Thursday, October 24, 2013


I've casually commented on public forums about it, I've had short conversations about it with people in the industry over drinks and laughed it off, I've subtweeted the shit out of it on twitter, but now I am at a point where laughing out of disgust doesn't suffice. I am pissed. I'm not too sure what set me off (that's a lie, I know exactly what it was: it was looking at some California based DJ's twitter bio and his mixtape covers of woman's VAGINA's and BARE breasts covered in gold with his name written across) and I just can't take it anymore. WHY IN THE HELL is the dance music industry still suffering from such incredible amounts of anti-feminism? Actually, screw that, it's not even anti-feminism, it's just lack of class and decency. Are we honestly still that antiquated of a culture where we have to have women's organs on our mixtape/album/track covers? Are you seriously lacking creativity THAT MUCH that you have to resort to naked women for imagery? Your music honestly must not be that good if you have to have pictures of naked women distracting us. You don't see female dj's putting dicks and what not on their album covers. SO WHY is it SO acceptable to have it be done by you? We all want equality so badly, and will fight to the death about every right being acknowledged, how about the right for women to be protected? How about a realization that your disgusting, heinous, completely repulsive pictures and lyrics are just a slap in the face to people who actually appreciate music. Yeah, I will go so far as to say it shows a lack of talent. When you have to resort to painting a woman's vagina gold and calling your mixtape a really vulgar word, it is YOU making a JOKE out of something that some of us are busting our asses and hustling through life for. I have dedicated my LIFE, along with a million other people, to show the TRUE, amazing, transcendent beauty of music. To bring this gift of phenomenal sound to others, and to share in an appreciation of something that quite frankly, is other worldly. Why are you making it about you? Why are you feeding into your own disgusting, animalistic tendencies when all we want to do is listen to beautiful sound? I don't want to look at body parts that were put on there specifically so you can objectify them. Women's bodies
, minds and souls are precious, and YOU PIGS are making a joke of it.
The music industry was not, and I repeat, WAS NOT created specifically for the male species. AND I KNOW from being in the industry long enough, and making some of the COOLEST female (and male) friends I've ever made, that we, women, feel like we have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously by some. I AM SO OVER even THINKING that this is still an issue.

Grow up, ass hole musicians. Let the music speak for itself.

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