Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting Deep || Four Tet // George Maple // SOHN // James Blake // Chance the Rapper // Movement // Chrome Sparks

I mean, this is one of the best definitions of the beauty of minimal. I've always leaned more towards minimalist ambient sounds, and this just goes to show why. The sound runs through your veins and into your heart, not to be dramatic or anything, but it just does something to the mind and body. Mmmm, Four Tet.

I mean. Did I call it or did I call it with her. She's killing it. I'm really trying to find a more articulate way of saying "this is the sexiest song I've heard in a minute" but ooops, there it goes. It is, no denying. Her voice, the lyrics, the rhythm. It's perfect.

He kills me. He will always kill me with these synths. This heart palpitating rhythm and build up actually makes my heart beat faster when I hear it then BAM, I'm dead because I become paralyzed. Good luck to all of you who listen.

We all saw the Instagram picture James Blake put up a month or so ago of him and Chance the Rapper, and like me, you thought "oh that's super cool that they know each other, wonder where that will lead..." and voila, here we have a collaboration of my husband James and everyones fave new acid rapper Chance the Rapper.

My friend sent this to me and I'm all like "yea yea I'll listen later.." but then I did and I was like :O This is some seriously deep tuneage. You ever wanna put me in the mood? Throw this on some speakers.

Put out by Future Classic, another minimal beauty of the sound realm. I want to listen to this when the world starts to end and pieces of the sky start falling all around and I just stand there in the midst of it all watching it happen in slow motion. Or something.

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