Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Post 2 Beacon // Golden Filter // Andy Stott // Child Actor // That Work / Yung Skeeter // Queens of the Stoneage // MS MR

Beacon - Into the Night

Today, is a great day. Today Beacon dropped their very first EP For Now through the fantastic Ghostly International. (Home to the always ambiguous Matthew Dear..) and it is the most perfect little EP for this dreary weather. It's completely atmospheric and perfectly ambient, choice music for these dull days ahead of us.

The Golden Filter - Moonlight Fantasy

The Golden Filter will always and forever be one of my favorite dark and creepies. If poetry could be turned into rythmn and beats, The Golden Filter would be backing "Bereft" or "My November Guest." Such incredible musicians, and it only gets better when you open your window and see the bleak weather to match.

Andy Stott -Numb

Uhm, I don't know if I can properly articulate my feelings for this track. It is the deepest, most sesual, most intricate, soul grabbing song I have heard in quite some time. The vocals are what I imagine the Sirens sounded like to Odysseus, so soft and breathy, so girly and gorgeous. Then this heartbeat of a rythmn, pulsating my mind into a comotose state; I actually forget everything around me when this song is playing. This is brilliance.

Child Actor - If you Loved Me

Galactic and positively charming. These guys are so damn cool; she records her voice and any pure instrumental, then sends it to him and he layers it in synths and beats of all kinds. Ahh, the future of music.

That Work - Soul on Fire (Yung Skeeter Remix)

This track blew me away this morning. This song sets my damn soul on fire. What a pleasant collaboration of some nu disco and some tasty EDM (heavy on the disco) we have before us. Vocals are perfect, lyrics are even more perfect, beat is perfect, will not be able to get this song out of my head all week.

Queens of the Stoneage - Make it Wit Chu (Virgin Magnetic Material)

Queens of the Stoneage remind me of the song "Little Sister," major cow bell, SNL, and my emo highschool years trying to get my friends into the same music I was into. But while perusing through the interwebs these past couple days, I see this!? Yes please. It's a perfectly calming and slightly sexy remix that makes me want to stay in bed forever.

MS MR - Dark Doo Wop

Oh our friends MS MR. Yes, they put a bad taste in my mouth when I talked to them after their show, but I can't help but fall in love with their music. It's really unique, (hate that word) but they have such a specific sound, and her voice is so recognizable. Congratulations to their tour with Marina and the Diamonds, what an amazing success that turned out to be.

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