tune. The chords hit in just the right section, and the rap (I've been super into rap and r&b lately I don't know what's happening) but the rap fits more than perfectly. Reminds me of an Immortal Technique track or something similar. Fantastic.

Duh AlunaGeorge, duh Shadow Child. Duh their tandem efforts would be some of the most pleasing to our ears. It's like ok ok Aluna you sound really good but then HEY wanna get really deep and sexy for a minute? OK. Amazing remix.

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