Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Britney Spears - Til the World Ends

Whatever, you freaking haters. My love for Brit Brit is out; get over it, or bite me. Not only does this song excite me and makes me dance around my room, BUT it also reminds me of Slave 4 U and that makes me so happy because old Britney is coming back yayyyy. Her dancing is improving since she's had the babies. She still just kinda hops, and her back is semi-stiff but she looks great. ...However there is something different about her face, it's like she's so tired or something, poor thing....she works so hard...

PS if the world was ending like it's supposed to be, I really hope I can have a massive dance party with Britney Spears. Guys wanna join? Let's do it.

And here is thee most kick ass remix of all time. (I'm so dramatic sometimes, ya know?)

Britney Spears - Til The World Ends (CULTURE SHOCK remix)

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