Monday, July 16, 2012

The Happy Tunes // Lana Del Rey / Foxes / Meg Myers / Alt - J (Δ) / Dragonette / Rusko

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (BURNS' SFTCR Remix)

Words cannot describe the feeling I had when this song first blessed me with its sound. Without a doubt my most favorite track in my possession currently. I was so bummed that I didn't love the original, because as much shit as I talk about our beloved Lana, I still secretly love her music. I never thought that such an insane remix could come from this single. THANK HEAVENS I was wrong. This is by far the sexiest song I have heard in months, I would do anything to hear this out in the city at some small messy venue. Yum yum yum.

Foxes - Youth

DON'T TELL ME OUR YOUTH IS RUNNING OUT, it's only just begun. Such a happy, pretty, positive (in my sort of positive way) song, and this is definitely one of those songs that makes me so happy to be alive. It came on this weekend when I was taking a walk by my lonesome by the East River this weekend to clear some sadness; the wind was blowing, there were tons of people around me, and it just put thee biggest smile on my face, and I definitely started dancing on the sidewalk.

Meg Myers - Monster (Semothy Jones Remix)

OK as if Meg Myers couldn't get any cooler, a song like this is produced and it reminds me why I love writing what I write about. This is one of the sickest dub mixes I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in my life. (How dramatic can I get about each song? Idk, let's see.) It's not too wompy, it's not too loud, it's just perfect and the tone of the bells couldn't have been more perfect. Every single added beat adds to her already incredible voice, and the intensity of the song as a whole just absolutely heightens.

Alt-J (Δ) - Tessellate

Stunning. An absolutely brilliant song that bleeds talent, soul, passion and emotion. I have no idea where Alt-J came from, but I am so incredibly excited that I have come across such a force of music.


[v. tes-uh-leyt; adj. tes-uh-lit, -leytverb, tes·sel·lat·ed, tes·sel·lat·ing, adjective
verb (used with object)

to form of small squares or blocks, as floors or pavements;form or arrange in a checkered or mosaic pattern.

Dragonette - Rocketship

Dragonette, for years, have been hit or miss with me. Luckily, today it's a hit. I think probably because a lot of their music is so close to being able to dance to, and then you try and it's too slow. It misses my special mark. But this one is just perfect. Great social bar with unknown people song.

Rusko - Thunder (feat. Bonnie McKee)

Hell yeah. Let's take a walk back to 1994, visit some Sonique and Rockell and mix it with some Rusko magic, shall we? Does this song not sound like it was a 90s trancer that got mixed in with this generation? It so does. Brilliant, love it so much. It's not too heavy to listen to, as a lot of his music is, it's juuuust right. So much fun to dance to, as well.

I would like to dedicate all of this amazing, happy music to my great friend Clayton Burroughs, one of the happiest, nicest, most genuine kids I have ever had the blessing of being close with. RIP my little snuggle bear, I cannot wait to dougie with you in Heaven to all of the amazing music we used to listen to together.

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