Tuesday, October 2, 2012


(Taken from my SNSPost) Transport yourself back to Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides for a minute; picture the four matching curtain homecoming dresses and the dreamlike thoughts of Trip Fontaine. If Lux Lisbon and sisters decided to start a band, I would more than expect the girls to sound something very similar to this. TEEN is the female dream pop masterpiece behind Here We Go Magic’s Kristina Lieberson who thought up the brilliant idea to gather her sisters and two close friends together to start making music. This Brooklyn based girl group has successfully created a stunning genre that incorporates multiple different layers, including a bass heavy psychedelic folk-rock undertow and beautifully basic vocals. Their album In Limbo was released last week through Carpark Records, and is the perfect album to transition you to overcast days and earlier nights.  They have released a video for the single “Electric” and the video is nothing short of just that. Simple cat eyes surrounded by psychedelic triangles and colorful chiffon jumpsuits are exactly what you would picture when listening to this song. The entire album sounds like a dream, with fun synths, low drums and tambourines. The tracks “Roses and Wine” and “Sleep is Noise” are the perfect songs to drink a glass of red with alone, and Kristina’s vocals in “Charlie” are sweet enough to bring you to tears. Sink deeply into their sound and you’ll feel as though you’ve been swept into some type of magical land.

100% obsessed with these girls, mostly because their noise fits in so well with the beginning of fall that's kinda depressing.

TEEN - Electric

And then my personal fave, Roses & Wine

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  1. This is such a good description, they really are like and edgy virgin suicides girls.

    What a quirky clip too.