Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mid-Autumn Synth Magic Little Boots / Jack Beats / Jess Mills / Klever / Two Door Cinema Club / Gigamesh / Stay+ / Roses Gabor

Little Boots - Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat Cover)

I've been a Little Boots fan ever since she started back in the day with "Meddle" and "Remedy." Man those songs are playing right now and it's actually transporting my brain back about 3 years to dancing on a couch in a random apartment in Atlanta. She's a babe who has the talent I wish I had, and she stuns us yet again with her creative take on Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy." Massive round of applause.

Jack Beats - Somebody to Love (feat. Jess Mills)

UHM. My jaw literally dropped when I heard this for the first time. FIRST OF ALL, I'm a huge Jess Mills fan, she kicks it so hard with all of her music, and after that track she did with Breakage, I just knew she was going to be one of my faves. Then Jack Beats drops this, and stuns us with collaborating with the lovely Jess Mills, and not only is it just an awesome collab, but the track itself is FIRE. Sexiest thing I've heard in a minute.

Klever - Higher

Remember BACK in the day, like 4 years ago when Klever remixed "Felicia" by my boys The Constellations? I totally had no idea he was still kicking until I stumbled across this little gem of a track. Vocals are a little David Guetta-ish, but I'll look past it because it's all pretty raw.

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (Gigamesh Remix)

Haven't posted anything TDCC in a while. I think my last post from them was back in '10 with that Myd remix of "Come Back Home" (which is still so incredible.) Anyway, a Gigamesh remix, fabulous, and totally groovy edit. Speaking of Gigamesh, check his unbelievable remix to Moullinex's "Take My Pain Away." Smooth as all hell.

Stay+ - Crashed (feat. Queenie)

This is one of the more amazing songs I've heard this month. It just reaches deep into your gut and pulls out something extremely fierce. Those synths, I swear they could kill me if I let them.

Roses Gabor - Stars

I don't think this song can get more my taste, and hopefully your taste. Like I can't even tell how I want to approach this song, do I wanna dance to it, make a cover of it, cry to it, sleep to it, eat to it? I have no idea, but it's stunning. And the video is radder than anything. Off Girl's Music.

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