Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pop Central

Nero - Guilt

APC posted the video for this song a couple weeks ago, and it is by far one of the best videos I've seen all year. I was also on a Nero high from Ultra when I heard this song, so I immediately became obsessed.

Kerli - Army of Love (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)

First time I heard Kerli was a couple years ago, I think my brother showed me her 'Walking on Air' video. She's super weird and pretty and foreign. The video to this song is really cool too, check it out HERE. The Cherry Cherry Boom Boom remix just ads a little something special.

Band of Horses - The Funeral (Butch - Clancy Remix)

Ahhh Band of Horses. They always make me emotional. My bro sent this remix to me via Twitter. Really cool remix, a little bit different then what you would expect, but definitely good.

The Sirens - Don't Let Go

This is like...pop central. But APC had their album for stream a month or so ago, and I recently just found this mp3. The Sirens sound is super girly, lyrics are nothing remotely intelligent, but it's way fun to get ready to when you're going out at night or something of the sort.

Britney Spears - Inside Out

Okay, so I don't think I have blogged any Britney songs before, except for some killer remixes I've come across...but I think it's time I let the world know that...
I'm obsessed with Britney Spears.
I have been since the 4th grade. I have every single one of her albums, hard copy and all, I've memorized every dance to every video, I know every word to every song, and between the ages of 16 and 19 I used to celebrate her birthday, on her birthday.
I know this is really weird to hear, and slightly embarrassing to admit, but she's beautiful. She dances better than any other pop artist, she has been through SO much, and I don't know, she's the damn princess of pop let's give some credit where credits due. I think we all forget the old Britney. Britney pre-My Prerogative, pre-shaved head, pre-Kevin Federline. She was stunning. And now I sound like a creepy stalker so let me just say, I love this new song of hers, her comebacks are ruling all, and we should all praise her.

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