Monday, July 1, 2013


I mean, yeah it's an RAC remix, clearly this is going to be perfect. This is an obvious RAC one, too, but I like that. I like listening to a track and being able to be like "this was clearly touched by RAC." Driving with the windows down kinda track.
BOOM boom boom boom badoom doom, BOOM BOOM badoom doom.

I've been dancing to this alone in my car / room / anywhere I play it since I heard it sometime last week.
Yeah I don't know, not too much to say except that this is just a really good song. Enjoy.

I never caught the Phoenix bug, even when I sat alone on my bed one time and forced myself to listen to their full album, I still never caught it, BUT with a newfound respect for Laurent, I've been slowly but surely getting into more and more of their music. BUT THIS REMIX, is so good.

I've been listening to this on repeat for the past week. It is pretty minimal, and for those who hate it at first, minimal's an acquired taste, but this is dark and poppy enough where I feel like it will be appreciated by most.

YAY this song is so freaking good. I've been on the watch out for him ever since my friend force-fed me some of his music and made me fall in love. THIS THOUGH, it's like a mix between New Orleans jazz and magic. It's perfect.

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